Easy Viking Twists Hairstyle Tutorial

Easy Viking Twists Hairstyle Tutorial

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– Hey friends, it’s Courtney
and this is my friend Tania from Lift Craft Fitness,
she is my personal trainer. And today we are getting together, because we’re gonna do
a hair tutorial for you. We’re gonna be showing you how to do easy Viking braids on your own. This is a style that you
can do at home by yourself. – [Tania] Viking Braids,
usually not as difficult, but since Ms. Courtney here
has some tape-in extensions, we are going to have to work around those. So first step is gonna be first, we’re going to section
out what is going to be the top kind of poofed faux hawk area, and since she’s got a couple of tape-ins up here pretty high up, that’s where I wanna make my first part. I’m gonna leave a little
bit out here in the front to use to cover some hair up with. – So you’re basically going to be pulling the front part of the hair over to hide the extensions if it’s needed. – [Tania] Yes. – All right. – [Tania] And this top part eventually is going to be your poofy top. – Woohoo! Give me some volume so I can
be a strong warrior women. – [Tania] Absolutely. Bring that back, try to get the sections
as clean as possible but it doesn’t have to be perfection. – That’s good, especially if your going to be trying to do it from home by yourself. – [Tania] Pretty much, I
mean this would be step one, because it gets this entire
top part out of your way. All right take all that. I’m just gonna roll it and
pin it out of the way for now. Pinned. – Woohoo, I can do that. – [Tania] Now we have
the sides to work with. So we’ve got these guys here in the front that we’re just gonna
slightly separate for now. Go back here. The idea of what we’re gonna
be doing, instead of braids, since she’s got the tape in extensions we’re just gonna roll them back, it’s gonna be more of a twist
and pin back kind of thing. And that’s gonna help one reason, because Courtney do you
know how to do cornrows? – No. (laughing) – [Tania] Most people don’t and you know they haven’t quite figured out the small french braid just yet so it’ll be a lot easier
to just roll it over. And that’s also gonna kind
of help us cover up the line from the tape-in extension. So what I did here is that I made what’s gonna be in the top my section line is just
underneath this piece of tape. The next section that I’m gonna take is gonna be a horizontal section again going just underneath the tape, because this hair that’s
falling on top of it is gonna be what helps us cover that up. So I’m gonna come to the back now and make a small ponytail back here, because this is gonna give us something to anchor the bobby pins
that we’re gonna be using to hold those twist backs. Smooth that out a little bit, tie, hair elastic, even just
another couple bobby pins, whatever you’ve got available, and tie that off. Now we have something for
our bobby pins to anchor to. So, first section starts underneath that first piece of tape. I’m gonna grab that, bring this entire vertical section here. I’m sorry horizontal section. Brush it out with your fingers and just start twisting downward and back a little on the looser side since again she does have the tape-in in there I don’t want them to pull. Twist it back, twist it back. And then take a bobby pin and pin it into that back section. If that tape in shows a
little but no worries. Were gonna go back over at
the end and refinish all that. So now we’ll take the second section. With a little bit of hair from the front, smooth it out some and do the same thing. This is going a lot faster
than if we were to braid this. – But that’s good, ’cause if your trying to do
this at home too, I know for me, if I’m trying to do too many braids my arms will get tired. Lactic acid buildup. Need to do more lifts. – [Tania] Any time that
you have your hands above your heart line,
you’re losing blood flow. Last section. – And then that sides done? – [Tania] Just about. – That’s exciting, that’s really fast. – [Tania] So if you didn’t have
the extensions in your hair, it would already look, you know, glorious, gorgeous, and awesome. But with the extensions, we’re just gonna go ahead
and see what we can do to kind of feather the
hair out a little bit more to cover them up. So that’s one side. Now we do the other. We are at where the top is still separated out of the way, we got our three rows
going back on this side, we’ve got three rows on this side also flipped on over, pinned back and if you turn all the way around you see where they all meet up in the back and we just criss-crossed
with the bobby pins to keep them held in place. – So basically, Tania made the right side mirror the left side and pinned it in the back and straightened it up. And that’s where we’re at? – [Tania] That is where we’re at. – Alrighty, so what’s next? – [Tania] Turn around this way. – Yes ma’am. – [Tania] We are going to
take this little bit here in the front, and start kind
of pulling it back like this because this is the direction
that it’s gonna be going and then we will form a braid. Yeah, just like you think
your better than everybody. – [Tania] I think it’s probably
part of their persona’s that they have to do that. – [Tania] Yeah like she was
the heel for awhile in UFC. – [Woman] I originally liked her because she wanted to
fight Kim Kardashian. (laughing) – She wanted to fight Kim Kardashian? – [Woman] Yeah they were like what celebrity would you fight? And she was like Kim Kardashian because she is a bad role model for women, and I was like boom. – I don’t know. Actually, I’ll be honest with you, I feel like while she may be that she is also a really smart entrepreneur ’cause she has made
this whole conglomerate, this whole business, this whole
dynasty off of a sex tape. Like that’s pretty badass. – [Woman] Ray J peed in your face. – Ew. – [Woman] That part’s
cut out of most of them. – Ew not my thing. I’m sorry. – [Tania] All right, so now
we’ve got a regular braid coming out from the front. What we’re going to do is to thicken this braid up a little bit so that can cover some of this area and by doing that you just take
and pinch with your fingers and fan out the sides of the braid. – So you’re basically
just fluffing the braid? – [Tania] Uh-huh. – Okay. – [Tania] We’re fluffing,
that’s what were doing here. – We are professional fluffers. – [Tania] We are fluffers. (laughing) Doesn’t have to be perfect just fluffy. – Should we flip back around so that you’re on this side again. – [Tania] You’re good on this side. – Okay. – [Tania] We’re gonna take
a section in the back, about one to two inches wide. – Is this under or on top? – [Tania] Under or on top of what? – You said you’re taking
a section from the top. So what are we doing with it? – [Tania] It’s in the back – Okay – [Tania] You’re starting
off with the back so if you’re doing it yourself you’d have your hands back here and you would take section out of the back holding it up with one hand and then using your comb
to smush the hair down into a little bit of a pat. So instead of just
backcombing riding it down, you push the comb in and
then you push it down and that gives you some volume. – Is that better for your
hair then backcombing? – [Tania] Absolutely because
now all you have to do is just brush it all back. So it’s not an obscene amount of volume. You could go crazy with it and get four, five, six
inches of height out of it, but we just want a little bit. The good thing about doing it like this is that you can smooth it out again. – Yeah, ’cause usually I
like backcomb tiny sections and then flip it over,
and then kind of smooth it with like a boar bristle brush. I don’t know if that’s how
you’re supposed to do it, but that’s how I’ve usually backcombed. – [Tania] There’s always more
than one way to skin a cat. So yeah, just wanted get
a little bit of the height back there because I’m gonna keep these two pop of color
extensions not backcombed. I want to use them to
decorate a little bit. – Yay. – [Tania] Now we’ll take the
rest of this section here and backcomb that. I’m gonna kind of pin it down onto your scalp a little bit more since the extensions have
grown out a little bit. – Okay. – [Tania] But we’ll pin
that one down a bit. – Yeah I think I’m due to get
them adjusted like next week, next Wednesday or something. So they’re probably a little grown out. – [Tania] The way I’m doing this instead of you know we
could probably bring it over or something but I think
it’s gonna fall best just, we’ve pinned it to your scalp we’re gonna let it
cascade over a little bit and then do the same thing, bring it back and pin it. All bobby pins, we’re
using all the bobby pins. Do the same thing on the other side. – So you used about
eight bobby pins total? – [Tania] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… So far I think we’re gonna
end up with like maybe 14 is gonna be my final total guess. – Okay that’s not bad though. – [Tania] Nah. Whenever we’re trying to
do anything symmetrical, one side cooperates lovely as we can see over here. The braid cooperates
great right over the line and then on this side not quite cooperating as
much as we would like. Now we’ve got this whole bunch of ponytail going on in the back with a
bunch of bobby pins everywhere. The easiest thing we’re gonna do with this is take all there, make
a three strand braid, hold one point in the bottom. I’m holding it. I hold one of the strands, I take the other two in my other fingers holding the one in the bottom using this hand, I’m gonna push up. Tie that off. – All right, let’s go ahead
and look at the final product. Now as we mentioned, this side, there’s a couple places where
you can see my extension ’cause the hair just
didn’t wanna cooperate. But this side looks flawless. And you can see where everything is all pulled back in the back . And this will be nice and
keep it out of the way. And if you live in Florida
in the summer like we do I would still probably
even pull this part back into a ponytail as well just to keep the back of my neck from getting hot and sweaty. Thank you so much. – [Tania] You’re welcome – Thank you so much Tania for giving me awesome warrior hair. I love having Viking braids. I hope you really enjoyed this tutorial, if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and share. If you didn’t like this video, hit the thumbs down and tell me why. If you’re wondering what to
watch next look over here, because I’m gonna put something fabulous in between both of us. Maybe it’s gonna be another
hair tutorial video. Maybe it’s gonna be the one with Mickey. Anyways, I’ll see you later. – Bye.


  1. I love this! Also I wondering I see you use the milk foundation a lot on porcelain, I was curious if it was a pretty spot on match for you or you had to mix it? Iโ€™m huda beauty milk shake, I lean a lot more towards cool but I donโ€™t want a lot of pink in a foundation since I have rosacea

  2. I tried this look and I must say, yours was a million times better. I just can't twist or braid my hair towards the back of my head. Lol

  3. I really enjoyed this and learned some techniques I will try! I liked the slide up braid, or whatever it is called, at the end to complete the look.

  4. I need my mom to hurry up and move to my state so she can do my hair in braids. The only braids I can do are non-fancy ones.

  5. Your personal trainer is multi-talented! Loved the look. Your purple extensions looked excellent in this 'do. I had never heard of viking braids before.

  6. I like that a lot! But, omg, why not just use clip in extensions instead of tape-ins? Those f – – – – – s are a pain to work around.

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