Easy Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners!

Easy Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners!

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Hi everybody! Welcome to my channel and welcome to a nail art tutorial! Today I’m going to show you how I created this watercolour manicure. I know that not too long ago I also made a neon cloudy watercolour tutorial but then I used alcohol and that one was a bit more difficult than this one, if you want the easy version go for this tutorial! My nails are inspired by my Erin Condren LifePlanner! This is the third year in a row that I have one and I love them! This year I choose the watercolour front because I really love the color combination and of course I had it personalised Let’s start with this tutorial. First I’m applying OPI Alpine Snow Now I’m applying Mess No More from Mini Mani Moo These sponges are from WhatsUpNails. I’m using really tiny pieces. Now I’m applying a bit of this personalised polish from NCLA on a piece of paper and I’m dipping my sponge in. I’m making sure that most of the polish stays on the paper and what’s left over I’m going to apply on my nail because I don’t want it to be too dark right away On the inside of my nail I keep it a bit lighter and on the outside I sponge a bit more so it gets a little bit darker. I’m using this polish from Dance Legend and this one from OPI. I didn’t have a perfect green polish so I use a tiny bit of dark green to make the light one a bit darker so it wouldn’t be to bright. If you don’t have the right polish just create your own! After the first layer is done I’m going in with a thin second layer and only on the outside where I want the colors to be a bit darker Now it’s time for cleanup with the Mitty Clean Pro Angular brush and Acetone or nail polish remover. All done! I love the result! What do you think? It was also really fun to create a nail art after something else, so this time after my LifePlanner. I really should do it more often! Hit that subscribe button and also press the bell so you are in the notification squad! Then you get a message when I put a new video online! Thanks for your support and let me know in the comments what you would like to see next! Thanks for watching!


  1. Wow this is so beautiful!!🌈
    Make a video on spring season or any other nail art, inspired by a comic book.

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