eBags Pack it Flat Toiletry Kit

eBags Pack it Flat Toiletry Kit

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hey cruisers welcome back to Gear-Athon
26 days of gear reveals and reviews we’re getting towards the end here and
we’re getting a little bit sad about it I want to keep going but it’s hard to
keep that much stuff on hand right today we are actually featuring a product that
we have known and loved for a little while now and I am loving it so much
that I actually wanted to finally do a review on the product and that is the e
bags packet flat toiletry kit it comes in a variety of sizes and of course we
will link to it below but I have been using it so much that I never unpack it
so this little guys literally living in my closet remaining fully packed and I’m
gonna tell you why why I’m using it so much why I like it and why I think this
might be a good investment for you if you’re trying to save a little bit of
space in your suitcase so the first thing that I’m loving about it is that
it is by the name you already know it is flat there is definitely something
satisfying about laying this thing on your on the top of your clothes in your
suitcase or in with your packing cubes and it just doesn’t feel boxy it doesn’t
feel like it takes up a lot of space I’m loving it and right now it’s a little
over stuff too so you could even take a few things out of it if you wanted it to
lay a little bit more flat but as you can see it’s probably only about 3
inches fully full thick and that is wonderful another thing that I’m liking
about it is the quality of the zippers you know I’m fussy about zippers and
these zippers are top quality you really do notice that when you’re getting in
and out of them quickly hanging it up in your stateroom all that good stuff
another thing that I am loving about it is that it hangs beautifully on the back
of a door in either a hotel or a cruise cabin you can hang it on your towel rack
the back of the door anywhere and this little hanger is really nice it’s top
quality and it’s tiny it doesn’t take up a lot of space you just simply hang it
up just like that you’ve seen it in my videos I’m taking it everywhere with me
and I’m really crazy about it I even used the mirror that it comes with here
a few times taken it out propped it up somewhere while I was doing my makeup
and it’s been fantastic another thing that I liked about it is it has a few
clear compartment so you know that I you generally pack toiletry bags that have
clear plastic viewers in them well these mesh ones are working just as well for
me here I have a little medicine type kit
chapstick band-aids earplugs and a few basics things like that small travel
packet size pain reliever for myself and my son things like that down here I have
some very small sample sample size bottles for travel things that are about
this size and I’d probably have five or six of them in there along with that
little teeny tiny nail file and they fit beautifully and I just leave them packed
all the time for short little weekend trips and things like that in these
other mesh containers as you can see right here mesh pockets I’ve got my
toothbrushes for the whole family razor deodorant a bar of soap and some
hair gel for the boys so these are working out great so loving the mesh I
also really like these separate compartments you kind of have to
remember what you put where but as you can see I have kind of cotton balls and
q-tips here along with some more medications and I’ll lift that right
back up over here I just keep a simple little thing of travel tissue and then
on the other side this is the larger compartment there’s really one zipper on
this side this is where I’m keeping some Clorox wipes for the stateroom and
sample packets of shampoo and things like that so it is really just working
out well it’s serving me well and I wanted to come back and give you kind of
a post cruise and post use double thumbs up for this product you can buy it on
Amazon you can buy it directly on eBags website and we will put some links in
the description box below to not only this size but some of the other
available toiletry kits from eBags if this one isn’t right for you thank you
so much for tuning in for Gear-Athon we so appreciate all of you be sure to
follow cruisetipstv on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and until next time
get in gear and get cruising see you next time


  1. I have one of these!! I bought one, oh….3 years ago along with some packing cubes and an eBags carry-on suitcase and duffel set. So so good.

  2. I got one in the same color to take on own cruise back in May, I love it, I have since taken it on a road trip. I leave mine sorta packed all the time with items.

  3. I bought the “pack it flat” toiletry bag recently after you recommended it and I absolutely love it!! Instead of packing four separate boxy toiletry bags, the whole family’s needs are efficiently stowed in this one bag!

  4. I love the pack it flat, but I have the larger size. The smaller one was not quite big enough but the larger one is perfect! 🙂

  5. Didn't know where to post this, but my wife and I went on our first "real" cruise. Thanks to CruiseGear and Sherri/y(?sp) we sailed and had everything we needed and were prepared. It was a fantastic trip and we are already preparing the next one. I don't know what we would of done, or how well we would've enjoyed it had we not been prepared by this channel and the CruiseGear channel. It helped us have a FANTASTIC time!

  6. I saw this on another one of your videos. Bought one and took it on our last cruise. Absolutely love it! Thanks for all your reviews on some really nice products it's very helpful!

  7. I have two of these, different sizes, and I love them both! I actually first saw this in a packing video you guys did a while back. I am leaving for my first cruise in a few weeks, and I’ve already had this thing packed for a couple of weeks. It fits everything, and I mean everything. The only toiletries/cosmetics that I don’t have in it are the few liquids that I have in my carry-on. I never knew I needed or wanted a flat toiletry kit, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go from now on. No more boxy and bulky bags for this girl!!!

  8. I bought that bag. Excited to try it. I will then have a makeup bag and hair product bag. I am a black woman with short natural hair so I have a few products. I do need my own shampoo and conditioner

  9. I ordered this for my husband based on your review. He was not real pleased because it is pretty pricy. I persevered and ordered it for him anyway. He has used it on two trips now and is very pleased. He travels internationally and is sometimes gone 3 weeks at a time with only one suitcase. Thank you for helping to make his travels just a little bit easier.

  10. There are two sizes everyone is failing to mention. The expandable one is the large. And the non expandable one is a small. I own both.

  11. Did you use it as a hanging toiletry bag? It seems like your items in the side pocket would fall out if you did. Did you find that to be an issue?

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