Einfaches Smokey Eye Tutorial mit HIRO Cosmetics — 100% Vegan  |  Naturkosmetik

Einfaches Smokey Eye Tutorial mit HIRO Cosmetics — 100% Vegan | Naturkosmetik

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Hello, dears! Today, I’d like to show you how to do a smokey eye. So I’m definitely not an expert, but two weeks ago a super lovely and well-known makeup artist did one on me, and I thought, “If she can do it, so can I.” And also without a makeup artist, because at home you probably don’t have one, either… and if I can do it, you will definitely be able to. It will also be a vegan look… so I’m only going to use HIRO Cosmetics. I’ve already prepped my face with the Mineral Foundation from HIRO in Honey Pon… using a little bit of In The Flash as blush… and concealer in the color Cora. So step number one… I start with the HIRO All Over Brush, the 2.0… and use a HIRO eyeshadow in the shade Frequency. It is a Pressed Eyeshadow from HIRO. It’s silver, as you can see, and I’ll start by using it as a base. Even that alone is really great. The next step is to use a loose mineral powder from HIRO, in the color Grey Matters. I’ll use the same brush for that. I just put a little powder into the lid, and apply it first on my hand… and then make a kind of triangle… over the eyebrow bones, a little bit above and below. And it looks a bit rough now because it’s not yet been blended. But that’s why we have this blending brush. Simply make rotating movements with a clean brush… to blend it out well… I think that when doing a smokey eye, the quintessential part is to simply blend… rotating motions, also going upwards… because that gives you a nice lifted effect. So that’s basically the base, and it actually doesn’t take so long. Now the eyeliner pencil – the HIRO Eye Pencil in Pitch, in black. Apply it onto the water line… I just make a sort of slant with the eyeliner pencil, then I go over it with a bit of the Grey Matters… blending and combining all the colors together. I’m going to go over my eyebrow bones again a bit, always making a line with my finger on the side. But what also helps for some people is that they hold a tissue or paper here, and then… And that’s more or less the base, but I’d also like to do something else here – and here. And to do that, I again take a clean brush, and the HIRO Mineral Eye Shadow in Nice Ice – it’s a sort of white silver… to brighten it up a bit here in the corner. And I’ll also use that again – to make it a bit jazzier up here – as a highlighter. So I think it looks pretty good now… just need to blend it out. But what you can also do for a more metallic look is to dab the Grey Matters here again after wetting it. So I put my brush in the water and give the look a bit more of a highlight… I can already show on my hand how cool it looks – also how much darker it is, as well… and I apply it again… But I’m missing a light shade of gray now, so what do we do? We just mix a little bit of the Nice Ice with the Grey Matters – I just put some in the lid… and tada! We have silver. And then go over it again very lightly with the blender. We also don’t want to smudge it up. All we need is some mascara and then the eyes are done. Again using one from HIRO, in black – the only vegan mascara we have, which I love. Small but great. And of course, you can do a smokey eye using any color. What’s also quite nice – for example, for green or brown eyes – is to work with chocolate brown, mauve, or purple tones. And then something for the lips. For this, I’ll use Hue, one of the HIRO Liquid Lip Paints – first on the hand again. And I mix it with our lip balm, otherwise the color is too intense for me, and anyway, with such bold eye makeup, I find that you don’t want to have the focus on the lips, either. I’m also a big fan of Bloom, a Lip Shine from RMS Beauty. But unfortunately that is not vegan, and I only wanted to show you vegan products today, which is why I created my own Lip Shine in Bloom – using the vegan lip balm from Amazingy, and the Liquid Lip Paint. So that was my Smokey Eye tutorial for you – it wasn’t that difficult, I think, was it? So just don’t be afraid. Not that much can go wrong. And with the loose powder, you can use it wet or dry. Just play with it, take a look at your eye shape, that’s always important… and try it out with other colors. I think it’s looking quite festive because of the silver… and I’ll even show you how it looks with my hair down. So I’m “ready to rumble” – and I’m going to rock the holidays. I hope you will, too!


  1. Mit über 40 und immer wiederkehrender Akne bzw. Rötungen und nach Absetzen der Pille ist es schwierig, eine gute Pflege zu finden. Ich vertrage vieles nicht und achte genau auf die Inhaltsstoffe, welche eine Pflege haben sollte. Ich habe die Marke schon getestet, aber kenne nicht alle Produkte, es wäre eine super Ergänzung. Ich mache auch gerne mal bei einem Gewinnspiel mit, das mich interessiert.

  2. Ich finde das Video super und würde gerne mehr davon sehen, besonders Augen-Make Up da ich selbst einige Hiro Lidschatten besitze und das immer eine tolle Anregung ist mal was neues zu probieren. Zu der Frage vom Gewinnspiel, am meisten stören mich an meinem Hautbild die Falten an den Augen/lila Augenringe aber auch die Rötungen um die Nase/an den Wangen, wobei ich dankbar bin keine Akne zu haben 🙂

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