[EN/Việt/Swatch&Review] Stimmung One Brand Make-up | Cheap makeup |

[EN/Việt/Swatch&Review] Stimmung One Brand Make-up | Cheap makeup |

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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel! My name is Hayly. Today we are going to a full face makeup using Stimmung Stimmung is a very interesting brand that I just discovered recently through my friend
works for Stimmung, and she introduced the brand to me last week. Look, it does not have a typical packaging like old-fashioned makeup Yeah it’s a plastic bag recyclable, and every single makeup has a tip like this Lip tint brush but it has not just a lip tint. It has glossy line, matte line, velvet line but also color corrector, and glitter and shimmer for eye makeup This brand is famous for review by Pony and like other big youtubers so I was really excited to review them And let’s see if it’s Hayly approved ^^ Now I am going to put some color corrector because I have like a
yellowish color around my eyes, around my nose and lips. So I’m just gonna correct
the color using little purplish color very bright purplish color. So it can correct my color before I put my concealer or foundation. This brand is very budget-friendly. one pocket is only 3.5 dollars It’s only 1/3 of the price of which it Korean
cosmetics. The quality of inside it doesn’t seems like 3.5 dollars because it’s quality is so high They were able to reduce the price by reducing the packaging. The regular cosmetics packaging for
concealer, let’s say will require this kind of plastic package and also the
outter package with the paper But with this they do not require anything And they can produce this millions of them like at once, so it can significantly
reduce the price So I think it is a good idea to reduce the price and they reduce
the whole retail price as well So this is a concealer I choose a little bright color before I put my foundations So ummm one Stimmung product has a how many gram? Doesn’t say. But I guess it’s equal to one cosmetic
product the regular product. Because for a cosmetic, packaging can be huge, but the inside what is a really
important is not that huge I like the concealer because it’s very moisturizing not very matte clunky cause I don’t like very heavy clogging concealer that cloggs my wrinkles and pores And now we are going to do blush I am going to use the lip one of the Stimmung’s velvet tint as a blush today. It is so velvety, I love it Blush brush, tap tap When you do the blush with a tint or with any other lip products, you have to go really fast Otherwise, they’re going to be just like on here or like here so really fast fast fast. Um, I Iike the color, It’s very purplish pink It’s like a burgundy color, perfect for fall. Look at that. So pretty. Too much blush, looks like I’m drunk. The blush looks too much right now but will be eventually get better with all the
contouring finish and all the eyes and lips so don’t worry. We’re almost done the face I’m going to do my eyes and the brows And for eye make up
there are four of them It’s a shimmer, shimmer, glitter, glitter Shimmer! Oh my god that is really… Oh my… this is really shimmery Wow oh wow I’m surprised I want to see other colors. It’s like gold orangish shimmer and this one will be like purplish shimmer? Oh wow. I’m speechless Unbelievable Love it. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my I love this orangish glitter because I always apply like brownish orangish makeup. So I think today, I am going to use.. shimmer Are you guys excited. I am Okay so I have much glitter on my hand. I think I’m gonna have glitter all over me all day=) Okay coffees here~ It’s one of my favorite coffee in Vietnam I forgot to press the filming button, so what I put it is a shimmer on the inner side of my eyes And I put a little bit of the eyeshadow with more of a pink color And also for the base shadow, I put it a little bit of the tint, the velvet tint. I am so excited for the coffee. Cong coffee’s coconut coffee is like the best. I can never find this in Korea, and they opened one in Hongdae. But it’s too crowded and I can’t go Now we’re only going to put some eyeliner. Black pen eyeliner for the wing. And finally I’m done with eyes and brows, I’m going to put some lips For the lipcolor, I’m going to for some velvet tint first and then put the glossy tint It kind of matches the color. The color, the velvet tint color I am so excited because I heard a lot of good things
about Stimmung, that their lip products are very high quality. The color is really pretty and it blends so well Overall, velvet tint itself is really high-quality tint I can tell because I wear like 20 different tint every single day. And the colors are very trendy I heard Stimmung came from same CEO of a fashion brand You know fashion brand is always in the front of the trend, so they must have really good colors And the packaging design is very artistic because it’s designed by a fashion brand’s designer. No wonder right? Very soft high pigmentation. I love it. The color is really cute and finally the glossy tint. I kinda found the match color glossy tint as the velvet tint hmm oh I was more expecting like a very shimmery like glossy tint, so I can just actually add the texture But this is really high pigmentation. This pigmentation and the color itself is really pretty like exactly a grape color. Like a when you eat a grape candy you get this color. That’s prettier. Let’s see. I love it. Since it is a glossy tint, you know how glossy texture is getting back into the trend. So some people say matte
trend will finish this year. I don’t think that trend will be finished that fast so the velvet finish texture trend will go until next year and glossy trend, the glossy texture trend will rise up more and more every year. And this gloss is really nice. It doesn’t have much smell. You know, I hate cosmetics smell. Any scent any sweet or rosy, any Any of the scent I hate it. And it’s not too glossy it’s not too watery or too thick. This is like the perfect texture for a glossy tint. Can you believe it? All these high quality inside are only 3.5 dollars. you can buy ten of them and it’s going to be $35 and that’s only like one matte lipstick price. I’m gonna go get some changed and put some contact lens and I’ll be back. So thanks for watching my video today. This is it for using all the Stimmung’s products. for full face makeup. so hopefully you guys enjoyed today’s video. If this video was helpful please subscribe my channel and also hit the like button and the notification. And I’ll see you in my next video bye! Bye Bye~ 🙂


  1. Stimmung lipsticks have been very hot in Vietnam lately. Good quality, beautiful colors, great prices for our students, so super satisfied! I watched many Beauty bloggers before but I saw Hayly review and wanted to see them haha.

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