(ENG/JPN)친구에게 NCT 재현 메이크업 해주기/Giving NCT JAEHYUN’s makeup to my friend/Halloween make up/화장스톱모션

(ENG/JPN)친구에게 NCT 재현 메이크업 해주기/Giving NCT JAEHYUN’s makeup to my friend/Halloween make up/화장스톱모션

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inform BEFORE is not the real face of the celebrity, but rather the fictional character that was created the most differently from a certain celebrity to make the difference between before and after. Please understand that This video is not disparage about a particular celebrity! Dear my precious viewers Video requests are always welcome! However, Video takes a long time about 2 weeks to produce .
So, Producing’s going to be a lot slower than a lot of requests. I’m going to reflect as many of the valuable opinions you’ve given me as possible.
so, Even if the video you want doesn’t come up right away, please understand me Thank you so much for loving me so much.
Thank you so much for watching the video today! I love you. Sincerely, My little idol


  1. 이번 영상은 "유재석팬이야"님의 요청으로 만들어진 영상입니다!
    This video was created at the request of "유재석팬이야"!

    할로윈 메이크업 (NCT U – BOSS외 다수 참고) -화장스톱모션

    야 너두 할 수 있어! 세상에서 제일 쉬운 NCT 재현 할로윈 메이크업💜

    ※화장 전 모습은 가상의 인물임을 미리 밝힙니다.

    ※ 자막을 켜주세요!^^

    Halloween makeup (NCT U – BOSS, a number of other references -makeup stopmotion)

    You can do it! The easiest NCT JAEHYUN Halloween makeup in the world💜

    ※ This is to inform you that "BEFORE" is a fictional character

    ※ Please turn on the subtitles 🙂

    ハロウィン メイク (NCT U – BOSSほか多数参考) – 化粧ストップモーション

    ヤツにもできる! 世界一やさしいNCT 再現ハロウィーンメイクアップ💜

    ※ メーキャップ前の姿は仮想の人物であることをあらかじめ明らかにします。

  2. I will assume that someone(specifically animated character) have made him look like Jaehyun. Because Jaehyun doesn't have this skin instead, he has "rice cake" skin! LOL! (Jaehyun will watch this and laugh tho!)

    Although, my Precious Youtuber!! Plz make one with Blackpink Rose!!!

  3. ジェヒョンくんんんんすっぴんんんんんw w w w w w

  4. 정재현은 뾰루지 여드름같은거 안나… 실제민낯이 아닌걸 알지만 정재현은 트러블같은거 1도 안나는걸…..

  5. Okay I love this but, is no one going to talk about the sounds of his eyebrows and facial hair getting shaved I thought some onions were getting cut 😂 lmao

  6. Well Jaehyun's nose has huge scars and he obv uses botox for his chin because he his jaw line was massive when he was younger and he was as skinny so add that up
    Still slaying tho

  7. I'm truly amazed by the fact that this is a drawing! I can't imagine how many hours and effort this took you! Amazing work

  8. 우리 성운이도 해주세요 ㅠㅠ 구르미 하성운 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 도톰한 입술도 이쁜 울 성운이 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  9. 역시나 대단하시군뇨!!!! 저 또 왔습니다❤️❤️ 앞으로 올라오는 영상 다 볼게여!! 혹시 다음번엔 레드벨벳 조이 해주시면 안될까요??ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  10. 아니 근데 가상이라고해도 굳이 원래 예쁜애 쌩얼을 저렇게 만드는 이유가 뭔지.. 가상의 인물로 하는 것도 아니고 우리 재현이 얼굴 저렇게 초췌하게 만들어 놓으면 우짬,,

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