(eng sub) chitchat makeup || euphoria inspired

(eng sub) chitchat makeup || euphoria inspired

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Hi ! So, today’s video is a chitchat makeup and it’s true that it has been a long time that we haven’t seen each other before starting, happy new year ! I hope this year is going to be full of happiness, success and most importantly, I wish you a good health that’s what really matter after all and I hope this year is going to be yours Also, I just came back from school, so i’m really tired School.. I mean EXAMS So, I’m really tired and if I look “mad”, that’s perfectly fine Anyway, let’s start right now ! Since it has been a long time that I didn’t film, you might not have seen that I dyed my hair dark blue but the color faded away into some kind of blue greyish thing ? there’s a lil bit of “Taehyung” vibe in it ? in “Boy with Luv” era I’m talking about the color uh, not the face let’s be really clear about it, I don’t think I have to precise it I guess first, as you can see, my bangs are kinda bothering me so, i’m going to roll them with that thing that I don’t remember the name today, i wanted to realise a makeup inspired by the show “Euphoria” btw if you still haven’t seen it, you should ; i highly recommend it I really loved it and the makeup looks in it are amazing and I wanted to do a makeup inspired by it so, what happened when i had my break and why i didn’t film something (im saying that I tried to film an explanation for about 5-6 times but I still wasn’t pleased by the result) today’s gonna be different bc i’m going to do my makeup anyway, what happened first, i was really busy with my exams, classes and also bc i was exhausted it plays a lot on your mental state, I think now i feel better bc I only have one exam left tomorrow (im saying that bc i went to school, i already had lil bit of makeup on my face -lips & eyes-) I think, I’m only going to remove my lipstick left there was a moment where I was really demotivated about youtube because i couldn’t see my channel evolving and I had a lack of inspiration/motivation for a moment, i even thought about quitting this channel I talked about it with my best friend hi théo lol and he told me : “yeah, but don’t forget why have you started this channel, I mean, the reasons that pushed you to do it” (struggling with my own french) “think about it really carefully bc i know you wanted to do it like a journal, a personal diary” and what he said really made think about it twice yeah, at the beginning of my channel, i wanted to do something like a personal diary where I film some parts of my life (and my thoughts), like a diary of my life and it’s true that I slowly forgot about it ever since my koreaboo experiences because it was my only video who worked really well, I started to do random videos. the problem is that I wanted to do a different content I know that many of you have known my channel thanks to this video i’m still grateful for that the thing is that I don’t want to turn my channel into that kind of “drama”, because the very first message of my video was about spreading an important message about these problematic attitudes since it came from a fetichization and also to not forget that every origins have their own culture and identity but by fetichizing (damn french is really hard man) these origins it erases the differences among these culture (or actually, discriminate a lot of them but that’s a different topic) Even if I did this video with some kind of humor, most of people who came through this video was just here to hate and spread hatred towards these persons and it really wasn’t my intention (and the goal of my video) I don’t want my channel to be a nest full of negativity there’s already some much hatred on internet, starting with Twitter (just Twitter by itself, Instagram, etc.. if you were here for the tea, i’m sorry you can unsubscribe to my channel bc i don’t think i’ll do another video of this kind I didn’t even recognise myself in this video, i’m more like a calm person and i have a really weird type of humour but if you understand it, then that’s great the thing is that ever since this video, I was questioning myself about what I wanted to do, the problem is that i’m not the type to be (not hatred to these people, in contrary, i admire them for being so appreciated by everyone when I can’t relate as a boring person) it was really complicated for me because i was scared that people would left me since i wasn’t that type of person but on the other side, I want from my community to be here for the type of content that i do, and that they are here to follow who i really am and not for a personality that I could fake on my channel we are going to start with my eyes i’m applying the “urban decay eyeshadow primer” i’m really not good at makeup guys, i don’t watch makeup video really often so…. anyway, i’m done with my rambling about my channel now, we can talk about something else hihi X1 DISBANDMENT? I really didn’t expect X1 to disband bc a few weeks ago, they said that they would resume their activities I was like “niceee, that’s so cool, that’s amazing, blahblahblah” I was so sad, sooo sad I heard that they were only 2 agencies who disagree about continuing X1 (wtf?!,!,:=) they were supposedly to have a comeback in december with a kind of christmas song or idk I have something in my eye (dat shit really hurts tho) I think after this scandal, they won’t have any survival show anymore or just a few that’s my thoughts, maybe they will keep going on, we don’t know but it would be a good thing to stop these kind of shows, seeing these trainees under so much pressure isn’t nice and pleasing idk where i’m going but that’s really ugly yes, after this video, i wanted to make some brownies lol but the last time i tried to do some, it tasted awfully we can’t be good at everything, but i’m really bad at everything I still haven’t listen to ateez comeback but my exams, I didn’t want to be disturbed apparently, it was a really good comeback i mean, Ateez guys ? duh ? I saw the concept pics and it looks so niceee anyway ateez is back, but idk if there’s any another comeback ? AHYES how could I talk about comeback without mentioning that bts is coming back in february I’m hesitating SO MUCH about ordering the album idk if i should do it bc… that’s a lot of money man and that’s not really like I was rich tho it really looks like a mess, and i have shaky hands so, i can’t have a precise result i don’t really want to foundation on bc i don’t want to irritate my acne BUT THAT’S NOT MY SHADE ? it’s not really the shade of the rest of my face, but that’s the shade of my cheeks let’s do some whitewashing shit i’m using the “wonder tension” from a’pieu and the eyeshadow palette is from Beauty bay also, this puff is really weird i’ve been whitewashed like crazy (damn, why did i punch my face so hard, wtf lmao) i’m going to stop the camera right now, i’ll comeback later after doing my eye makeup I just finished my eye makeup and i guess that a good makeup needs a lot of training and in all honesty, it looks like shit i expected a real mess, that’s okay but…. i want to add a lil bit of blush oh yeah, i wanted to connect my blush with my eyeshadow here i’m going to add a lil bit of eyeliner on the roots of my lashes i also wanted to talk about my 2019 favs bc i wanted to do a whole video about it but i don’t have enough favs to do a vid about it first of all, if there’s a movie that I highly recommend to everyone and that i love so much it’s “Parasite”. they recently won the golden globes awards and a price at Cannes and they definitely deserve it I fell in love with the editing, the dynamic, the cinematography I think this movie is almost perfect the movie’s dynamic is really interesting not only the dynamic, but also the editing and the MUSIC the bgm was perfect and well chosen (im talking about groups who debuted in 2019 and that I loved TXT) I really loved TXT, I really loved ATEEZ anyway, i think im done i hope you enjoyed this video, if it’s the case, don’t hesitate to like this vid and to subscribe It’s the first time, on my channel, that I’m asking you these but I realised that I am happy when i see my channel growing and it might be nothing for u but it means so much for small creators like me but anyway, i’m really happy that some of you stayed even if i was inactive I hope i’ll be able to bring better contents if you want me to do more makeup videos, tell me even if i’m not good at makeup i don’t want to leave you guys, so i’m trying to find something else to say okay let’s stop here, bye lol


  1. (j’ai supprimé mon commentaire, je suis triste)

    YAY!! ENFIN ^^
    trop contente de te revoir sur ta chaîne 🥺 tu m’as trop manqué ici. comment tu vas? comment ce sont passés tes partiels?

    je comprend ton ressenti par rapport à ta chaîne mais n’oublie pas pourquoi tu es là et qui tu es. ♡
    j’ai trop hâte pour le comeback de bts 😭 on en parle de shadow ou pas??? UN GROS BOP !!!
    j’adore ta couleur de cheveux, elle te va à ravir, et ton makeup est ouf!! (continue les videos :3 please)
    “je suis bonne à rien” c’est trop moi 😭 mais ne t’inquiète pas on a tous un talent ^^.

    j’ai trop hâte de voir ce que tu vas faire par la suite.
    prends soin de toi, c’est de loin le plus important, axou 🐥

  2. Yeeey, you are back. I don’t know how to do makeup so watching you do the look was amazing for me. It really suits your hair

  3. Same, I can't watch survival shows cause I feel really bad about the trainees trying to do what they love and then be teared down by the pressure and people telling them they're bad.

  4. Watched for a full minute before realizing that this was in French and the class I took in year 9 did not have astounding results

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