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Kindly like Pooh I am here to give you detailed surgical information. “Plastic Surgery Honey Pot” presents dr. Lim from ID Hospital Is facial contouring surgery painful? Many patients ask if It is painful to undergo facial bone surgery. Actually many people still think that Facial bone surgery is a very big and serious surgery And they are afraid that the pain is terrible. However the fact is that Facial bones have almost no sense of pain. There is an old Korean phrase “Bone-cutting pain” But in fact it’s a wrong saying from a scientific point of view. The bone itself doesn’t hurt a lot. The most pain sensitive part is skin. Skin, fat, muscles, bones The deeper you go, the more insensitive it becomes. When you get stung on your finger tip, it hurts a lot, right? But in the bones the senses are not really developed To feel strong pain like that. So there is no need to be afraid that facial bone surgery will be more painful Comparing to eyes, nose or breast surgeries. And also You can be discharged after cheekbone surgery the same day when you get it. If the patient’s condition is stable after few hours it’s allowed to go home after surgery. But if the pain is strong is it ok to discharge? We provide painkillers It can be fully controlled with the help of painkillers So it’s ok to discharge on the same day. So the answer to the question “Is facial contouring surgery painful?” is “It’s bearable”. You don’t have to worry about the pain that much. ID Hospital Korea


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