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Oh, maybe that’s what people mean by a statement “In the mood to eat human” Hi! My opening will be just as simple as “Hi!” When it start to be over-act and long and also sounds like a youtuber Hi all. / It must be Erika Medina! Hi all! Hi friends Hi friends Hi friends. / You’ve said that (the ‘hi friends’ thing) Hi friends, back again in our channel, today… / Why did you keep repeating it?? We will talk about CLC’s new MV ‘Devil’ I already fall in love from the teaser. / I haven’t watched the teaser And I asked her to watch but she rejected it I haven’t watched the teaser, I haven’t watched the MV, but I know some of CLC’s song. / The song is really fun Look! 2.3 million views! / It just need one day. When I watched it, it was about under 500.000 views Doesn’t it cool ? [featuring a soul-less claps] Okay, she will affect me with.. hm.. that.. what is that again? The new CLC.. 1.. 2.. 3 It’s so colorful, bruh It was just started What is her name? / Seungyeon.. Seungyeon.. She is so pretty No, I mean, how can she turn on the fire on with a can? That was just a trick The imagination is just.. / High? Hey, why did u eat that? But I’ve ever eat soap. / Dhea is in that level of stupid She can stand even without a help, why did her pretending to be kind? Pretending to help This is so nice. [Maybe she forgot that her role is not being a sculpture] I remember Sorn has ever been in.. K star.. Superstar K.. with Changsub. omg she is so pretty Hm she started being rude She helped her, and then.. / Pretending to help when even without her help she can stand steadily Wait.. / Let’s repeat the previous part So pretty It’s a cactus threwn to the head. This is how I fell yesterday [TMI: I slipped yesterday that’s why I keep on changing the way I sit] I think we can do this to our annoying friend I’ve ever stepped on my brother’s legos and it was really hurt. [Dhea, The Queen of TMI] And it was felt like stepping on a.. what is that? A slippers with such ornaments on it. Do you know that? Or is it just me? It doesn’t make me hungry at all / Do you remember it looks like a room from BTOB LUV? Right! Doesn’t it? / I do think so. They really complete each other Bentley ever ate that jelly. / Ah and this too, Insane! Doesn’t it look alike? I’m about to say Insane, but I also agree with LUV. I think between those two. Let’s check which one is the right one. [It looks like none of them is right haha] I remember the part where Chorong.. what is that.. she was throwing a mirror No, it was not the part where she was throwing a mirror. / It looks like the cover. Huh? It’s already end? We talked too much. / But it’s so good, I love the song. [Erika usually is so picky] It’s good, right? I’ve told you. Then it looks like the MV has two sides because the title is ‘Devil’ [sorry, but what is the correlation?] Because the title is Devil, it has two different sides. Where in the first side is like “okay, this is the time where they were being nice” and if the rude person comes.. Maybe what it means is they were pretending to be nice outside but their real purpose is to ‘put them down’ that’s why they called ‘Devil’ bc it is more than rude And I think their concept is to bring the two sides. The first is where they show the ‘pretending to be nice’ So the setting is colorful. While for the other side showed “This is their real devil side” Which is like all black.. / Did you realize that from the colorful one where they were smiling. It was so colorful But when they start to be rude it was like pooof / Suddenly the setting was change in to all black You see those barbie’s heads, right? It was already put off from its body and being in a kind of bowl / Yes and it became foods Those were plastic, bruh. / Maybe they were bored with tteokbboki, ramyeon, so they ate barbie’s heads, who knows? [bruh pls-_______-] Maybe that scene was the representation to show their overwhelming anger ‘Look! You’ll be like this!’ vibe Oh, maybe that’s what it means when people said “In the mood to eat human” So they put off the barbie’s head.. / But those aren’t humans those are plastics [why does this sound creepy] But barbie looks like a human / I do look like a barbie No. Not at all. / But I think it’s good, CLC… From the song, is it catchy? / Yes, and maybe if CUBE (artists) make a song it will be so easy to be remembered Start from the Melody or the music.. and also the lyric is like nananana / I forgot the lyric Not the lyric but the melody [haha] The problem is [the camera was going to fall] i’m not that smart to read hangeul that fast Yes, that’s why it is like an easy listening song / Let’s search for CLC – Devil English Lyrics It means he/she is really that bad Maybe it was like she like someone.. not a really spesific like, maybe she pay attention towards someone but the ‘person’ didn’t care at all So she said “If you keep doing this, I also can be a rude person” It’s okay just leave him. Yes she was like trying to be a good person, but still.. Hm no.. He started first “How dare you flirt me?” It’s your fault. Why are you making a problem with devil? It’s not right. It’s syirik. [Indonesia’s word play] So whatever they do, there will be an avenge. / The conclusion is don’t ever flirt with me if you’re not being serious We need the serious one, so if you just want to play with me, the devil inside me will be woken up Especially for men, don’t ever to try to flirt with us. If the devil inside us comes out, we are so sorry. It’s not only for men (crush), but also for everyone who is ‘fake’ just to put us down to the lowest Then it’s the same with the MV before where she is being nice and help but then.. [you just realized it now?!] Oh it’s relate to each other [she really just realize it now] / She only help to harm more. What ‘relate’ ? It’s relate between the MV and the lyrics. / [helpless] no one make MV carelessly There are kind of people make this kind of MV and this kind of lyrics. / There will always be theory about it But for this, we are directly like ‘Oh this is what it means’ [ i don’t think you’re that fast] / Let’s react to Lucinta Luna’s MV Noo. But I think it’s okay. Later we will react to Lucinta’s MV who knows we will get noticed by him? / I won’t feel happy even if it is real And then he ask us to collab with him. It’s good to increase the viewers so we can be #TRENDING. / No no I am okay with my self [Dhea&Erika, The Duo of TMI, sorry haha] Don’t forget to stream CLC’s new MV Devil. And also don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment below. / I don’t feel like I’m going to say that See you in the next video! Thanks for watching!


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