Episode 3: Maximum Clog Removal | Ultrasonic Extraction | Esthetician Demo

Episode 3: Maximum Clog Removal | Ultrasonic Extraction | Esthetician Demo

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Today, we’ll be working on an oily skin. The client has a few areas with pronounced pores, predominately in the T-zone around the nose area. So, stay tuned for extractions. So, we start off by mixing and applying
the desincrustation product to typical areas of extraction. The product is then allowed to sit under steam
for five to ten minutes – depending on formulator instructions – to dilate pores and loosen sebaceous filaments for easy removal. On a side note, the overhead lighting in this salon reduces mag-lamp intensity, so the client has opted to forgo eye coverage. The ultrasonic device is then placed
on a negative ionic setting before applying the blade over the desincrustant. This uses anaphoresis to push the solution
deeper into tissue for a simpler extraction experience. The product vanishes quickly
with each successive pass, but it’s recommended to continue desincrustation
if there’s detectable slip. As a rule, we don’t want to go over
four minutes on this step as overuse could cause the opposite of
what we’re trying to accomplish. Too much time on this step may trigger inflammation,
making extractions difficult. Now, you may have noticed this client
is wearing a nose stud. Under normal circumstances, facial jewelry
would be removed before using an electrical device. Being as the piercing is new, however, the
client is unable to remove the stud. So, careful effort is taken to avoid contact
between the spatula and the metal ball. To begin, the device is placed on its
exfoliation, or high oscillation, setting and applied to the nose’s outside corner. The blade’s edge is pressed
firmly in the nasal crevice and pulled upward with a small
scooping motion against the pores. And instantly, sebaceous filaments begin
to accumulate at the blade’s edge. Small, overlapping passes are done over the
area using the same upward, scooping technique to make sure the pores are sufficiently emptied
before wiping and moving on to the next area. The same technique is applied to the other
side: The spatula is placed at the nose’s outside corner and then pulled upward against
pores along the crease. With each scooping movement, debris begins
to build up at the blade’s edge. Much of the production typically comes from
the nose’s corners as crevices make it difficult for dead surface cells to slough off naturally. So, it’s a good idea to recommend regular
home exfoliation to reduce dead cell buildup. Occasionally, there may be a stubborn plug
requiring the spatula to be used in a single area. This isn’t a problem if there’s no irritation. Check with the client to prevent discomfort. And if she is uncomfortable, a different method
of extraction may be needed. So, at the tip of the nose, the blade’s
edge is pressed against skin and lifted back toward the bridge. With a few passes, some plugs begin to emit. This is continued from one side of the nose
to the next, and up the bridge, until the pores are cleared. The blade is wiped a final time
before being sanitized. And here is some of the matter extracted
from the client’s pores. A guest may want to see the removed plugs,
so check before discarding. An after-extraction solution is then applied to
remove debris, reduce bacteria, and restore pH. Thus, concluding another extraction session. Interested in more extractions and skincare
info? Please share in the comments below. And be sure to subscribe for more ultrasonic


  1. I just got my nose pierced and thinking about how to look after my skin is making me a bit nervous. Wonder if this available in the UK?

  2. she has small booger balls at the tips of her nostril hair…. hopefully she extracts those from her nose too after…

  3. Dermanerd, you can’t be doing galvanic desincrustation when you are wearing gloves and not completing a galvanic current.

  4. I have a cheap ultrasonic skin scrubber and I've made a close-up FullHD video with it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COu2w82wjCs

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