EUROPEAN THRUHIKE – 4. Kapitel: Dem Frühling entgegen

EUROPEAN THRUHIKE – 4. Kapitel: Dem Frühling entgegen

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Well, this is the Swiss part of the tour. For the next about 440km (270miles) I find myself on the Via Jacobi all the way through Switzerland Yesterday I arrived in Geneva. I was actually looking forward to it but… I once again realized how much citys keep stressing me out. It’s noisy and I just don’t feel comfortable. This is my third day in Switzerland. Yesterday I took my first zero day since I continued my tour. I’ve stayed in a beautiful pilgrims hostel which was super affordable and totally worth it. I’m getting so excited when I think about the upcoming spring. I’ve never experienced the change of the seasons as intense as I’m doing it right now. how much is dependent from the weather, the warmth and the cold. I’m really glad that it gradually becomes warmer. I hope that there won’t be to much snow in the mountains but I’m sure it’ll be alright. Over there you can see the Mount Blanc slightly better than yesterday. Such a good day such an incredible good day! This is kind of morbid: here the sign that says ‘snacks’, over there the barn with the cattle inside. It’s pretty amazing to find all these little things along the way: yesterday a tree with some shells attached to it; or this sign that says: “Even the longest way begins with the first step.”; or that rock with a shell shaped imprint. That’s something I really like about the Camino de Santiago, these tiny hints that you’re still on track. I love the mountains. I really do love love love the mountains. They seem so close. I feel like I’m just right in the middle of the mountains. The peaks all covered in snow…. and tomorrow I’m gonna hike along the shoreline of a lake that unfortunately is not in sight yet. I am very grateful that I was given the chance to do all this. Dude, tonight I’m about to sleep somewhere I really shouldn’t. But I honestly haven’t had any other option. I was looking for a better place since forever. But I simply couldn’t find one. So I walked alongside the road and down a little hill I’m gonna camp next to the lake and the sun sets slowly. Right now, everything is incredibly awesome. I’m having a big chunk of Swiss cheese, a couple of pretzel rolls and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. This is how it is supposed to be, exactly like this! I’m on a goddamn ski slope right now. This is what fun looks like! Right now there is just nothing that couldn’t be labeled with the word ‘fun’. That’s just crazy… crazy… … crazy, I’m telling you. Probably only three more days in Switzerland and then I’m going to be in Germany already I’m kinda looking forward to it, because it’s gonna be a lot cheeper over there that easy. Even if the upcoming week is going to be super cold again. The beginning of spring seems to be postponed for another couple days. But what to do? I’m gonna stay on this path, just walking… You’ve seen the weather of yesterday… You have seen how it was like… Let’s take a look on todays weather. Nice, it has already started. I’m getting excited about Germany, how wild or how much wilderness I’m gonna catch there, or whether I hike through cities only, we’ll see.. It’ll be a long time I’m going to spend in Germany, 1500km (940miles) That’s almost the distance I’ve hiked in Spain, France and Switzerland combined, a big part, we’ll see… Then Denmark, Norway… I’m just happy that I’m not injured and that I feel as good as I do now.


  1. Well done matey. I've been looking into the E1 for the last couple of days as a crazy alternative of the Pacific Crest trail for next year. Knowing that you're attempting it now is super so thank you and keep it up!

  2. Endlich lachst du mal, spielst und zeigst deine Freude am Wandern! Nicht, dass ich erwarte, dass alles immer nur FriedeFreudeEierkuchen ist, aber ich merkte, wie sich beim Schauen direkt meine Laune hob. Danke dafür!

  3. Ich habe per Zufall gerade deine Video Serie gefunden und du bist von 5.22 bis 5.50 einfach so durch mein Heimatdorf gelaufen was für ein Zufall 😉 Sehr beeindruckende Reise!

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