Everyday Peachy Glow Makeup #🍑

Everyday Peachy Glow Makeup #🍑

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Hi, everyone!
Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’ll be sharing with you
my daily makeup. It’s basically
a full coverage of my face, but better nude makeup look. In my previous video, I shared my current
skincare routine. So, you can go on over
to watch that if you are curious
and haven’t watched yet. For makeup,
I always start with foundation. If you read
my description boxes, you probably know that I’ve been using
the Seoul Cushion from Troiareuke. I love how there’s really
great coverage, even though,
it’s 99 percent skincare. So, I never feel guilty
whenever I wear this for a long period of time. I then immediately follow-up with this translucent powder
from Lohacell. This will mattify as well as
set the foundation in place. And I prefer using a brush instead of the puff
it comes with. And for this tutorial, I’ll make sure
to link the brushes I used because I always tend
to forget that. I always want full
and perfect coverage, and my go-to affordable concealer* is this one from The Saem. Not a surprise, right? I basically apply it on blemishes
that I can still see, and then use my cushion
to blend everything together. I forgot to apply the Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer
in the beginning, but better late than never. This is a lip treatment I use
which helps decrease fine lines and makes my lips
look more full. And I’ll be applying lipstick
over this later. To contour and shape my face, Hoola is my go-to because it matches well
with my skin tone, and it blends so beautifully because it’s such
a smooth product. For cheeks,
I have finally moved on from the Benefit Cheekathon to Stylenanda 3CE’s Face Blush
in #Nude Peach. I’ve been loving this color and I’m seriously so impressed
with 3CE makeup these days because the products
are super soft and pigmented. I use a different palette
for nose contour because the Hoola is too dark. This is a custom contour palette
from Innisfree. And the lighter shade
from the line is perfect for shaping my nose. Moving on to brows, I just like to fill in the gaps using Benefit’s
3D Browtones browcara, which also helps
lighten up my brows to match my hair color. I’ve been keeping my eye makeup
very simple these days. I like to apply this light shade
all over my lids. And I use this brick color
near the lash line as well as blend
the outer corners. To give my lashes a curl, I use my trusty
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and follow-up with my favorite
Korean mascara from NEOGEN. To show you a difference,
I will demonstrate on one eye. And it’ll definitely give volume and length in my lashes
without looking clumpy. To add some dimension, I use the My Highlighter
from Innisfree because it looks
very natural on my skin. To complete the look, I chose a soft,
pinky-beige color for my lips. This is the Real Fit
Velvet Lipstick from Innisfree, and it has such a soft,
velvety texture. And I have all the colors
from this line And the #1 is my go-to. I’m actually
almost done using this. And that’s it. Please give this video
a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it. All the products will be linked
in the info box. And I’ll see you
in my next one. Bye! Thanks for watching! click here for more @JOANKEEM joanday joankeem


  1. Hi Joan, I just found out about his Neogen Maxicara and would really like to get it, but I've been searching online for a while now and can't really find it anywhere. Can you please let me know where I can get it?

  2. Hey Joan, I've recently come across skincare by Vprove and was wondering if you had any experience or know a little bit more about there skincare or even just the brand in general ?

  3. I love the lip color and total look. But I think using concealer after powder on and using same brush after contouring then put the blush on Not a good idea.

  4. joan!!!! have you ever tried the belif moisturising bomb? it's my holy grail moisturiser and i'd love to hear your opinions on belif!!

  5. Did u tattoo the eyeliner?? Coz i can see theres dark shade on ur upper and lower eyelid…where did u do it? Is it good??

  6. Hai Joan, I love your channel. You gave me motivation for better life, being positive, and you're my inspiration. Thank you so much! Much love from Bali, Indonesia 🙂

  7. Happy New Year Joan! I've recently started watching your videos and just wanted to say that I love your channel(s) ♥️♥️♥️

  8. i am really loving how your hair has faded to this beautiful colour and you just look flawless with this look!  xxx

  9. OMGGG ONNI YOU LOOK SOOOO PRETTY, and i see your skin has improved a lot, can you share how you fade your acne marks? bcs I saw you have a lot of acne marks in your old videos, i need some help

  10. Hi Joan, Where can I buy Troiareuke products in Korea (not online store). While I am visiting Korea, I would like to visit stores and take a look at them. Thanks

  11. Everything looks so good on you Joan! I'm so jealous you just have to use browcara to fill in your eyebrows! I wish I could do that but I don't have enough hair.

  12. That's interesting, you apply concealer after setting your face with powder; I'll be trying that out later :))

  13. Pretty! I watched your eye cream video and wanted to know if you still consider innisfree orchid as your number one? I want an eye cream but I’m stuck on the 3, innisfree, Benton or mizon. Which would you recommend?

  14. Should you be putting liquid concealer on top of a layer of powder and foundation?! Will it not look super cakey in real life? :O Did you use the same brush for contour and blush? What is really "peach-y" about this look? Maybe using peach eyeshadow or blush or lipstick might have helped…I would say that nude/neutral/simple look would be a more appropriate title.

  15. Thank you so much Joan for this tutorial! Normally, I never watch makeup tutorials but this one caught my eye because I've been struggling to find an eye makeup look with no eyeliner and 3CE happens to be cruelty free so yay!

  16. I LOVE THIS! So simple. I've been getting into 3CE as well. I can't believe I didn't try their products sooner <3 <3

  17. Hi Joan, do you experience problems removing the Neogen Extra Volumecurl Metal Maxicara? Do you mind sharing which eye make up remover you use to remove this mascara? Is it the Aritaum one which you normally use?

  18. I laughed so hard when you said Cleanser instead of Concealer 😀 Same happens to me ALL THE TIME 😀 Greetings from Berlin <3

  19. Hi I'm love😘 I'm iraqi …………..😞مرحبا انا احبك انا عربيه اتمنى ان تنزلي فيديو مترجم لكي استطيع متابعت

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