Exciting News! Phyrra’s Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual Book @phyrra

Exciting News! Phyrra’s Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual Book @phyrra

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– Hey friends, it’s good to see you. It’s Courtney, I’ve got Nyx, and Phaedra hanging out here with me, and I am so so excited to be here today. I have something very
important to share with you. So, I have been working on a project for almost two years, and that project is just
about ready to launch. It’s a book! I started writing this,
just about two years ago because you guys asked me for it. I had so many people ask me, “Hey, will you ever put all
of your tutorials into a book? “Hey, could you put all of your hooded eye “tips and tricks into a book?” People would ask this over, and over. So I finally said, “Alright,
I’m going to write a book”. And, I started the process
of writing the book, gathering all of my tips,
creating tutorials for it. And then, I started thinking about what else could I do to
help really add extra value? And so, I even asked some of my friends, who also have hooded eyes
to be models for the book. So, you can see tutorials
on eyes other than mine. And yeah, like, this took a
very long time to get together. I wanted to have it published before I turned 40 this year in June. But as you know, this year 2018, has been a very challenging year for me. At the beginning of the year, I started out by getting
my old house ready to sell, I bought new house, then
I sold my old house. As you know, my grandmother passed. Which was a really big deal for me because she was like my mom,
and I’m still grieving. I’m still seeing my therapist over it, so like, it’s been a very tumultuous year. It’s been a struggle to get this done, but we are so close to
having this ready to launch. And I just, I had to put together a video to tell you about it
because I am so excited. I am so proud to finally have
this book to share with you. I’m just, I’m so excited about it. So you might be wondering,
who is this book for? So first and foremost,
this book is for you all. This book is for you, my friends because like I mentioned, it has all of my tips and tricks
for hooded eyes in it. It has a bunch of tutorials
like you requested. So yeah, it’s for you. But in addition to you all, it’s also for people who
are makeup beginners, or people who have hooded eyes. So, I have detailed sections in this book about what are hooded eyes, and it talks about blending, and it talks about tools, and why I use them, and how I use them. There’s also troubleshooting tips. Like I mentioned, there’s
tutorials and one of the things that I think you guys will really love is that rather than pushing, “Buy this palette, buy that palette, buy the next greatest thing.” I did a section for each of the tutorials in here called, Shop My Stash. And if you are, if you’re obviously, if you’re, you know, a Phyrra fan, you read my blog, or you come out at my YouTube channel, you’ll be
familiar with that section. Because that section is where
I list generic color terms, so that you know, you may not have the Urban Decay Born To Run
Palette in your collection, but you might like that
tutorial and be like, “Well, I have these
colors that are similar”. So, I make it very easy
for you to do that. So, I did want to show you the
book a little bit closer up. As you can see, that’s me on the cover. This is actually a photo that I used for a campaign with Nyx, it was on Instagram. I happen to really like the photo, I decided that it was the photo I was going to use for this book. So, that’s the cover. On the back, I have a
bunch of testimonials from my friends who are also bloggers. I have a testimonial from my friend, Justina from Justina’s Gems, one from my friend, Brittney
from Clumps of Mascara, one from my friend, Emily
from Emily Wolf Beauty, and one from my friend,
Jen from My Beauty Bunny. So, thank you to all of my friends who gave me testimonials for the book. I greatly greatly appreciate that. If you’re curious about
what the inside looks like, as you can see, it’s got information on how to apply eyeshadow. And then of course, you can see that I have the tutorials over here with the instructions,
and the tip section. I will make sure and let
you know whenever it’s live, but I am so excited. I can’t believe that I wrote a book, and it’s available, and
you guys will be able to get it soon so, I’m
very very very happy. Thank you my friends for
making this possible, I would not have written the book if it hadn’t been for you guys asking, I wouldn’t have done this. So thank you so much, I’m just so happy. Let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. Love you guys, and I’ll
see you in my next video.


  1. I cannot wait:) I recommend your tutorials to my granddaughter who has hooded eyes and she loves them. She will love this book!

  2. … Huge congratulations!
    This is awesome news.
    I have worked on editorial teams and as an editor for a number of years, so I know what goes into creating something like this.
    The fact that you've managed to pull this together, despite the year you've had, is a credit to you, your talent, and sheer hard work.
    I'm so very happy for you. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Congrats Courtney, Hey I love your earrings…I would rock them but earrings hurt my ears even if they are platinum…I'm soooo happy for you!

  4. I am so excited for you! I'm also excited about getting a copy. We have the almost exact same eye shape, so I follow your looks all the time. I also have someone else in mind I want to get one for…so can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!!!

  5. Congrats! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait. Also, your makeup and outfit in this video is incredibly beautiful and sexy.

  6. Whaaaaaat?! Awesome! Can't wait to try the techniques out on these hoods of mine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. If I'm super excited (rando stranger on the internet), then your beloved grandmother must be lighting up the sky with love and pride at your accomplishments, esp during a tough year. <3

  7. This is amazing! I can't wait to buy this. With all you have going on, it's mind-blowing how you found the time. Love this so much and I'm so proud of you.

  8. Congratulations! Putting a book is quite the undertaking. By the way, I knew before I checked the description box that you were wearing the warmer tones from the new Melt Smoke Sessions palette. These colors really enhance your eye color. Gorgeous!

  9. Dude!!! I just wrote the biggest ass kissing post ever on your last video and now see this?? I'm not sure I've ever been equally excited for the author of a book and me. First off, I know this book will bring the house down because everything you do is so throrough. Secondly, , NOBODY deserves it more. Third, I think it's soft-cover, which I find easier to work with. Fourth, I can't wait to see all your tips and tricks in one place!!! So proud of you!!!!

    Now the selfish part …I love your eye look today, but I love what I consider true greens. I tried to recreate it using my true green singles, and it suckedπŸ˜“ I'm unsure what shadows they were because they were singles, but the main color looked like MALACHITE in the Sephora Pro Smokey Jewels Palette (which I know you don't have- was just using it for reference ). I also tried to add a color, interestingly enough, that looked like the color below it, which was called CAPRI. Could you just take a look at these colors and possibly do a wearable, all matte look, using similar colors in your stash? It would mean so much to see you do it because I'm so frustrated right now!

    Your book may be the very FIRST item I've EVER waited up to launch so I could get my hands on it immediately!!! I'm so excited. You did it!! Your grandma is so proud of you right now! We all are!!

  10. Mazel Tov! What a wonderful way to encourage and help all of the girls/women/make up enthusiasts irl who have hooded eyes. I'm so happy for you Courtney πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Sending you β€οΈπŸ€ & 🍭 (love, luck and lollipops) from the Great White North πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  11. Oh wow ur complexion….you look like 10 yrs younger! Have you used a new treatment? You trulie do look fab; I cannot wait to get my hands on ur book. Hail Odin! Bisou xoxoxoπŸ’œ

  12. This is the kind of book I have always been looking for. I have small hooded eyes so I always have to do shadow placement differently than tutorials and sometimes it does not work.
    I feel I am pretty good with makeup but this book is definitely going into a bookshelf when it is for sale. It will be a great reference book for both me and a lot of my friends whenever they want some help.
    I can't wait to get my hands on your book.
    Thank you so much for making such a wonderfully helpful book for us hooded eye people.

  13. Congrats on the book! But on another note, you should wear your hair back more often, it suits you so well, omg! It also makes you look like you're in your late 20's or something. Idk, just suits you very well. πŸ™‚

  14. Congrats Courtney!!! I know you’ve worked really hard on this and you’ve been dealing with so much life stuff on top of it! I can’t wait to read it and hope it sells out!!

  15. Fantastic! Thanks for making make-up accessible to newbies like me. You have really inspired me! Congratulations! Looking forward to details of when we can buy your book!

  16. Hi, I just received your book today & have been thumbing through it & I β™‘ it! Jen Luvs Reviews mentioned it on her monthly faves ( ?) & I knew I had to have it. Surprised I haven't come across your YouTube channel before but now that I have I will definitely watch more of you & check out your blog & FB group too. I'm so pleased to see someone doing color & more editorial looks for hooded eyes instead of just the same ole 3 shades of neutral- no shimmer. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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