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Exeter Nightlife – Clubs in Exeter | Personal Opinion | My Uni Life | University Advice

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Ultimate
channel for students, my name is Francesca and I hope to help you have the best fresh
start at University. Today’s video is about clubbing in Exeter
and I really hope I can shade some light, do we say that? No we don’t. And I really
hope I can enlighten you on this topic that apparently is so demanded. What I plan on
doing is going through the clubs that Uni students go to and just give you my opinion
on them. So let’s start with my favorite club: Move,
it used to be called cellardoor and move is this underground vibe, it’s where all the
d&b techno house is played. It’s quite small it’s very dark. It’s my favorite club because
that’s the place where people let go they are there for the music and not to get with
each other, they are passionate about the music. My second favorite club is called phoenix,
phoenix is the second biggest club in Exeter but some people say it’s the biggest because
it has more rooms, it has a stage, there is a big stage and there is enough space for
people to dance and that kind of thing, and then there are like smaller rooms, there are
smaller rooms that are the size of cellardoor so basically there is a bar but behind the
bar there is a stage where the dj can play and there is this area where people can dance,
then there is the smoking area where people can, everyone hangs out especially the DJs
playing in the smoking area, they definitely hang out there. People like hanging out in
the smoking area because they can chat, they can smoke, they can socialize and all that
stuff! the big room i talked about that already and then the other rooms are 3 upstairs and
I think thats it. Pheonix it kind of has everything, on student life they have the dj showcase
which I love: it’s basically all the different brands in exeter of events, the biggest one
is Hold it Down, they all gathered together, they all have a room each and they put their
djs of events, so it’s really cool because they have this mix of genre, they’ll be a
d&b room, a house room, a techno room, a grime room a garage room, a jungle room, its rare
unfortunately, but it exists! After that there is cavern, a really good
club that I really like. Basically cavern when you go in you directly have to go down
stairs and you arrive in this bar and dance floor, so it’s kind of like move but there
is more lights and a different vibe in it. In my opinion people who go to cavern are
the people who don’t necessarily like the kind of house, techno music but just people
who want to go there to be sociable and like you know wear those wavy clothes and edgy
kind of stuff. It depends on the years you know like that was what I thought and what
I think now but it can always have an evolution over the years and it can always change completely
the vibe and the feel to it but that’s how I feel with it right now. I say right now
but it’s kind of outdated because last time I went to it it was 2 years ago and cavern
was burnt, there was an explosion or something, it got damaged, so it wasn’t open the first
term of my 4th year so I actually haven’t been in 2 years, so don’t take my word for
it. Then let’s go on the more mainstream kind
of clubs. There is this club called rosie’s, it was called Mosaic back in the day but now
it’s called rosie’s and rosie’s is basically a club where all the peopl from holland hall
go on mondays, so if you are from holland hall you will go to rosies, on monday or at
least once in your life. The dancefloor is so tight like the dancefloor is literally
is so small, the smallest dancefloor I’ve ever seen, the bar people crush you they are
all drunk, annoying, that’s why I never drink there, if I do drink somewhere, definitely
not in Rosie’s and then the smoking area is like this corridoor where everyone’s going
on your feet or something. It’s rated one of the worst clubs in the whole of UK actually,
but in a way the people who go to Holland hall go there for some reason, it’s kind of
a tradition and they kind of adapt to the environment.
After that we have beautiful Arena, slash Unit 1, what a name… These new names really
are so tragic. So Unit 1 what to say… Unit 1 has 3 main nights: it has mondays, it’s
called “Dirty Sexy People” oh yeah, then Cheesy Tuesdays and then there is Friday it’s an
international night, you will find lots of people from asia and all over the world they
go to arena on friday ususally. So what kind of vibe do you find in arena,
Arena, in Unit 1, oh God I really have to get used to this name. The vibe there is basically,
you go there to get drunk, you go there because it’s where everyone hangs out and where if
you want to have a one night stand or get with someone that’s where you go and yeah
it’s a lot of drunk people there it’s very funny to watch when you are sober and I always
go there so yeah, quite a spectical. I mean if you want just a fun night, where you let
loose that’s basically where people go. Now lets talk about time piece, time piece
time piece time piece, time piece is the place where you go on Wednesday if you do sports
so you know Exeter is a sports campus, sports is a big thing in Exeter, Wednesday Time Piece
is the night where all the socials happen in sports so you see lodes of people who are
dressed up especially the first time piece wednesday, the first timepiece wednesday is
when there is kind of initiation, so you see all the rugby guys as a tradition in nappies
and all the cheer girls who are dressed like babies, and then there is Friday time piece
as well, and there is always a queue for that oh my goodness, so basically there is a smoking
area when you go in to the actual building, there is a bar so you can go in for free,
so you can get drinks and just hang out in the smoking area with everyone and you don’t
pay, so if you want to save money and be sociable at the same time that’s the place, then if
you want to go upstair there is an upstairs with a bar, then there are stairs to go on
top top, the second floor it’s called top top and that’s where there is all this hip
hop, r&b rap kind of music going on, because on the first floor it’s really mainstream
but upstairs it’s rap r&b hip hop, I love that music frankly, guilty, but it’s always
so packed because it’s so small, everyone likes that music and it’s so packed all the
time and you can’t really move there and everyone’s getting with each other, it’s kind of a sinful
environment, I love it it’s so good to watch people just having fun, I love it, either
you hate it or you love it you know? And then there is the lemon grove, lemon grove
is, I talked about it in my videos back in the day when I just started my Youtube channel
and it was highly embarrassing, there is this place called lemmy which is the biggest club
in Exeter and it’s the club of the University so it’s right next to Lafrowda, so if you
are in Lafrowda you are bound to spend your saturdays there so Lemmy is for Saturdays
because since no one goes to town on Saturday because that’s kind of when all the locals
go out, for me the music is kind of like high school disco kind of feel you know it’s really
not for me, I never went, I went there three times and every single time I regretted it,
because I don’t get drunk. If you get drunk that’s fine but for me going there sober,
I go sober a lot and I go to every other clubs I said before I go sober and I manage to have
fun. Lemmy for some reason, I never have fun all three times so I really never go there,
but some people love it, some people love it either because they get drunk or because
they actually love the music which is weird but if you are in Lafrowda you are bound to
go to it because it’s near by and its easy way. If you are not really happy with the
club scene in Exeter, you are really like close to Bristol so if you have a car, if
your friends have a car you can always drive there and if you don’t want to take a car
there are these societies like the business society who always organises a trip to bristol
or other societies organise trips to Bristol as well so before I leave I want to give you
extra information, make sure you never piss off a bouncer, make sure you never put yourself
on there bad side because they can decide without any justification if you can go in
for the rest of your life or not you know? They can decide oh no you are not coming in
like that, so yes so all in all I love Exeter UNiversity, yes the clubs are not that many
and they are definitely not the best clubs you’ll ever go to, however like it’s the people
guys, the people, there are 20000 students, there are so many people you can meet in the
smoking areas, I don’t even smoke but I hang out a lot in the smoking areas, just to speak
to people and just to meet new people, cuz if you are always hanging out with the same
crowd your same flatmates, or if you hang ou with your whole 3, 4 flatmates obviously
you are going to be bored but if you just make an effort to meet new people and go out
with new people, you will never be bored because it will always be a different experience although
the club is the same. So I really hope you liked this video, make
sure you follow me on Instagram, like it this video and subscribe to my channel you will
definitely help me so much, if I have not answered a one of your questions I will do
a Q&A video soon, so yeah, big love, ciao!


  1. I have to admit Newcastle is a better night out. Your doing something similar to me on my channel. You videos are good keep up the good work.

  2. You said in one of your previous videos that the clubs in Exeter close at 2am. Is this the same for the clubs in the town too? Love Exeter but I want an amazing nightlife too so I don't know 😂

  3. Hey girl! I'm pretty sure you are enjoying your very much deserved holidays, but I literally have like tons of questions lol like, have you been able to get a job there and make some money? What are really internships? Just gaining experience? What societies would you recommend joining? You as a self catered, would you say that buying food can turn very expensive? I was also asked by my mom about the dress code. Is there any restriction? When is was living in the US they didn't let us wear cleavage, show our belly button or wear skirts over the knee, in high school. I hope is not the same when it comes about Uni hahah well, thank you Fran! I would love to hear back from you and watch some more videos, the last one literally got me crying! Xoxo Marta

  4. Unit 1 a great place to get rejected in public by lots of women – AVOID! Time Piece? No, not unless you fancy a fight with the bouncers.

  5. I went to school here as an exchange student in 1987….lived in Randy P.   Meals were in Lopes.  I loved my British friends.  Its was truly a magical time.  Exeter boring?  NEVER!  Weekends at the Blackie.   Hywell Davies, Andy Bev, Andy Animal, Fiona, Lucy White…where are you all?

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