Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Bright

Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Bright

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Dr. Bright. Throughout this series, we’ve discussed monsters,
aliens, phenomena, apocalyptic scenarios, and multiple shadowy organizations, but we
haven’t really talked about the specific people that work for those organizations. Most of the material you read about a group
such as the scp foundation contains scores of faceless doctors, agents, and d-class personnel,
but there are sometimes notable individuals. What would cause someone to work and continue
working for an organization like the scp foundation? What would that kind of work do to their psyche? This video will look at perhaps the most famous
individual working for the foundation, dr. Jack Bright, as well as other members of his
family involved with the group. Jack’s parents, Adam and Evelyn, were working
for the SCP foundation sometime during the 1800s, Adam as a junior researcher and evelyn
as a medical assistant, although Adam was apparently one of the founding members of
the foundation, if you follow this canon. Together, they had five children, Mikell,
Jack, TJ, Claire, and Sarah. Sarah was stillborn, and Adam, desperate to
bring her back to life, utilized several SCPs. One of these was SCP-590, TJ Bright, one of
his sons. TJ was born with the incredible gift of being
able to heal any injury or ailment, both physical and mental, that an individual might have
simply by touching them. The downside of this ability is that TJ receives
the injury or ailment upon himself, experiencing all of the pain, after effects, and mental
aberrations that the subject was experiencing. When he was young, he could choose to consciously
activate this ability, but after puberty, it became an involuntary effect. In conjunction with other SCPs, Adam Bright
used TJ’s ability to bring his daughter back to life, but she was taken into foundation
custody immediately afterwards, and soon was designated SCP-321. TJ was also taken into Foundation custody
because of this, becoming SCP-590, and by this point Mikell was already working for
them. SCP-321 was found to be capable of recuperating
from any injury at five times the normal rate of a human, believed to be caused by an over
abundant production of stem cells. Additionally, 321 has continually aged and
grown since her rebirth, and is currently 3.1 meters tall and weighs approximately 110
kilograms. She shows no signs of stopping growth, and
at a certain point, her heart was reaching the limits of its circulation capabilties. An artificial heart was created and implanted
into 321’s body, allowing her continued growth and existence. Despite her age being at least over 100 at
this point, her intellectual capabilties are similar to that of an infant, taking months
to learn a simple task, and she’s unable to speak more than nonsensical noises. After being taken into foundation custody,
her father, junior researcher Adam Bright requested that she be removed from scp status,
but he was denied. Later, personnel director adam bright again
requested she be removed from scp status, and it was again denied. Much later, site director Adam Bright suggested
that they can learn nothing more from scp-321, and that her scp designation be removed, but
again he was denied. Finally, o5-12, adam bright, made a note that
scp-321 is to be decommissioned and returned to her family immediately, but he was shut
down for a final time. He was told that she was not now, nor has
ever been, his daughter, and that if he attempted this again the council would remove him. In reaction to this, adam bright resigned
from the o5 council, an unprecedented action as it’s typically a lifetime position. By this point, Mikell bright was also on the
o5 council and Jack had moved up in ranks as well. At some point, scp-590, TJ, had accumulated
enough injuries to leave him bedridden and on life support, unable to breath on his own. A single dose of scp-500 brought him back
to full health however, and his abilities are used on foundation personnel of researchers
and above, as an alternative to utilzing scp-500. By the insistence of Jack, TJ was used to
cure several cases of mental retardation, reducing him to the mental level of a three
year old. Jack likely did this to mentally protect his
brother from understanding what the foundation was doing to him. TJ now spends most of his time watching children’s
television shows and coloring, although he does have his moments of surprising lucidity. Which brings us to Jack Bright himself, who
followed in his parents and brother’s footsteps and also joined the scp foundation. Claire meanwhile, who possesses the ability
to see into the future, would go on to join the serpent’s hand, a counter organization
to the scp foundation focused on spreading awareness of the paranormal. Jack joined after his brother TJ went into
foundation custody, and became a junior researcher of good standing. He was eventually assigned to researching
SCP-963, a white gold amulet containing a ruby surrounded by 13 diamonds. 963 was discovered in the apartment of an
individual who apparently committed suicide, surrounded by supernaturally-related books,
and was brought into the foundation since it was found to be incapable of being damaged. Later that year, scp-076, able, breached containment,
leading to a large number of casualties. Dr. Bright happened to be walking past 076’s
containment unit at the time, transporting the amulet by hand, and was killed by able. A few days later, a d-class assigned to clean
up the rubble, and picked up 963. A noticeable change went over the d-class,
who began referring to himself as jack bright. Upon removal of the amulet from his possession,
all of his higher brain functions ceased until the amulet was returned. Apparently, the individual that created the
amulet hoped to gain immortality, by binding his soul to the amulet so that he could possess
whomever touched it. His ritual failed however, due to the simple
fact that he killed himself to initiate it, rather than being killed by some other force. Jack Bright activated the amulet correctly
when he was killed while holding on to it, binding his soul to it. When the d-class picked it up, it overwrote
his mind with the mind of Dr. Bright, including all of his memories. This allows Dr. Bright to be functionally
immortal, as long as someone eventually touches the amulet, whether it be a human or some
other creature or animal. Since the amulet is invulnerable to damage,
the only way to prevent this would be to keep the amulet locked away, but since Jack Bright
is a loyal member of the foundation, he’s allowed to continue to operate. However, there is a side effect to 963: if
a subject maintains contact with the amulet for 30 days, their consciousness becomes a
duplicate of Dr. Bright’s and removal of the amulet does nothing. Since this would allow Dr. Bright to make
potentially unlimited copies of his mind, sanctions were put into place to prevent this,
although so far Dr. Bright has not attempted to break this rule. So far, Dr. Bright has found no way to release
himself from 963, not for lack of trying. On the flipside, the foundation actually spent
some time trying to recreate 963, eventually resulting in 963-2. All information on 963-2 has been expunged,
so it’s unclear exactly what it does, but it’s likely not good. Dr. Bright has so far jumped between countless
bodies, including male and female humans, animals, and SCPs. While Dr. Bright’s loyalty and intellect,
combined with his immortality, have certainly been a benefit to the foundation, it’s also
taken its toll on bright’s psyche. A tale that demonstrates some of the consequences
of 963 is The Executions of Doctor Bright, although keeping in mind it does take place
in the broken masquerade canon where information about anomalies is public. In it, Bright is part of a team operating
in the middle-east, when they are suddenly captured by armed terrorists. They possessed knowledge of Bright and 963,
and proceeded to kill the team one by one. However, they started with Bright, and then
put the amulet on another member of the team, so that they were killing bright each time. The rest of the team waited in horror as their
associated minds were wiped and they were killed. The tale gives us a sense of how much Bright
resents his condition, and in turn, grows to hate himself. A consistent theme across a number of tales
is Bright’s deep-seated desire for release from 963 and his inability to do so. The tale code Brown describes a Bright family
reunion that occurs because of Claire’s death while working for the serpents hand. We see that the bright family is large, including
children, grandchildren, cousins, and so on. Practically none of them seem to get along
very well. Mikell seems to have fathered a large number
of children in his younger days, now collectively known as the unnumbered brood. Evelyn, Jack’s mother, also makes an appearance,
and is said to sometimes be referred to as the mother of monsters, as she apparently
spends her time creating creatures. It’s clear that the bright family is not a
typical one, each with their gifts and quirks. Dr. Bright has developed a reputation over
the years of being eccentric, to say the least, but it’s fair to say that he hasn’t had the
most normal of lives. Between the tragedies associated with his
family and his own unfortunate situation, Jack has suffered more than any one person
should. He ultimately believes in the Foundation’s
methods and goals, despite what they have done to him and his family, and continues
to work for them, becoming the site director of a number of sites. He so far has not reached the rank of o5,
perhaps due to his mental state, or perhaps because the council would rather not have
what is technically an scp sitting amongst them. I hope that this video has provided some greater
degree of insight into the backstory of Dr. Bright, who is certainly not a normal member
of the foundation, but is nonetheless an integral part of it.


  1. For all the people wondering why I didn't include all of the sillier aspects of Dr. Bright, such as the list of things he can't do, please keep in mind I have no sense of humor.


  3. I wish tj would take away my issues. If that sort of schizophrenia type issue doesn’t go away, then I’ll be scared

  4. Thank you for this video. It finally let me know who Jack Bright is, and isn't just a stupid joke by someone who doesn't really know.

  5. I hope the rest of the SCP Foundation manage to transfer Jack's soul from the amulet and destroy that and free him or something like that. He's a sad boi.

  6. I wonder what would have happened if they had put the amulet on Dr. Bright’s body; since it contains bright’s spirit—so to speak—wouldn’t be like putting the hard-drive back into the pc terminal?

  7. No one:
    The bright siblings: all scp, two of which are immoral. All of witch have metal issues that causes them to act like children

  8. The 05 Council literally has a cat for a Member. At least from what I can see from pictures. Dr. Bright is also literally a dead person walking by using the amulet. P.S. he’s a pedo

  9. Things Dr. Bright Is Not Allowed To Do #286: Dr. Bright is not allowed to transfer his consciousness into a YouTuber in order to make serious videos about himself or his family.

  10. Fandom sees Bright the same way fandom sees Deadpool.

    Fandom: Haha, he's so silly!
    Canon: He's immortal and wants to die.

  11. Dr. Bright doing insane things is not because he's just that fucking stupid, or naturally insane himself, but because of that damn amulet continuing to put him through death and reincarnation basically making him completely insane.

  12. Bright, in accordance to anyone who wishes not to point out Jack's dominance over humanity:
    He's just some depressed scientist

    Bright, in accordance to legitimately everyone else:


  13. You will live forever then start making plans. not because your be inhuman one day you can't choose to be human.
    as if your telling Kratos not to be a human, But His a Man that become a diety and still fight as a god and wish to die as a man. People have choices you gonna tell someone stupid they will believe they are stupid forever geez.

  14. In fairness, the list thing has to an in-universe in-joke amongst those in the lower-levels of the organization. Being only aware of what Dr. Bright's capabilities are without the proper context, make people wonder on what he intends to do with it if it was them in the situation.

  15. Random D-Class:
    Ok I found the necklace you were looking for
    Ok now put it on
    Random D-Class:
    If I wear it will I turn into some obedient jackass ?
    How do you know level 5 data ?

  16. Personally, thinking about it, while some consider the whole things dr bright is not allowed to do, an absolute joke, consider his…status. immortal at the hand of SCP-963. His mind is shattered. His sanity, destroyed. He has no sense of morality for the most part. He is loony and, for all intense of purposes, contains the ability of toon energy.

  17. What I don't get about Bright, just from a writing perspective, is why he was given such a convoluted family history. The immortality pendant is enough of a gimmick.

  18. What the hell am i the son of bright i legit could take in anyone elses pain and promote better healing just by holding your hand and meditating iv once even took a major grease burn away from my father without him even knowing(something splashed real bad ontop of his right hand to his elbow he ran to the sink and me being a 6 or 7 year old ran up to him worried and crying i hugged him and just focused to which my arm started burning increasingly until i couldnt handle it at all and my dads burn calmed down almost immediately not even getting puffy just read and painful for 2 days well my arm hurt for a week but nothing ever showed up on my skin) after i was 14 that ability has more or less been out of my control and another thing i used to be able to do is take others energies just by focusing on them and demanding it iv done it to the point before where i was passing out in class so i tried to see if it really does work and within 5 minutes i was fully awake yet the teacher and 2 students next to me almost passed out at their desks even though everyone seemed fine before my attempt

  19. Dr. Bright is tactically THE foundation when you think about it Just let the facts sink in that you just heard from the moment in this video and you realize what I mean

  20. What if the amulet touched something like 096 would it still be taken over if so that is a great way for termination and control of stronger scps

  21. If Dr.Bright only takes 30 days to bind to a new body. Why does he always carry the amulet with him? If he dies I'm sure they'd find the body and then be like: "He died again, get me a D-class and his amulet… Again."

  22. Doctor [REDACTED]: What do we say when the SCPs threaten to throw us out a window

    Doctor Bright: yeet

    Doctor [REDACTED]: No.

  23. Dr. Bright is not allowed to cause a site-wide containment breach at Site 19 any site, and then blast "the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Showdown" over the intercom/loudspeaker, nor is he allowed to scream the lyrics into a megaphone while standing atop the gates, nor is he allowed to copy-paste the lyrics into the groupchat or local email.

  24. Wait if you took the amulet to the ikea (scp 3008) and put it on the weird worker guys, could it try and live just a regular life?

  25. You know the sim change logs? Things like "Sims can no longer WooHoo in an elevator", "Become enemy with child wish no longer appears", etc etc.

    That's pretty much all Dr. Bright is. A walking Sim change log- except every "Sim" is replaced with "Bright"

  26. Uh why does Dr Bright look kinda like a young Ford Pines in that drawing
    Edit: the one at the beginning of the video

  27. If a big boi from the foundation does it, it's cool and over the top. If a newcomer does the same thing, they're a mary sue

  28. Jack Bright is unwell, deseased, and all of his careless actions should be considered a cry for help
    Poor dude

  29. does it specify that his amulet has to be Worn in order to mind-wipe someone? couldn't he just trick 682 into swallowing it and then Dr Bright becomes the most powerful thing in existence?

  30. SCP keeps him around so they can learn what not to do before it becomes a real problem. A guy who bends the rules can help the rest anticipate any breaking of the rules.

  31. IDK if this is cannon or not but Dr clef, admistrator crow and Dr bright are dead. Dr kondraki is out of action and Dr right basically turns into an scp.

    Edit: it's sad that the og Dr's that makes the scp foundation somewhat funny are gone.

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