Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-1548 – The Star, The Hateful

Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-1548 – The Star, The Hateful

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SCP-1548: The Star, The Hateful. Our sun is
considered by most people to be a pretty good thing. It provides warmth and light for our
planet, and we’d be in rough shape without it. The SCP universe has toyed with the sun
in the various ways, from making it responsible for a nightmarish apocalpyse, to containing
various deities. SCP-1548 is perhaps it’s most useful interpretation however, and showcases
a rather dire situation. I’ll note that this entry has nothing to do with the original
hateful star scp that some might be familiar with, but is unique in its own right. SCP-1548 is not a designation for the sun
itself, but rather for various solar phenomena that occur on the surface of the sun, primarily
around its southern pole. There are three types of 1548 events, one being a series of
six massive sunspots that connect to one another after 23 hours, often accompanied by the formation
of a gaseous projection from the sun’s surface. This projection is notable as it takes the
shape of various thaumaturgic symbols, or magical symbols in layman’s terms. This is
then followed by a coronal mass ejection, a large expulsion of plasma from the sun’s
corona. The second event is similar to the first, but the projections break off from
the surface and move away from it into space. The third event involves sunspots on the sun’s
surface itself forming into the shapes of thaumaturgic symbols. These can occur at any
point on the surface of the sun. These symbols come in a large variety of forms,
some of them identified by the foundation, many of them not. One of the symbols, if inscribed
onto a telescopic device by a person with thaumaturgic abilities, will allow them to
see psionic entities with malicious intent toward the user. If the individual does not
have any psionic abilities of their own, after four hours of use they will begin to experience
symptoms of psychosis. Another symbol is much more blatantly useful, as when its affixed
or projected onto a material, it strengthens the material, enhancing its ability to absorb
kinetic or electromagnetic energy, and also allows it to be hidden from sight. Another
symbol, when affixed to a weapon of any type, will cause the area around any entity killed
with the weapon to be annihilated, proportional to the size of the entity killed. Materials
enhanced with the previous symbol are conveniently unaffected by this annihilation zone. So far,
61% of observed symbols on 1548 pertain to the anomalous religion and mythology of the
ortothans. Let’s take a brief intermission then and talk
about the church of the second hytoth and the ortothans, as they are rather relevant
to scp-1548. The core belief of the church of the second hytoth is that this universe
we exist in is actually the second if its kind, the second hytoth, and that the first
hytoth was devoured by some sort of entity from outside the universe. This sort of general
concept is found in various places through the scp universe, and if you’ve seen my video
on pattern screamers, the concept is likely exceptionally familiar to you. The difference
with the church is that they seek to support a sort of universal guardian deity, whom they
refer to as Rakmou-leusan. Rakmou-leusan was apparently a former survivor of the previous
universe that managed to escape the destruction and come to the newly created second hytoth,
along with a number of others. Seven of these survivors, including rakmou-leusan, made the
choice to ascend to godhood in order to protect this new universe from the extrauniversal
threats, known as Voruteut. Six of these gods however, have died, leaving only rakmou-leusan
left. The ortothans, those that support rakmou-leusan, are proficient in thaumaturgy and the occult,
and a handful of scps have been found connected to their efforts to keep rakmou-leusan alive,
often through providing him blood. It’s believed that ortothans exist in various places throughout
our galaxy, and possibly beyond, but we’ll save the rest of that discussion for another
video. So, we have a star in our solar system that
is suddenly starting to project magical symbols on its surface that are connected with a group
devoted to protecting our universe from some horrific threat. These symbols were first
observed in 1983, despite ortothan beliefs existing on earth for thousands of years.
In 2016 however, a number of 1548 events occurred in rapid succession, displaying various thaumaturgic
symbols, as well as a number of non-anomalous phrases and symbols in the ortothan language
related to protection. Over the next month, a dense cloud of ionizing radiation began
forming around the solar system. By the end of january, this cloud had become dense enough
to the point where no outside light could penetrate our solar system. Foundation telescopes
have observed patterns within the cloud related to thaumaturgy. In other words, the night
sky is now completely dark aside from objects within our own system, and no telescope can
see the rest of our galaxy. This was of course noticed by the rest of the world, and so the
foundation began distributing false scientific information, claiming the solar system had
entered a dense cloud of cosmic dust. Any and all accurate scientific information about
the radiation cloud is censored by the foundation’s protocols. Unfortunately, the foundation would soon have
even more to cover up, as a number of anomalous events would start to crop up after the appearance
of the radiation cloud. A spacecraft launched by SpaceX heading towards the international
space station was suddenly cut in half, with half of the craft anomalously disappearing,
resulting in the death of the entire crew. Radio signals were received soon afterward
from outside of the cloud, although they matched no known language. A few days later, the internation
space station itself began broadcasting visual and audio cognitohazards. Anyone exposed to
these hazards would enter a trance state, and eventually, their brains would inexplicably
vanish. Two hours after the space station began broadcasting, a spike in thaumaturgic
particles was detected coming from the sun, which seemed to have caused the space station
to abruptly change trajectory towards reentering the earth’s atmosphere, which will certainly
cause its destruction. SCP-2713 was then found to be empty, with signs of a significant struggle
occuring inside. 2713 is essentially an anomalous extradimensional nightclub where astronomical
bodies, notably stars, seem to interact together in humanoid forms. It’s pretty much as strange
as it sounds, but something cleared it out, violently. A few days after that, a portal
opened near a political demonstration in Berlin, and the head of the church of the second hytoth
stepped out of it. He announced to the protestors that a shelter had been built, leading all
of the individuals present to follow him back through the portal, including two undercover
foundation agents, after which the portal closed again. On january 10th, 2017, an anomalous
weapon of mass destruction was detonated in the middle of time’s square, killing an undetermined
amount of people and destroying the entirety of midtown manhattan. A high number of demonic
possessions and entities have been observed around the epicenter, and people connected
to the chaos insurgency blamed the event on a global shadow organization. It’s unclear
who they’re exactly referring to. SCP-179, mentioned in my beneficial scps video,
is a humanoid entity located within our solar system that has, through various gestures,
warned earth in the past of incoming threats. She has claimed to be the sister of the sun,
and on january 19th, she sent a final gesture, signyfing the word “defend”, before descending
into the surface of the sun and vanishing. The frequency of 1548 events increased dramatically
after she did so. A number of paramilitary groups, working for both anomalous organizations
and various governments, attempt to use the chaotic situation to further their own goals,
forcing the foundation and the GOC to work together to combat them. On January 22nd,
an anomaly on the moon, scp-2821, that appears as a spherical true vacuum, suddenly expanded
to 1.7 kilometers in diameter before vanishing. A nearby foundation facility lost a number
of personnel and anomalies, and it’s theorized that 2821 formed a wormhole leading to another
region of the universe. 2821 is believed to be the creation and residence of a pattern
screamer, so it’s possible that it fled some sort of imminent danger. SCP-3417 is an extraterrestrial
entity located near the center of the milky way, and the foundation has received communications
from it in the past, transmitted in an unknown dialect of the ortothan language. These transmissions
usually amount to what is essentially ortothan scripture, but on January 25th 2017, a much
different transmission was received. This message began by saying that all ortothans
must listen now, as stars have been lost, and it mentions the first invasion, presumably
of the first universe. It calls all of the ortothans to band together to defend existence,
as the gods need their help. United they are strong. The transmission ends rather abruptly,
but it’s pretty clear at this point that something very bad is occurring. The Foundation works
with the GOC and various governments to try and cover up as much as possible, but the
Latvian, Estonian, and Georgian governments begin declassifying documents on anomalies
known to them. We learn that in 2000, a foundation probe
was sent on a path into deep space in order to learn about potential anomalies beyond
our solar system. On the 27th of January, as the probe was about to pass through the
radiation cloud and leave our solar system, two 1548 events occurred, with one of the
projections launching out towards the probe. We’re given a log of the probe’s journey through
the cloud. 100 kilometers away from the cloud, it appears to be glowing a dull orange color,
and highly complex geometric shapes can be seen forming on its surface. Connection with
the probe was lost as it passed through the cloud, but later reestablished. The radiation
had damaged many pieces of equipment on the probe, but a camera was still functioning.
The other side of the cloud looks like a mass of high energy solar flares, encompassing
the entire boundary of the solar system. Thousands of thaumaturgic symbols are present in the
cloud, with the ones that could be identified signifying camoflouge and warding sigils used
by the orthothans aganist extrauniversal threats. In the distance, swarms of entities can be
seen surrounding our solar system, with sizes ranging from 10 kilometers to 10,000 kilometers,
with some even significantly larger. Two of these entities pass by the probe, one of them
some sort of eel with five arms, a mouth made of impossible geometric structures, and a
flickering body, and the other an oscillating and contorting tetrahedral object that leaves
a trail of disintegrating black rocks. The two entities are heading towards an expanding
hole in the cloud created by the probe. The thaumaturgic symbols on the cloud begin to
glow, releasing shock waves the slow the entities, but one still manages to make it through the
the hole. The hole rapidly begins to close, and the entity disappears out of the probe’s
sight, as beams of thaumaturgic energy emit from the cloud and vaporize the second entity.
The projection from the 1548 event finally reaches the probe at this point, and contact
is permanently lost. Well, that’s certainly a pretty bad situation.
Our small solar system is surrounded by countless nightmarish entities that, if the orthothans
are to be believed, have already destroyed one universe, and are ready to destroy the
second. The sun seems to be doing a serviceable job of protecting us, but things looks dire.
The probe had received another transmission from the scp-3417 entity, but things seem
even stranger. The message reads that all ortothans should unite somewhere, and the
extra-universal invasion lessens. The gods have protected them, and orthothans shall
survive. 7 minutes later, the message continues by saying that rakmou-leusan is dead. A minute
later, it says that the gods have lost, the milky way is lost, and the universe is unprotected.
It then immediately changes to say that the universe is not lost, and orthothans are not
lost, before cutting out completely. This seems like a rather contradictory message,
both providing hope and dashing it in the same sentence. The transmission however ends
with a sequence of spiral patterns and an encrypted image, which when decrypted, shows
an entity resembling the one located inside that true vaccum on the moon, scp-2821. In
other words, that pattern screamer wasn’t fleeing, but traveled to scp-3417 in order
to make it send transmissions that would either lead the remaining orthothans into a trap,
or cause them to give up. SCP-3417 is now pending reclassification to neutralized. You might recall that eel entity that slipped
through the cloud. Unfortunately, it wasn’t destroyed, but rather it arrived in our solar
system and single-handedly destroyed Pluto. The foundation sent out an orbital vessel
equipped with anomalous weapon and propulsion systems to take it out. The vessel lasted
10 minutes, after which all communication was lost. Footage from a probe show the vessel
and the entity being surrounded by a black substance and vanishing. 2 hours later, this
substance dissipated, and the vessel was seen accelerating towards Mars at near light speeds,
with an organic mass resembling the eel attached to it. 30 minutes later, the vessel collided
with Mars, creating a 400km wide crater, ionizing the atmosphere, and turning the surface into
a molten mass. The surface of Mars began converting into some sort of black organic substance,
spreading out from the crater. The largest 1548 event on record occured at this point,
sending out a massive solar flare towards Mars, which by this point was already half
converted into the black substance. A violent explosion occurred, Mars lit up like the sun,
and the remains of Mars are expected to form into an asteroid belt within the next few
months. Finally, we’re given one last picture, taken
by the probe before the foundation lost communication. The picture is of part of the universe, which
should be filled with countless galaxies and stars. As it is however, the picture only
shows two distant lights remaining, all that’s left of our infinite, ever expanding universe.
The log ends by saying that, the foundation’s main priority can no longer be secrecy. All
of these logs were being viewed by a member of the o5 council, and we see that their vote
is the tiebreaker on two important council decisions related to this situation. One of
these decisions is to end the veil protocol, which would mean the foundation drops the
masquerade of secrecy, allowing the world to know what is happening. The other decision
is to reclassify scp-1548 as thaumiel, and to begin manually inducing 1548 events, which
presumably would be rather beneficial, if the orthothans are to be believed. The o5
member logs off of the terminal without voting however, leaving things in an ambiguous state. SCP-1548 is hardly the first scp that leaves
us with the world or universe in a questionable position, but that does mean things are left
to your imagination. Perhaps this situation was resolved, the world united and supported
the final ortothan god, and we defeated the threats. Perhaps we ended up losing, but just
like before, another universe was made, and maybe the foundation managed to use an anomaly
to make things as they were. 1548 is certainly not like many other scps, combining rampant
science fiction with extra-universal aliens and magical gods of protection. I’ll leave
final judgements up to you, but it’s these sort of examples of wild and unimaginable
situations that make the scp universe so unique.


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