Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-3001 – Red Reality

Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-3001 – Red Reality

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SCP-3001, Red Reality. What does it mean to be truly alone? You can be alone in a room, in a building,
on an island, or on the moon, or you can be alone in your own mind, but we all live in
a world filled with people. SCP-3001 on the other hand shows us an example
of an individual that is truly and utterly alone, which is a unique case of science-fiction,
and yet it also manages to be surprisingly grounded in reality. SCP-3001 is not a happy story, but it’s also
an incomplete one, which leaves us with a sense of hope. The bulk of 3001 takes the form of transcribed
logs, so I would suggest reading through it all yourself, but I’ll try to strike a balance
between summarizing and reading them. To put it simply, scp-3001 is a non-dimension
accessibly through the creation of a specific type of flawed wormhole. Basically, it is a space between dimensions
that really shouldn’t exist, but was discovered by the scp foundation accidentally. It is believed to extend infinitely in all
directions, but possesses no matter of any kind. The non-dimension also has an extremely low
Hume level, which is a degree of measurement used by the foundation to measure the strength
or amount of reality in a given area. In other words, our baseline reality has a
given level of Hume that we’re accustomed to, but certain factors, such as other dimensions
or reality benders, can change that level of Hume as things become more or less, real,
so to speak. What a very low Hume level means for 3001
is that matter that would be located inside the non-dimension decays at an extremely slow
rate, and organisms could still function despite taking damage that would normally kill them,
up to a certain point. The downside of this however is that Hume
fields tend to even out, and so prolonged exposure to 3001 will cause an organism’s
Hume level to drop until they begin to disintegrate. 3001 was discovered in 2000, while Dr. Robert
Scranton and his wife Dr. Anna Lang were working on a device that would stabilize reality by
manipulating Hume levels. Unexpected seismic activity at the site damaged
several experimental reality stabilizers, creating one of those specific wormholes,
which proceeded to pull Robert into the non-dimension before closing. We are then presented with a large number
of logs, transcribed from audio recordings made by Robert. For the first eight days of Robert being inside
3001, he attempts to navigate the non-dimension to find a way out while going through periods
of panic, confusion, and anger. He eventually makes his way over to a control
panel that had gone through the wormhole with him, although he doesn’t realize at first
that it is actively recording. He makes several recordings, presumably for
his own benefit, as he states his name and date of birth, mentions his favorite color
is blue and his favorite song is living on a prayer, and that he loves his wife, Anna. Before long, he notices a flashing light on
the control panel, and realizes that the machine is working and recording. He panics and states his name again, asking
if anyone can hear him, saying he doesn’t know where he is. He’s not sure at all how the machine is working,
but he’s pretty sure that no one can hear him. He also notes how hungry and thirsty he is,
saying that he should have died of dehydration by now, an effect of the low Hume level, although
it will take Robert some time to realize this. After fiddling with the machine some more,
he locates the controls, causing the machine to speak, telling him he’s been here for two
weeks, three days, seven hours, and fifty eight minutes. Another week goes by, with Robert realizing
now that it doesn’t seem like he’ll die here due to hunger or thirst, and he wonders if
by some miracle he’ll find his way out of here. Five weeks go by with Robert barely recording
anything, but he comes back and says that he’s been trying to learn about this place
he’s in, referring to it as his prison and his kingdom. He manages to maintain his professionalism,
recording a log saying that he’s going to document this place as an SCP to maybe help
someone else in the future that gets stuck in here. A few days later, he records a log as if it
were a standard SCP document about the non-dimension, but we can see the cracks in his mental state
beginning to show. The only light source in the entire non-dimension
is the small red light on the control panel, so he’s been using that as a marker for his
explorations. He also notes that he’s felt an itch or a
tingle across his head recently, but only if he concentrates on it. He next realizes that although he’s thought
he’s been walking on flat ground this whole time, there really shouldn’t be anything to
walk on in this place, and now he notes that it’s felt more like he’s been swimming through
something that’s been applying pressure, like a thick black gel. He now realizes that by concentrating, he
can actually move vertically as well as horizontally, again using the red light as his reference
point, or as he calls it, little red. He understands a bit more about the location
he’s in now, knowing that it was caused by a problem with the reality stabilizer. He does some math and apparently figures out
how low the Hume level of this non-dimension is, but is not sure of the effects of that,
as he mostly worked with above average Hume levels. At this point, he really begins talking to
the red light directly as if it were a person. He seems to be speaking to it and imagines
responses coming back from it, but this is a pretty understandable event in this situation. Robert’s scientific mind allows him to keep
focus however, as he continues to perform calculations to help him understand 3001. He learns that the reality stabilizer that
sent him and the control panel here cranked up their Hume levels to a few times normal
level, meaning that it will take longer for them to equalize with 3001 and disintegrate. By his calculations, he has about 3 years
or so before he’s gone, and he believes he’ll have something figured out by then. The tingling feeling he’s had is his Hume
level starting to diffuse. Robert’s next log reads: “Hey, red. I… I’m gonna have to go for a bit. I want to test something, and you can’t come
with me. I… I’m sorry. No, no, red, I’m really, really sorry, I want
you to come, I do, but… if we’re together the diffusion will increase faster… We both need as much time as possible. I need to figure this place out more, and
you need to make sure you keep all that info in your head. It’s… red, come on. You- you’ll be fine red, I know you will,
you’re tough. A lot tougher than me… it’ll only be for
a bit, red, but I need to see if I can find a way to keep us alive a bit longer. Maybe even get us out of here. If I can contain enough field, I can… I can maybe even get us out. No, no I’m not sure, but I need to find out. Red, we’re talking about possibly escaping,
okay? Yeah, it’s a gap. A gap should have an end, like a… like the
walls of a canyon, understand? I need to find a wall, and then, and then
I can… I’m sorry, red, I hope we’re still friends
when I come back. …
I’m… I’m going now… I’ll see you soon.” The control panel didn’t record anything for
nearly four full months, when suddenly Robert returned, far less hopeful than when he left. He says that this place is hell, and it goes
on forever. He travelled in a single direction for two
months before turning around. He then wonders if he let himself fall down
long enough, would he eventually hit a bottom. More than four months go by before Robert
returns again, saying there is no bottom either. This is the point where Robert’s mental state
really begins to deteriorate, as he asks Red if he’s ever been married, or had kids, begging
red to talk to him. He suddenly realizes that his picture of Anna
is fading due to the Hume levels, and he panics, begging Anna not to go, and asking red to
go get help. Robert loses coherency at this point, as months
go by with him only sobbing, screaming, and mumbling. It has now been roughly two years and nine
months since Robert entered scp-3001. Robert finally manages to return and make
another recording, although his voice is now distorted due to both his own and the control
panel’s Hume levels dropping. He says that he can’t feel his legs anymore,
and he’s not even sure if he’s real anymore, but he knows he doesn’t want to die yet. He says he went in a straight diagonal line
for six months, and fell down for eight months, but still found no end. He tells red that he and Anna were planning
to name their kid Lucy. His hand begins to break apart, resembling
a spider-web, but he still retains his knowledge of science, continuing to do calculations
on 3001. Unfortunately, his body is beginning to seriously
disintegrate, as he claims his hands are moving through each other, and he pulls his thumb
off. He says he can go through himself, feeling
both warm and cold, and also loses a kidney, but pleads to let him keep just his heart. Five years have passed now, with Robert and
the control panel still somehow held together, but finally the red light begins to fade. Nine months go by, and red seems to make a
return. Robert attempted to kill himself over 220
times, but none of them worked. He can’t see his body due to the darkness,
but speculates that he at least has one foot left, a few leg muscles, maybe a lung, and
a heart. He claims that this non-dimension is now getting
smaller, as there now seems to be a visible border that is getting brighter. The light from this border allows Robert to
see himself, and he says there’s so much gone, although the control panel seems to be far
more solid than him. Robert claims that touching the panel hurts
like hell, but he’s surprisingly lucid now. He comes to a realization about the collapsing
border, which is acting more like waves, and also begins to understand what we already
know about 3001 being a non-dimension between two realities, saying that it’s a dead end. Robert says these waves are from a parallel
reality, and they’re pushing on him and red, gradually creating a new wormhole. The only problem is, he’s not sure what will
happen when that wormhole is created. Robert’s body continues to break down as blood
leaks from him and he finds himself constantly vomiting, despite not having eaten anything
for years, nor having a stomach to hold anything. He says that he’s not ready to go back yet,
as he’s pretty much a floating pile of organs kept functional by 3001. He has to stay away from the waves to prevent
him from going through a wormhole and dying, but unfortunately, the control panel will
eventually go through. Robert says that he has five more years in
3001 during which he will slowly restabalize, giving him five years to figure out how to
get out, but he’ll have to stay in here without his metal companion. A humming pulse begins growing louder in the
background, and Robert breaks down in hysterics again, becoming almost incomprehensible as
he begs both red and Anna for support, wanting to hold her hand, and telling her he lost
his ring. Five years, eleven months, and twenty-one
days after an incident sent Dr. Robert Scranton into a non-dimension, the stabilizer control
panel thought lost suddenly reappeared in the testing facility. Dr. Anna Lang, overseeing the testing, went
to investigate the panel, horrified at finding it covered in blood, bile, viscera, and hair,
identifying the hair color as belonging to Robert. A hand fell off of the panel, along with a
wedding ring, and Anna accessed the first audio log, hearing her husband’s voice for
the first time in nearly six years. She proceeds to faint from shock. This is where the story of scp-3001 leaves
off, ultimately unfinished and leaving Robert’s final fate to your imagination. According to the author, although much of
Robert went back to our reality along with the control panel, there is still some of
him in 3001, and it’s quite possible he’s still functional. Will he find a way to eventually return to
reality and reunite with his wife, or will he slowly go completely insane and disintegrate
entirely? Those aren’t the only options, as some tales
have shown, but I think it’s good a story like this is left so open to the reader. The concept of being isolated from all human
contact is certainly not a new one in fiction, but it’s rarely taken to this degree. Not only was Robert left stranded with only
a machine to talk to, he was left in near total darkness, and he had no way of ending
his life. Chances are we’ve all felt emotions of loneliness
and isolation at one point or another, but at least we’re not stuck in the red reality.


  1. Relatable…

    Lifetime's through memories, love, and hate.

    I wish I could've known.

    5 years, 11 Months, and 21 Days.

  2. I choose the happy ending, I want him to still be alive and come back to their reality to become a happy family

  3. I like to imagine hume acts like a curve where he will reach a point of maximum destabilization before finally re-stabilizing completely and being able to leave the non-dimension. He'd have to re-stabilize again in his parent reality but at least he'd be able to return home.

  4. Save this man, please!
    Okay, so I dont know how, but I see someone or something shaving Robert, bringing him back to his home and fixing him up.

  5. I, I keep getting stupidly confused for a second whenever he says “Red” because that’s one of my many many nicknames. It’s short for [Redacted]. Another one of my nicknames is “Lucy” short for Luciel. Weird

  6. I watched a long live stream about the red reality and the actor was extremely good and he does all the logs. You should definitely look it up and watch it, even though it goes for an hour it is seriously amazing.

  7. Child crying in bed
    Shows book
    Book says: SCP-3001 Access, File: Scranton SCP-3001 logs, Section 1.

  8. I love how some of these are scary as fuck, But others make me wanna cry

    Then theres that one with the mirror, fuck that shitt Fam.

  9. SCP-3001 described in a sentence.

    Basically an out-of-bounds glitch with extremely low reality, thus being a real pain in the ass.

  10. Ok wat happens is wen his brain finally disintegrates to his horror he finds that his consciousness lives on, there you see it is a happy ending sleep tight folks c:

  11. If you want to scarred for life from this story listen to this. This puts how horrible and terror inducing this story really is ishttps://youtu.be/Etn0Wsgkn-0

  12. Heart wrenching and tear bringing. I love it. It needs to be a novel or a movie. Loneliness is the worst feeling, I can't even think about being alone for a month, let alone nine years. I feel so bad for him.

  13. For any who mighta missed it, Dr. Scranton is dead by the fifth and final report, reading through them, basically he slowly starts to cease to exist as his body literally dissolves into nothing, due to the hume levels as TES explained. And yet he was unable to die, lots of the red he slowly started to see was also an allusion to his own blood, since the rest of his body that remained continued to function as it should, so he sorta kept bleeding infinitely as well, as his body continued to unravel. By the point in which his wife recovers.. Well, his remains. He is however, dead. Why? Well, as sickly possible as it is, that even with what was left of him remaining (That big splash of no doubt bodily fluid, blood, and liquidated Dr. Scranton), he may have been alive in SCP 3001, however, once he was returned to our reality, sadly he returned in the state he was in SCP 3001, however now our realities laws and hume level are enforced on him. Err.. Aka, he's still what he was before returning, but now its our laws, and by our laws, thats very very dead. (As the afterlife SCP only applies if you are aware of, and believe in it, at least, thats the hope 😉 )

  14. Funny thing is a fractal is an inbetween dimension since it's a fractional number dimension. If our normal dimension is 3 dimensions, then a fractal dimension would be like 3.25 dimensions. A dimension is a ration of scale to mass. You can see this with the simple representation 2^n. 2 represents half of the mass, or in other words, the minimal number of equal pieces you can divide a finite object with equal sized dimensions. An example in 2 dimensions would be a square since all sides are equal. The minimum you can divide a square is in four. Going back to the equation 2^n, if we make n equal to 2 dimensions, then 2^(2), or 2 squared is 4. In other words we can divided our square into 4 squares. If I set n to 3 dimensions, we end up with 2^(3), or in other words 8. And we get 8 cubes out of 1 cube. Lets see how much further we can go.

    0 dimensions (a point) = 2^(0) = 1 (you cannot divide a point, you will always be left with 1).
    1 dimensions (a line) = 2^(1) = 2 ( you can divide a line into 2 equal lines)
    2 dimensions (a square) = 2^(2) = 4 squares
    3 dimensions (a cube) = 2^(3) = 8 cubes
    4 dimensions (a tesseract) = 2^(4) =16 tesseracts

    An example of a fractal dimension would be 2^(3.24)

  15. If he can't ever get out, do you think Robert can learn how to manipulate reality enough to simple fill the void with stable reality? Hes already showed some control over at least himself in the reality (somehow keeping his heart intact and him being able to travel through this dimension as he pleases) and somehow his reality levels balance out enough to where he wont die. Idk im bad at theories

  16. over the years, ive had few dreams where i was floating in a void, i usully cannot see much and these dreams usually only come when i have a fever, but they feel real

  17. This SCP sound more like a Gaster fan fiction from Undertale than an actual history of the Foundation however it still quite good ^^

  18. I'd like to think his consciousness will remain eternally and he gains control over the non-reality. Possibly creating his own universe, becoming a god of nothing-ness

  19. This is unrealistic(because of scp 3001 has a very low hume and hume is the measure of the density of reality in an area

  20. As much as I love good endings, I don't think this story can have one. Even if Robert would return to the reality, his body is basically a sentient mesh of shattered organs kept alive only by the void he found himself inside of. Unless with the means of time travel or some other SCP able to restore him and pull him out of there, there isn't much of a chance for the guy.

  21. this sounds like an alegory for solitary confinement. Because from what i've read this is literally what solitary confinement is. Trapped in nothingness with NO outside contact no matter how hard you scream.

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