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hey guys it’s candy and happy 2017 this is my very first tutorial of 2017 although this month marks my anniversary of being on YouTube nobody has started content below and I’m just so excited for that so I’m gonna do a total top to make up tutorial so get all your makeup out for this smoky eye it’s just like a natural really pretty everybody going out whenever you want smoky and pretty easy to do it really fun on this is so exciting for me because max boss asked me to create this look with their eye shadow palette and this is just so cool you and pallets amazing that this is on anniversary I never would have thought when i started youtube that eye makeup company will be reaching out asking me to create shadow looks so I’m so excited I get to do this for them and this is a beautiful i will this is actually New Year’s Eve right now thankfully the total youtuber i’m doing a makeup tutorial on New Year’s Eve um but this is not going to be my makeup room for always guys this is just the German well this will make it through but not my video background so don’t be like want long for 2017 had horrible video backgrounds gonna get better guys this is just we’re just warming up so make sure you subscribe to stick around to the right follow me on snapchat Twitter Instagram Facebook all those places at kandeejohnson for fun stuff and encouraging things everyday $27 all that kind of jazz so you can make about and let’s get started showing you have to do this look so come on talk through time and let’s get going for any why should we put 2017 excited comment below and let the guys let’s get started I have some copyright free music thanks to nocopyrightsounds on so we can hear a little something and um I didn’t know I was actually going to film this tutorial so I already put my foundation on and then I was like you know I should just film doing this I makeup looks so we’re going to go ahead and do that also i was working on set and the makeup artist had this by Smashbox it is the halo hydrating perfecting powder and it like twist up in this cool little thing and I was like what is that powder using and then she told me it’s really cool she kept putting it underneath my eyes and swung back something you guys may not know any time I do something that isn’t a youtube video i always do my own makeup but they will bring makeup artist there to like touch me i’m just putting a staircase to get shadow follows actually but um and she was touched me up with this number like what is that beautiful like yellow powder that is making my skin look I just going to click on quite a bit this is also on the left of the brush for making looks i have this is the brush I’m using underneath me I so I’m gonna put that all right there and then this just check out how cool these pallets are can you guys be like whoa whoa well it’s exploding not going outside know it’s really cold in here so i have like these little bloody things on and like warm boots because I don’t know my heater is not heating this room very well um so inside this is the this is the new cover shot palette this is the mat I palette look at the mat ipad these are so let’s focus focus these are such pretty colors that i’m going to be using today so so the first color I’m going to get this one right here and I’m just going to place them on the center of my eyelid and work to the outer corners also something that I kind of wanted to talk about is I don’t like watching has become a really big thing and some eyeshadows don’t swatch well but they go better on the eye and some ice watch really great on the hand but they don’t blend well on your eyes why don’t you guys me full i’ll be swatching that you see because a lot of things on your hand will look different than actually going on a different tender skin of your eyelid and blending ability will be totally different these are amazing i’m going to take this light yellow color right here and I’m going to go on the inner corner of the eye and blend them over like so and I brought the note of the watching up because this this product blends so well the pigmentation is just absolutely amazing house blend and goes on your eyelid like incredibly impressed by this i’m going to take this totally color and then this brown color and kind of mix them together and I’m going to push that right up here into the crease both sides you just push around where you feel your eyeball is and that’s kind of like where you’re faking your crease at and then I just blend this upwards towards the eye brow because I get on a tear I’m gonna take this smoky like purpley kind of color and I want to go underneath the eye right here on the outer corner smudge importantly inter corner the inter corner in your corner intergalactic corner just kind of smoke him so much more going to take a little bit of this color and a little bit of this red brown color I’m gonna go with the corner of the eye and we’re just going to try to start darkening him a little bit and something that’s what I do like right about now is I will just take a black eyeliner and I was just like the waterline well it stopped and just mainly from the middle part of the eye for the outer corner and then you’re going to take where do I have a little guys a little angle brush and then just kind of smudge him and work him into the lash line over here to hold your skin taut you know I’m pulling on it but you gotta hold it still or when you move your brushes like scrubbing your island all over the place make little fake wing right here you’re just dragging the eyeliner out there you guys need to zoom anymore or not but I’m going to take my angle brush I’m using a giant angle or so I feel like cutting the time of the job done faster so I’m just gonna take this black over here and I just pressing on top where we just put the liner and then just let him out on top just kind of fun and a little and then school in the corner and I like up into the crease a little but the eyeshadow colors kind of come off so it just makes like really soft soft color now we’ll do that over here on this side sorry when I do like as i get like really serious and I cannot talk is going to the money little the key thing i like about my smoky eyes when I do them and I like to leave this part like otherwise it just looks like you said like the whole black eye and you can do that look that totally okay i just like to leave that a little bit lighter which I love all these colors for so I’m gonna take a little more this smoky color this Toki color and this lighter peachy and I’m just going to go back on the center and make sure it doesn’t get too dark then I’m going to get this light is yellow and even this like pinky or color right here and place that right in the corner keep that really light right there and I’m gonna get some of this color and this brown again and maybe even this color right there i’m going to go back into the crease just like from here to the crease out not only and just out here on the outer parts and just Pat him I’m going to place the color with like a flatter brush and then i’m going to go back with this guy is fluffier one and it’s love your brush and then I just kind of go on top and kind of blend and make it look all smoothie and then we need a lighter color underneath the Browse I’m with the yellow we do that right there right over here now i’m going to go back and we’ll get into new min walk wrong way think that all this camera crew you break i might take this little pudgy guy and I’m going to take this black color and this dark plum me and I’m really going to go in the corner and kind of smoke this out so right there increase to our last I’m just gonna smoke it and as the color comes off my brush and move towards the center over the is now we’re going to do that over here in thing right there in the corner I shadow comes off I move it towards the center oh my i would me a little bit fluffier i’m going to take this bigger dome-shaped smudgy guy and I’m gonna take this color and this one’s lighter and more purpley and then I’m just going to and when the color we put on my grandma gave me these little lovey things and they totally match my fingernails look at loves fingernails what trends you guys hope go away and stay for makeup like comment below I kind of hope it’s like a more return to a more simple eyeshadow look I think like not a natural more like simple i guess is what i would say so now now what you’re going to do now I’m gonna take this more brownie color these two brownie ones and i’m just going to dab them out here on the outer corners this is going to be long gate the eyes so we’re going to do that and then go up towards the end your brows I’ll get out open out to you guys I think I’m gonna do my brows which I forgot them let me go grab them i will be right back okay I think that’s not what I didn’t offer get my round I just forgot my brow brush my brow products so that didn’t come out sounding like how I Met it down but i’m just going to fill my brows in that fuzzy guy there and I just like going from the top no I like this song and then I go to the top corner I probably just skip the head you guys are probably seeing all my videos are shaping growls if you have it i’ll put a link below but i know this is time-consuming and nobody probably want to see that just like foundation like it takes the long let you know it you don’t really need to eat in another tutorial what I got way too much way too much on their law by making home you just have to cool we’re getting a Spotify add everytime tasks like do you want a great from the end do you want whatever from Spotify i click i have tried to subscribe to Spotify it doesn’t give me a place to clip I’ve had other people try to help me i don’t know why it doesn’t work like I don’t want your ad Spotify I don’t know how much Spotify costs but i would like to not hear the ads I think they purposely make it really annoying so you don’t want to hear that song and work i do not want to hear that Spotify song anymore oh great just got over my finger know that’s not going to go well also hey I use the sign videos before name that video you know what song with tutorial i have used this in i actually don’t know I can’t think so any answer you accountable I’d like yeah that’s right so I’m going to fill this in then I start on the top I think lovely things are actually making me stay warmer and you go you gotta get this front part of the ground good for the rest looks funny oh honey stop your eyebrow alone we’re good we’re calling I round good you’re good eyebrows I want to get a little bit of wow not anything down black winged liner just stick to do like a little definition just take your black winged liner and I’m just going to go right along vada right next to the lashes real gently on the inner corner tape room down knowing him up right where the curve of your lower lashes go we’re gonna win you’re up it’s going on I’m kind of just going to cover all of that with black shadow so you’re finding this genus what I just look want to add a little extra definition to RI this is like when I could not talk so enjoy the weird music playing you know it’s really hard when you have to use copyright free music i would like to play a lot of other songs and I cannot linger over here guys you can do big wings if you want to for this look a little baby now i’m going to take my angle brush my angle brush and this black shadow again right debt and i’m going to press them right on top there’s a lot of liquid liners are like shiny and I like the winner shiny want them to be mad it’s like my met movie I there we go just plug that little one you gotta make it blurry in our shadow and I can go from this corner and I curve them up into the curve of my the crease like arch of my crystal from the tail right let let curve him right there from this point just curving like into your crease smoke gay i’m gonna take a little flat fluffier brush I’m going to take this like funny color and maybe this brownie color i’m just going to put him on edge where we just put the darker black and just kind of soften make it looks what is going on with this song locks that my place then I’m going to take the dark and the plum me I’m gonna go right into the corner again think the layers then I’m going to take this color again this mabi color and light color right there and I’m going to put him on this right in front of the center part of the island and kind of blending over the light colors act like your magic for racing colours whatever so you leave this highlighted right there so it looks real pretty ok now we’re going to curl our lashes curler very tips of my life is like so no will well take my camera keep dying ah ok ever had a very important steps i got the angle brush in the black and you have to press this into the lower lash line when you put the black down here and i totally forgot that this pulled away from my eye and then press that in there and smudge him just on the outer corner hearts to make the smoky going to take this little dome shape so much you guys and I’m going to get some more of this red round and this round this red in the Russian I’m just making it a red-brown and I’m gonna put him on the outer corners making a fluffy bunny in war when Denise me I like back now I’m gonna take mascara i’m also using the Smashbox full of persia mascara and put a few coats of this on want to put a couple coats of this on okay I’m gonna go get my lashes and I will come right back I’ve got my lashes and my lash glue i only have black eyelash glue i do not like black eyelash glue because I don’t know it’s hard to see I’m gonna watch it when you’re putting it on and it doesn’t really drive walking there like gray so it doesn’t really help you out oh nice hot mess era all over my head but there’s a last look at how much better that looks it’s him get some of our light bill there we go like it never happened oh my gosh where I left Chicago time for eyelash numero two and you don’t have to put eyelashes on you could just do mascara i’m just putting latches on for like extra glamorous look if I didn’t tell you guys I’m actually filming this on New Year’s heat so this will be my new year’s eve makeup needs more flutters eyelashes in things are kalyan look at how pretty these lashes are you guys oh my gosh I forgot our are blush they also sitting over which I love these are the LX blush in Malibu airy and so for this I’m gonna take a little bit of this middle color and we’re just going to give a little pop of pinky on the cheek kind of matches my hair with him were here too and I just like to push the blush on to my Jeep I so below gonna take this little highlight color can be so pretty and i’m going to put him right on top we just put the color were pretty it gets like a little highlight I think people want to return of subtle highlight not crazy crazy highlighted faces your lips what we have this is pal color you like this i’m going to try this out color pretty I just like like a nude lip when you do like a bright I he has denied videos on over lining your lips and making them look plumper i’ll put a link down below for that do and I think guys what do we think I should have brought this light closer to my face look at how pretty i really like this iowa that was on look guys I hope you love it tell me what other eye shadow looks you want me to do you want more smoky eyes more talk through makeup looks this is in my makeup kind of like makeup storage room i’m still working on it is not my new background 2017 don’t get disappointed like almost always change for 2017 candy is going two more coming so follow me on snapchat filters off fun things there and just help check every day and make a better you can follow me on twitter and facebook because i post all kinds of fun things there is at Kennedy Johnson everywhere you go what is this like doing being crazy and just know that i love you guys so much our just working on something giotto you tons from my house to yours i will see you guys in the next video no matter how bad your 2017 may even start all you guys just keep going forward we don’t need to wait for a December 31st to make everything better make the next 31 that is better whatever it is no I love you guys comment below what makeup tortue torial you want to see for me i love you guys


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