Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 5 & 6 (GRAPHIC) | Stef Sanjati

Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 5 & 6 (GRAPHIC) | Stef Sanjati

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– – is for Stef’s mom or other background voices 🙂 Hello! It’s day 5, I have glasses now! Which is really nice because it was getting really frustrating not being able to see – you can take it off -Okay- Cause like what happens really is you’re deprived of all of your senses, with the pain nerves you can barely feel anything and then like, with your mouth all swelling you can’t really taste good food that you wanna taste Oh wow that looks nice. -Yeah the other one’s already off so..- Yeah, my other just one fell off in my sleep which is kind of, we should do it tighter -yeah, we will- Yeah, wow, this looks so bad -That’s okay!- So there’s that, and then I didn’t, I couldn’t wear contact lenses so I couldn’t see and I’m already hard of hearing so I had like no… All of my senses are like really dulled so it’s nice to be able to see really well again… it’s, it’s nice to have that. And I have glasses now, I have glasses, I’m excited. My lips are definitely getting better, every single day, today is the best day it’s been so far Also the swelling now is inside of my neck like right in here, in my jaw. I, I’m really upset that I can’t shave. The thing is guys, before anybody says “Well why don’t you do laser?” I’ve been doing laser for a long time. I started with a lot, a lot, a lot of facial hair, so I’ve had a lot of progress, I have 1/3 the facial hair I used to have. It’s still a lot though because my background is Croatian, they have a lot of thick, dark facial hair so -And her dad’s gonna help her shave on Thursday when he gets here.- Yeah, yeah Just cause I can’t feel my face -Right- I don’t wanna take a razor to it. -And I’m too scared to try *giggles*- No, my dad will help me on Thursday. -Yeah, he said he would, yeah- *some sort of loud sigh* Oh god this looks so bad. My lips are definitely looking a lot better though! -They are. Definitely- Yeah.. -Even that uh- ..up here -Even that (?) is gone- *surprised* it’s gone? -Yeah!- No it’s not. -Yeah it is! It’s still just red!- Oh my god Holy shit. Well that’s great -That is great!- Mhm -Yeah!- So if you wanna see, let’s get some close-ups cause there’s not really much else I can do right now I’m sorry it’s kinda gross but -And the eyes, um, that redness will take probably months to go away- Yeah but that’s okay I’m sure I could conceal that ..(?) -no but, no I mean the redness in the eye,- oh in the eye -you can’t do anything about that, that’s..- Just put concealer in there -Yeah *giggles*- Um -That’s gonna take a couple of months- Yeah, so somebody asked what the circle was, the circle is where it’s kind of like a sealant they put on top of the trachea shave incision Umm, so they kind of, the way that Dr Spiegel does it is he stitches on the inside and then he puts glue, like a glue sealant on top of it So you can’t get any oils or any lotions or anything on it and so that’s just kind of like a barrier so like avoid that, like anything that’s not dry Uh, so that’s that. -And that will, when that heals there will be no scar at all- Exactly, well it’ll be very little, -Because it’s kind of in the fold, yeah- it’s very very.. -You’ll have to look for it- -For sure- It’s something you can totally cover with concealer. I really want to get some of this matting out today. -Well do you think you can put some like get, make sure you get it under the water and then i’m gonna go through with the.. I’m gonna go through it with the peroxide and a q-tip and some water today- Okay I’ll, I’ll, um, yeah. -So try- I’ve been trying to shampoo it but I’m just really nervous about the incisions -I know, but I don’t think it’s painful right now- It’s not But like -It’s scary though- No, I’ve had no pain in my upper face. I can’t even feel, I can’t even feel the top of my head, it’s numb, completely numb Umm -And that could be nerves- It is, I totally expected that, I don’t care -I think that’ll come back eventually- It will After like 6 months to a year, -Maybe, yeah, yeah, it’ll take a while- Um, yeah, but I’m day 5, I’m doing really well, I’m getting a lot of expression back in my lower face, I can kind of smile Heh, just looks really silly -It’s okay- Um, but things are definitely going in the right direction. -The.. peroxide- *alarmed* Careful! I’m sorry. -..and water. It’s okay! I’m gonna take the peroxide and water and try to..- -Try to get into the stitches so if we just just leave you wrapped or do you want dressed – No I can just do this just pull my hair out -Yep!- -I got at it, I think it’s all out, yep- Kay -Okay, so, now, I’m gonna try to figure out where to start..- -Okay, so we’re gonna have to use this bowl- Did you wash it? -Umm, no- Well we probably should, it had chemicals and spit in it. -Okay, I’m going to wash it first- -This is all clean, I just washed it. Alright, now, peroxide, so we’re gonna kinda wanna measure so we have the same amounts- -Mm, so I’m gonna get… Do you want something to drink, honey, or are you okay?- Just water. -Actually, I can see most of them pretty good- Are they (?)? -Nope. They just look silver to me, like they’re supposed to.- Then why are we doing this? -Well- I wanna do this but I want to know why we wanna do it -I just wanna make sure that they’re, cause I can see these ones very clearly up here, and this side I can’t see ’em as good- -Now what will peroxide do to your hair? Anything or no?- It’s better if it doesn’t get on it. -Okay, that why I wanted to ask you- It dries things out a lot -Okay, so I don’t know what peroxide does- It’s bleach. It’s a component to bleach -Okay, so- You mixed it? -Yeah!- you stirred it -Yeah, it’s water and peroxide- I know, okay, uuuuung -You tell me if it hurts, does it hurt?- No -hm, I don’t think it will, like they look beautiful, they look clean, I don’t see any blood- -The only place I see blood is in your hair because you can’t scrub it- I know, I’ve been trying to wash it! -Well that’s why I think when we get home…- I look like a really chubby, old man -*cute nona laugh* there’s nothing chubby about you!- My neck’s swollen -Well I guess yeah- Yeah -I am really impressed with how good these look. Am I hurting you at all?- No -Okay- You’re not. Not missing any stitches? -No- Stitches, staples, whatever they are -No. They’re right in a row so it’s very easy..- Ou, oo, okay -Sorry does that hurt?- No I just felt it a little bit, it didn’t hurt, I just like wasn’t used to feeling anything -Ooh, so maybe the numbness is coming out right at the.. incision which might be a good thing or a bad.. I cannot believe how beautiful these look – -Like not beautiful but you know what I mean, like they’re not gunky, they’re- Mhm -Cause he said if they get gunky you gotta make sure they’re not and- I know -So they’re not- Okay -I’m gonna switch sides. That’s your water, this is our bowl- I probably don’t wanna drink out of that cup anymore, it’s been near peroxide -Okay- I know that’s stupid but it scares me -No, it’s okay, whatever you’re scared of, we…we’re okay with, okay?- Yeah -Alright, now, boy your hair is thick, you’re so lucky- -I wish my hair was that thick. Nothing’s hurting you?- No -Good- See I like my hair being thick but I hate it being on my face -Oh, yeah, yeah, I hear ya. Uh I wonder how many of these are in here- Did they tell you? -No, he didn’t, but there is a lot- I think we should’ve known so we can count -He’ll know- Yeah but what if we missed one and we don’t see it because it’s covered in gunk -It’s not covered in, there’s none of them that are covered in gunk I can tell you that right now- *slightly alarmed* OOh! -Did that hurt?- It stung a little. -Okay, let’s leave it alone- *alarmed* But why did it sting? -It’s okay! It’s alright!- Okay -Now. What I would like to do, but I don’t know..- -Like I’m trying to see how I could- What? -Um, clean that (bud?) out of your hair is if I could pour..- Don’t pour anything. -Okay.- Just take the hair with your fingers and a little bit of shampoo or something or soap *loud water tap* -um, maybe- -Oh no- Did the camera fall? -yeah- that’s okay -Is it okay?- yeah -It’s still recording?- yeah -Sorry- It’s okay -I keep forgetting about it.. what I wanna try and do.. put a little bit of soap in but not much cause I don’t think we’re supposed to have,- -well I guess shampoo is fine they said- -So I’m gonna take a washcloth- Tell me what you’re doing -Okay, I’m gonna take the washcloth and I’m gonna mildly, lightly touch where I can see some blood, okay?- Yeah.. -Like and if I hurt you you just gotta say- No -That’s all- You’re not -Okay- *alarmed* mM! -It’s gonna be a little bit wet- *alarmed shout* -Did that hurt?- *panicky* A, A, no it didn’t hurt but don’t go rough! -okay- You went rough! -Sorry! I was trying to scrub that bit, you know what we’ll leave it- Don’t do rough! -Sorry, I’m sorry- It’s okay, but don’t do, why did you do that? -I didn’t.. like there’s a big chunk of blood there- Yeah but you’re not supposed to go rough! -Okay, alright- -But it didn’t hurt you?- No, hey! -Okay- Why don’t you just take some on your hands and take the hair and just wash the hair? -Because it’s a bigger piece I cannot do that honey- Yes you can it just takes time! -Okay we’re gonna do this- Holding it won’t do anything, you’re meant to scrub! -Yeah it’s gonna soak it- uuh -Okay, do you know what..- -*whispers soothingly* we are getting it it’s just you gotta be calm..- -Sorry honey- It’s not your fault! You did fine -Well no, I, I, I tried to be gentle but then I forget- You weren’t gentle! -cause I’m used to cleaning it- I know -oh wait (I rubbed makeup off my nose??)- It’s fine -That’s okay. Alright- -So now I’m gonna try to brush- Gentle! -I know, I start at the bottom- Yeah. Just hold it all together and start at the bottom -I know honey- I’m sorry mama -It’s okay honey! I’m sorry I don’t wanna scare you- No you didn’t, I don’t know.. -I think you’re nervous and that’s okay!- But my face could peel off.. -*Though a high pitched wheeze laugh* Ohh you’re face could peel off!- *Both giggle* No.. -That’s just so, I’m sorry but it won’t honey- Why!? -Your face won’t peel off because..- -Not only is it sown on the outside, it’s sown on the inside.- How do you know that? -Well because it has to be!- That makes no sense -It’s okay honey I promise you *through laughter again* your face won’t fall off, I’m sorry I don’t mean to- *both laugh* -I’m sorry baby- It’s okay -I don’t mean to laugh..- -I truly don’t- It’s fine -Do you think I’d want your face to peel off?- No but I don’t aah.. Careful it’s.. -I am!- -*soothing voice*And do you know what we’re gonna do now?- What? -We’re gonna leave it alone.- *giggle* -Okay, everything’s clean and looking good like, and once you get some stitches out you do understand that your face is totally safe- -Okay. I wonder, shall we put any stuff under your nose or do you feel good about that?- Are we supposed to? -Um- Look at the lip lift .. -I don’t think so, like I read it yesterday – -It says that you can clean the incisions with cetaphil and then apply neosporin to keep the area clean and moist- Well we have the cetaphil so why don’t we put a little bit, just a little -That’s probably smart- yeah not a lot that I could put on the burn -Okay- Just like really lightly -Okay, dear, dear oh dear, okay- But maybe I should do my mouthwash first cause that’s.. -Yeah I think you should, okay, so- -What we’re gonna do- Let’s get a new cup, let’s wash that bowl -Yep, okay, wait- -Gonna take all this stuff right out of here and this cup too cause we had peroxide in it. Definitely don’t wanna drink peroxide- Don’t scare me.. -*Laughs in the background* oh my gosh- -Alright so you’re gonna, what are you gonna do next, tell me- Mouthwash, my mouth hurts, I wanna do the mouthwash -Okay, alright, do you wanna get dressed before doing the mouthwash?- Yeah -Okay. Should we shut the camera off?- No, I want them to see how hard it is -You sure?- Yeah -Okay! Alright. Well let’s start with the shirt then because.. that way you can hold your towel on- Get rid of that one -Okay, it’s gone. Keep your towel on- I know! -Okay, there we go- -And there we go. Now first, let me get your hair out and then I’ll do up the zipper, cause I don’t like that wet hair. Actually, I’d like to put the towel back- Let’s do it first, please -What? – the zipper -Oh do that first, okay- I can’t reach it -Sorry honey- Thank-you -No problem! Look at that, there we go, we got that part done- -Okay, now I want to put a towel under the wet hair- Go for it -So that your shirt doesn’t get all wet, okay- Why don’t we clip that up too -Actually that would be the easiest so we don’t even have to wear.. the towel. I don’t know how to do that, like- -I, I don’t know so is that something you can do?- Sort of -Okay- -That’s much better cause then there’s no wet hair hanging down the back of your neck, thank-you- *sigh* -Alright, now, if you turn this way, let me take your little bunny slippers off- -*whispers* Bunny slippers! They even have a tail- -So now are you going to brush the teeth or just.. oh that’s what I meant to get- Just mouthwash -Some people said there’s these sponge things you can get..- Syringe -Yeaah- Should’ve asked for that, shit -I could’ve gotten that but we can get it once we get home, all that stuff is easy to get- Well even if we go back to Target before we leave -Yeah, we can, yeah. So now, what are we doing?- Mouthwash -Mouthwash, okay- Sorry -This is peroxide.. that’s okay!- I don’t wanna drink peroxide -No, that’s why I’m moving it. Okay, so we have this- -Now do we need that bowl again?- Yes I told you to wash it -I did wash it- Okay I feel like I’m being mean now! -No you’re not, you’re fine!- -I will tell you if you get mean, okay?- Okay. I need a full glass of water too -Oh yeah- -Okay there’s the..- And we need the water jug to refill it cause for every single cup of this I do a full cup of water -Yep I got the water right here …- -You need what hun?- 2,2 grams of rinse -Okay- Like what I think we should do is do 2 rinses in the morning and 2 at night before bed -I agree- And 1 every 4 hours in between. If I ate less you could do it just after I ate but I eat a lot so -Right, that’s okay- I drink a lot I guess -You don’t really, yeah, you just drink a lot, it’s okay- It’s food drink -hm?- It’s food drink -yeah. Now, what do you want me to do, honey?- I need you to hold this -Okay- and I need you to not stop holding it -Okay, I won’t stop holding it- *giggles* -there- Now what I’ve been taught to do is to hold my lips shut so that I can actually swish it around so let’s try that *suckin in* *little sigh* -Ready?- *swishing noises* Mm! Mhm! -Good! Awesome, I love the smell of that stuff- nuh-uh -*giggle*- -good- I need water -yep- So as you guys can tell I still have a lot of trouble closing my mouth But um, holding my lips shut has really helped me with that -Your lips look a lot better honey- Well I need you to moisturize them now -Yep!- -And maybe we can go for a walk after this if you feel like it- Maybe in an hour or so -Okay. Now are you gonna put the glasses under the bandage?- Yes -Okay- Make sure it’s nice and far back Yeah -okay and now we have to kind of bring it forward a bit- Why? -Because we wanna cover the stitches- Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah -Which are right near the..- We should keep it back in the bottom though -Yeah, you can. Is it okay?- It’s okay like this -Okay, you gotta hold that part- Mhm, did it cover the stitches? -Yeah!- My forehead looks great -It does, it looks amazing- -Let me see my forehead, uhh- It’s the same as yours really mama -Shape-wise yeah but I have *laughs* wrinkles, oh my- That’s okay -But yeah it looks, I, I think he did an amazing job, I can’t believe that- -I can’t believe the difference, like I didn’t think it was that much different, until I saw it- I know, I told you so! -I know- *clears throat* -Okay, now we’re gonna go the other way, alright- Mhm -So, we need to get the eyebrows in… thank-you!- Mhm -Now I’m gonna try to go under that little..- Yep, that’s perfect! -Good- It did it, how much more of these do we have? -Oh we got, he gave me a whole bunch of them- Oh good -Or the nurse gave them, somebody gave them to me at the last moment- Yeah -We bought a whole bunch but we bought the wrong kind- Yeah -But that’s okay, we can keep ’em, hopefully we don’t need them but, you know- *giggle* -Beautiful!- Alright guys, that’s it! That’s how I get ready in the morning when I have this face shit happening -Now can I tap a little bit under your nose, or can you do it, cause the polysporin’s starting to melt and run down- -right- -Yep! You got it!- Nice -good- So I’ll let you guys know if anything interesting happens today or I’ll see you tomorrow! Cool, love you! -Bye, bye!- Hello! It’s day six.. you can start removing it -Okay- Uh.. Last night I started laughing too hard and it was really painful, feels like your face is gonna explode So I ended up just staying in cause ..(?).. and I was really mad at myself for laughing Um, but today I’m gonna try to shave cause I’m too impatient too wait for my dad And I really don’t like the facial hair At all, obviously. -He’ll be here tomorrow, so- Yeah, but I don’t wanna wait that long -I know honey- *beeping* let me hear you(?) -It’s your phone- I know, where is it though? The thing is with the hair is it’s so coarse like I told you like a hundred times, it’s so coarse that it catches on the bandage And then I feel every centimeter of my face underneath the bandage -Oww- So it actually hurts more if I don’t shave Uh, so I’m gonna try shave -Okay!- Ooh, my face isn’t numb anymore Hey mama -Yes- Do you have an electric razor with you? -Yes- Ooh can I use that? -Of course!- That’s probably safe, cause that doesn’t require shaving cream -okay- right, it just goes on the skin -Um, yeah, I don’t think shaving cream..- Well maybe that could work -and then afterwards, like I know on your legs what makes it extremely soft is just..- I can’t put any moisturizer though -Oh okay, hair conditioner is what actually makes your legs really soft ..- -I just gotta find where I put it cause.. I had everything out and then started packing some stuff- *sigh* this is really hard to do with (?) cause like I should be numb I’m feeling every hair So uh, I just tried eating some scrambled eggs which were on the list of foods that i could eat after surgery And uh, I could, I could swallow it but the thing is I can’t chew it so it’s just unpleasant So I ate as much as I could, I probably ate like We had it a lot, it was, the hotel we’re staying in has free breakfast so my mum went down and grabbed a lot of eggs in case I really liked it but Um it just feels like I’m swallowing lumps of soft tissue, it’s really gross But I ate as much as I could, and I’ve been drinking a lot, like I mentioned these smoothies in another, uh, installment about the Bolthouse Farms So these, I did not like the berry one very much but the strawberry banana and like the green goodness And I could just drink that entire bottle and I think that has enough nutrients to keep me afloat Um, not many calories though, I think I need something to fill me, you know But uh, that’s where I’m at with eating so that’s kinda interesting I guess Just don’t push yourself too hard to eat things that you can’t because even if I found like, if I took too large of a bite Little bits would get stuck in my stitches and it wouldn’t..cause a problem, ..sorry.. but getting it out of the stitches was really hard and really uncomfortable so, uh, just be careful and don’t rush too hard, I’m gonna try eating Kraft Dinner later which is.. In Canada it’s like, Americans call it Mac and cheese but in Canada we call it Kraft Dinner, you see? Really important cultural thing is you wanna know about Canadians. Not really.. I just (?) my whole face looks like this right now, this is really frustrating But whatever, I’ll be fine. I look like my cousin *little laugh* Um.. that’s okay. He’s really nice, so that’s fine. I’m gonna go shower now like I said I was going to Hey guys! It’s.. oh my god I’m so excited, this is the first time I’ve eaten anything that has any kind of substance Instant potatoes, I don’t care that they’re instant. I am so happy, oops, Warcraft be quiet So happy just to have something in my stomach that feels warm and like full I haven’t felt full since surgery and this is gonna be so nice, look I just had 3 bites but it’s totally manageable Bob Evans instant potatoes, so nice, thank-you Bob Evans, thank-you, thank-you so much, Bob Evans, thank-you Alright guys, uh.. hmm I know my face looks like it’s swelling asymmetrically but.. it’s just that the wrap is over one cheek. I think huuh.. -I think so- Yeah I think it is -yeah- I think symmetrical swelling Anyway, um, that’s it for today I guess, I really hope that in the next two days the swelling goes down in my jaw enough for me too look like a normal human being And like I also wanna be able to use my lips when I speak, so that would be nice so fingers crossed! Love you, bye! *kisses, giggle* *outro music*


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  27. So, I fell in love with you and your story after your "Why my eyes are far apart" video was recommended last night. I've since gone on a binge of your channel. While I've always thought of myself as a very open minded accepting person, I've learned so much regarding the trans community and in the process undid a few negative preconceptions I didn't even realize I had.
    You are amazing, so brave, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. And your mother is wonderful 🖤 Thank you for having the courage to share your experience, even the uncomfortable parts.
    My brother in law(he's still using male descriptions), is in the process of transitioning. He's been on hormones for a few years now. His brother, my late husband and father to our 2 children, passed away Dec 2017. Wes, my brother in law, has been such an incredible support. I saw in one of your videos your idea to provide a surgery for a transitioning person. Im not sure if that came to be but if so, I'd love to help make that happen for him. Both he and his fiance have been real life "human angel's" 😇🖤

    Thank you for doing this. I can't wait to watch you progress 🖤🖤🖤

  28. It’s very heartwarming to see you and your mom. It’s making me tearful, because my mom passed 3 months ago. We were very close and I’m sad to know she won’t be with me as I transition. She would’ve been great for things like this.

    P. S. Your mom sounds so Canadian when she says “sourry!” XD

  29. Your so lucky to have the support of your mother and farther .. i went through my srs alone… and I’m getting my Ffs in 18 days and I have no one I will be alone then also but I think this will be alot easier … YOU LOOK AMAZING … congrats

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