Facial Fitness 4 Your Face – Jawzrsize

Facial Fitness 4 Your Face – Jawzrsize

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Folks My Name is Brandon Harris I am inventor and CEO of Jawzrsize my boil & bite mouth piece You get it in the mail Comes in 2 sizes 4 different RESISTANCE levels Real simple Boil it for 30 Seconds You BITE **TEETH** Mouth piece & then you start BITING We are talking full activation From your temporalis lobe Down through your masseter The strongest muscle in the human body Pound per pound Why don’t we train it that is my question Don’t tell me “How about a piece of gum?” Way TOO light (Jaw motion) Side to side We are talking real force With your direct bite That is JAWZRSIZE baby!


  1. what REP and SET range? surley differemt between men and ladies no offence. AMIR KHAN look whats been created for you…

  2. Why erbody hatin tho? This shit is the bomb.. Imma order me one.. All the dislikes prolly came from these wannabe fitness channels, or liberals who dislike capitalism.. Hell if the product is good and makes sense, then its worth buying.. Anyone who dislikes this video or ths product, is a bitch..

  3. The reason this is a bit of a joke product is mostly because of the price. Who the fuck wants to pay that much for a ball gag?

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