1. Awesome video! Had a lot of fun watching it. By the way, the models are broken up into shards of 4MB so that they can be cached and don't have to be downloaded again. Also you can use the tiny face detection model along with the face landmark model, which are both just a few kilobytes. Unfortunately there is no smaller version of the 6MB face-recognition model yet.

  2. I have to ask, which I'm sure you get this question a lot. What are your VS Code extensions because it looks super clean and lightweight

  3. Thanks for the video, really interesting.
    I find it a very odd decision though to start with Gatsby and remove all the not needed files and code instead of simply starting with `create-react-app`.

  4. Hello,
    Trying to follow your video up untill minute 40 and also documentation I run in to the following problem,
    My gpu is an Intel and thus requires the use of Tiny Face Detector, however I get an error like this:

    'Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): Cannot read property 'length' of undefined'

    My code thats different than yours:

    const firstDescriptor = await faceapi.detectAllFaces(first, new faceapi.TinyFaceDetectorOptions());

    const secondDescriptor = await faceapi.detectAllFaces(second, new faceapi.TinyFaceDetectorOptions());

    // This is where the error occurs ***
    const distance = faceapi.round(






    Any idea what could be wrong? : )

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