Facial Recognition Testing

Facial Recognition Testing

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Alright, uh, this is a recording of the facial recognition tests on the new animatronics. I thought I’d just use this one because they’ve all got the same endoskeleton anyway. So, uh, how this is gonna work is… I’m gonna show him pictures of people. It’ll alternate between a picture of an innocent and a person who’s committed some kinda crime. When he sees a face, his eyelids should go up a little bit. When he sees a criminal, he should play a tone and open his mouth. Uh, hopefully, if this goes well, we can start going into specifics. [paper rustling] Alright, uh, first picture… Innocent. Alright, good. Second… Criminal. [beep] Good! Very good. Alright, we’ll do a few more. Innocent. Criminal. [beep] Innocent… Criminal. [beep] Innocent… …What’s this doing here? …The hell…? Hey- HEY! NO! NO NO NO NO NO– [electrical crackling] Look, I know we can’t have that guy back here, but you can’t just put shit in without telling me! I could have DIED! I… God dammit, you know what?! How about you take your facial recognition and SHOVE IT? Because I’m not working in this DEATH TRAP anymore, STARTING RIGHT NOW. criminal


  1. I don’t get the last part. Criminal criminal criminal, and then the purple long headed sleep paralysis looking dude. Is that last part the canon revealed picture of Purple Man that can be added onto the Villains Wiki and the FNAF-based Wiki or is it non/head-canon?

  2. do you think bonnie only attacked him because he showed a picture of himself, then bonnie thinking he was a criminal?

  3. While this is good horror…i got to say i never really understood why FNAF is so deadly. Ignoring the whole bit with souls, psychotic killers and what not. the issue with the franchise is and always will be that animatronics will never be the T-1000. Their not killer robots built to easily murder and main people.

    granted it is made worse when you look at the inside of it. Like say take a look at ennard. Great Nightmare fuel but as a animtronic or even robot design. Just look at it i don't even know how it is able to move. Let alone be able to rip you apart like you were made out of tissue paper.

    Then again FNAF is one of those games you have to take quite a leap of faith. As lets be honest would you really work at a job with a bunch of killer robots? No, no you wouldn't unless you were some sort of moron with a death wish. Then again how did some cheep pizza place manage to build and maintain walking animatronics in the 1980s?

    But ya i know this is not the point of the game. As its more or less a game about jump scares with a built in mystery you are meant to solve. Everything else really dose not matter that much. But i cant help but criticize it for just the stupid leaps of faith you have to take.

  4. Theory: purple guy came in and the animatronic saw it as a criminal, because he murdered people and we about to get attacked when he got a hammer or a tool of some sort and decapitated Bonnies head.

  5. I'm assuming the guy at the end is purple guy and that last image of him is disturbing. It looks like he had a real bad plastic surgery accident or what he looked like after coming back from his sister location shift. I'm also assuming toy Bonnie saw him as a criminal.

  6. I still watch fnaf but I'm not apart of the fandom because… you know the reasons. THIS IS ACTUALLY PRETTY DISTURBING AND I LOVE IT. Especially with Afton at the end.

  7. I want to put this on an actual videotape and put it in an outside dumpster at disneyworld and watch chaos insue as someone discovers

  8. I haven’t dabbled with fnaf since the fourth game came out but I’m glad to see the good side of the fandom again and not the silly chica x foxy videos

  9. I’m an idiot, could somebody explain what happened at the picture where he said “how’d this get in here”

  10. Am I the only one wondering who the face at the end is ( I am aware that it is supposed to be Michael Afton I mean the real person)

  11. I got hit with a wave of nostalgia from when the Fnaf fandom actually had genuine content like this. Whatever happened to that?

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