Find Amazing Esthetician Near You

Find Amazing Esthetician Near You

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– Hi, all, Christine Byer here, Licensed Master Esthetician
for about 19 years and if you’ve been searching
for a rockstar esthetician who can help you take care of your skin, stay tuned ’cause I’ve got the goods. (upbeat music) So the following group
of rockstar estheticians are based all over the nation and check out the skin
quality on these gals. – My name is Karen Brown. I am from Destin, Florida and I own Spa98. I specialize in customized
facials, Brazilian waxing, chemical peels, and
certain body treatments. My ideal client is someone that is ready to make a commitment and
customize their skin care routine and really create a game changer for themselves as a whole
and just in general. – Hi, I’m Jeffrie Ann Chambers and I am a solo esthetician
in Austin, Texas. And, my specialty in Austin,
Texas is actually working on women who are very similar to myself. Mature women who want to
maintain some youthfulness and some freshness and
invest in self care, invest in themselves taking
good care of their bodies, their faces, and their
whole health all over. – Hi, I’m Shari Rinaldi-Braund, and I’m located in Ridgway, Colorado. My specialty and my favorite
kind of client to work on is somebody who has
been out in the sun a lot, high altitude skincare to narrow it down. And, my favorite thing
is, is to set you up with home care products
that are gonna work and give you the results that you want. – Hi, I’m Angela Stento, and I have a spa in Ouray, Colorado. And, my favorite type of client to work on is somebody in need of
wellness, whole body wellness, skin, internal, who really
wants to change their lifestyle. – My name is Yvonne Luna from San Diego, and my favorite client to work with is someone who’s usually
over 30, over-stressed, and understands that release
of tension is just as important to skincare as what she’s
putting on top of her face. – Hello, my name is Michelle Cate and I am located in
Napa Valley, California. My business is called Sugar
and Lemon in Downtown Napa. And, my ideal, my favorite
type of client to work on is somebody that’s looking
to make healthy changes in their life, in their skin
using holistic modalities. – Hi, I’m Dawn, I am
owner/operator of Glam It Up, a private by-appointment-only beauty studio located on the Central
Coast in California. I nourish the skin and the soul through lashes and esthetics. My, my favorite client is a gal who has lived a natural,
beachy, active lifestyle and is now ready to get in and take care of her skin and enjoy some relaxation. – Hi, my name is Lori Crete, and I am a Licensed Esthetician
in Palm Springs, California. My favorite type of client to work on would be one who has
realistic expectations and values a really
nice result-based facial and some awesome home care. – Hi, I’m Teri Eastin, founder
of Atlanta Acne Specialists, and the creator of the
Virtual Clear Skin Program. I’m a Licensed Esthetician
for 17, 18 years now, and my ideal client, or the client that I see most in our
office is professional women in their 20’s to 30’s who are tired of struggling with acne
and are really looking for a solution that’s long-term and gets incredible results. – Hi, I’m Jamie Ortiz
with Tru Skin Rituals in Costa Mesa, California,
right on the border of Newport Beach on 17th street. And, my favorite type of
client to work on is somebody that is looking for a
corrective antiaging facial. Someone that I can actually use all of my tools in my toolbox to create the perfect facial just for you. – [Christine] What are some
of your favorite tools? – Oooh, I love microcurrent, Gua Sha. I absolutely love the
Hydrafacial and Cool Lifting. – Hi, my name is Crickett. I am an Esthetician located in Barstow, California in the high desert. I have two favorite types of clients. For skin care, my clients are usually between 40 and 55 and
they are into anti-aging. And, in the desert, our
skin gets really dry, so it’s all about hydrating the skin to make it soft and supple and help to eliminate some of those fine lines and wrinkles that we see. And my second type of client, I’m also an educator
for other estheticians and I educate on advanced
waxing techniques to help estheticians be better at waxing to make it more comfortable and a cleaner hair removal service, so I love getting new people that are, need confidence
boosting and skills. – [Christine] I know
your wax is phenomenal. Can you tell me some of benefits
of the wax that you make? – Oh, absolutely, so my
wax is as pure as possible. We don’t put a lot of additives into it because the more additives you have, in my opinion, the less able it’s better to pull hairs cleanly out of the follicle and that’s what you want
from a really good wax. You want the skin to
be in great condition, and you want that wax to
be able to pull those hairs out of the follicle, so you stay smooth and clean for a long period of time. – Hello, my name is Tyrla Woods. I am in San Diego, California. My favorite client to work on are women who are stressed out, over-worked, ready to make a change, and
committed to their self-care. – [Christine] And what’s
your favorite modality? – Ooh, that’s a hard one. I’d probably have to say
micro-current right now, pretty phenomenal. – Hi, I’m Spela Hernandez. I practice out of Lake Forest, California, and my favorite client to work on is sensitive skin, inflamed skin, some fine lines, and a
woman that really wants to make a change in her
life, the way she looks, feels, and is willing
to put in the effort, to do the work on her part because, when we partner up together, we can get the results
that we are striving for. – Hello, I am Jane Mann, and
I am in Las Vegas, Nevada. My website is I welcome anyone with skin,
but particularly those with sensitive skin or those interested in creating an organic aging plan that enhances their skin
and their best features through technology such as
micro-current, micro-needling, and technologically
advanced skin care products. – Hi, my name is Shawn Paris. I am in Calistoga, California, and my specialty is changing your skin. Are you starting to see signs of aging? Do you wanna do something
that’s really different, really customized, really working on what you want for your skin? That’s what I work on. Your skin’s like a puzzle, I love to put the pieces together, and
I’d love you to come see me. – My name is Heidi Kenney and
I live in Sedona, Arizona. And, I own Sedona Skin and Wax Studio. And, we have two types of clients that we love to serve there. One of them is waxing
because we are the only place in Sedona who specializes
in full body waxing. And, I also love to work on my clients who are looking to age gracefully. We don’t call it anti-aging,
we call it healthy aging because, no matter what you do, you have a birthday coming up, and we like to help you age as gracefully as you would like to age. – Hi, I’m Georgia Nixon from Effortless Beauty
Clinic in Austin, Texas, and I specialize in
micro-blading or nano-brows, lashes, and holistic skin care. My favorite clients to
work with is any woman who wants to save time in the morning, so that they have more time, more money, and more confidence every day. – Hi, my name is Shelly Demme. I own Pure Vitality Skin and Body in the North County, Rancho
Bernardo Area of San Diego. And, my ideal client is
women who want to look and feel beautiful and age
gracefully with micro-current. – My name is Tata Faber. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I specialize in anti-aging treatments including micro-current,
mild chemical peels. I customize all the treatments
to my clients’ needs. – [Christine] What’s your favorite type of client to work on? – I wanna work with someone
who is truly committed to taking care of their
skin, so who’s willing to do their home care and
come in for regular treatments ’cause that’s how I can
guarantee the best results. (upbeat music)


  1. Christine can you make a video talking about melasma and hyperpigmentation and what you do to help your clients get rid of them and prevent them ?

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