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Hi guys! Today I’m trying out the Focallure
liquid lipstick. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Maike I am a makeup artist and
welcome to my channel! I make beauty and makeup and lifestyle videos, if you think you might
be interested in something like that you can always subscribe down below. So this is the
Focallure ultra chic lipstick matte liquid lipstick. I got it in number 13 Wine. This
is what the bottle looks like and just there on the back of my hand I will do a little
swatch, so it does seem to be very opaque, so let’s see what this can do. First I’m gonna
read you a little bit, you might have seen this on the instagram ad where it just shows
you how proof it is and that really nothing can get it off, so it says: the Focallure
liquid lipstick is a long wearing, waterproof smudge resistant matte lip color. This ultra
saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. The
liquid lipstick has a high intensity pigment for full coverage lips. Long wearing, ultra
pigment liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients that glide on for a luxurious
and pearl light matte look that does not dry down. It says it’s on sale for 12.99 instead
of 26.97 dollars, American dollars, but it’s been on sale ever since I saw this, so I think
it just costs 12.99. So my lips are moisturized. I’m gonna put this primer on, this is the
NYX Lip Primer in Nude and it just looks like this, just to give this a fair chance because
I usually use lip primers, so yeah. Ok perfect. I’m gonna start off with trying to use this
really terrible doe foot applicator, by the way, this smells so chemical, even when I
open the package, this is shipped from China um even when I opened the package I was like
oh my god this smells so bad and the actual lipstick smells like the package. So yeah,
I’m gonna try and use this for the bottom lip even tough I know for the top lip I’m
gonna have to use a lip brush. Ok so that is very opaque, I only dipped in once. It
is a lot more pink than I thought a color called wine would be, but you know, I guess
that’s the risk you take. So now I’m gonna try and do the top lip. So this is actually
working quite well with the applicator I’m shocked but then again I’m, oh I already have
it on my teeth you see there? Alright, I’m still used to having not injected lips, so
I’m not really used to being to just put lipstick on simply. Ok I messed up there, just a qtip
there we go, happens to the best, I swear I’m better at putting on makeup on other people.
Ok so I noticed already on when I swatched this on the back of my hand that it does take
a little bit of time to dry down, wait I’m gonna free my teeth of this lipstick , this
looks terrible. I really like the color, even though it is not what I expected, it’s already
starting to feel very tight on my lips because I can feel it drying down. I’m gonna go in
with another layer because that’s what I usually would do. So it is possible to layer this.
So far, I’m really impressed with lipstick I mean I don’t really wanna know what’s inside
that makes it this pigmented and this great because it smells absolutely terrible, but
who knows, I’ll look at the ingredients and maybe it’s not even that bad, but yeah so
I’m gonna, it’s still not dry, I’m just gonna let this dry down and I’ll be right back.
Ok, so the lipstick has dried down now, it does feel very dry, but it’s still ok, like
I could get used to this um you can see a few dry patches, but I do have very dry lips
um so let’s do the first test, let’s do the drink test. Ok there is absolutely nothing
on the glass, that’s pretty good but this is only Coca Cola and Fanta, so I’m gonna
try to, I’m gonna eat normally, I’m gonna drink some coffee, I’m gonna have some stuff
with fat in it, because we all know that fat is the death of liquid lipstick and I’m gonna
check back in with you. Right now it is 11 o’clock 11 0 eight in the morning, so let’s
see how this hold holds up. Ok guys so it’s around two thirty now and I’ve just eaten
and do you see that? Can you see that? Yeah… Uh it’s also really dried out my lips, so
it really hasn’t stayed intact at all um it did stay on quite well before that, before
eating and I know I have a weird chin ok? Most people have a chin that doesn’t have
this like indent here really, but my lower lip just kind of goes down, so I don’t know
if this is an issue but my skin uh my chin gets oily, so that’s why it probably transferred
onto there and now I can’t really get it off, ok, well, good thing I don’t really have to
go anywhere today right? So, I don’t wanna finish the review or the wear test right here
so I’m just gonna put another coat on and see what happens. So it’s very easy to top
this off, you don’t really have to worry about layering, you can just swipe swipe and then
it looks good again, so now I’m just gonna do stuff round my house and keep on drinking
and eating if as if I were and I’ll check in with you in a little bit. Alright it’s
7 pm so I’ve been wearing this for about 8 hours now um with re-applying it once. I have
to say the feeling is not what I describe as comfortable. I know I’m wearing something,
it feels dry, it feels thick, because I’ve put another layer on there and it feels kind
of crusty if you know what I mean. It has come off in the same areas as before, mostly
on the inside of my lips and also a little bit on the outside of my lips. This time it
hasn’t transferred to my chin, which is good even though I ate, I had ice cream, it has
transferred onto my teeth a little bit as you can tell um don’t mind my makeup I took
a batch and everything, so everything is ruined, but I did not get water on the lips, except
the water that I drank. Anyways, so overall I think this is a pretty color, I think this
is quite long lasting, but it’s nothing like the instagram ad promised, like this is not
this innovative kind of liquid lipstick that you can wear for everything and it just lasts
you know um I think it is definitely for example more durable than the NYX liquid lipsticks,
the suede lipsticks, but for example the Kat von D I think are better than this one when
it comes to durability, so my cat, Yeti! So overall I’d rather spend a little more money
on a liquid lipstick that is a little more comfortable um and that has the same or longer
durability I’m not going to repurchase this, I’m not going to purchase this in another
color, I will use it, it’s pretty color and it is ok, but it’s just that, it’s ok. So
I hope this review was helpful to you uh if you did like this video you can subscribe
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be informed of when my videos come out which is every Tuesday and Friday and most of the
time in between if I have the time to make videos. So I really hope I’ll see you next
time, bye bye!


  1. But I appreciate your honest review
    I thought of ordering it but after seeing your review I changed my mind
    I'm really thankful to you

  2. Wanted to buy a purple one, buuuuut I've changed my mind after your video. I'm half happy half sad right now, but thank you for the honest review 🙂

  3. I found you very negative with that brand and it does work apparently…stay positive and fair is important when making review.

  4. I don't like the way u talk… I actuly liked the lipstick n the smell .. it's made from China didn't mean it's bad… Didn't like Ur negativity…

  5. The lipstick doesn't smell bad, you are being really dramatic about the smell. I have finished around 4 tubes of the Focallure French beige which is my perfect nude – and haven't noticed a bad smell at all.
    Also, why did you use a primer? I (like most people) use a lip balm under the foccalure lipstick( and any other matte lipstick!) and don't have dryness issues.

  6. Why you so negative? You dont even try the applicator you already said negative about the applicator. And you sound so negative about the product because it from China. If focallure selling price as high as kelly jenner lipmatte sure you will be positive right? No offend, I just feeling you sound so negative about that brand. Please be fair in giving your opinion.

  7. Love this review. The ads make it seem like some magic product but it’s honestly no different than any other liquid lipstick (actually it’s cheaper quality than some high end ones).

  8. It’s the same thing on aliexpress for less than 2$ 🤣 that’s where they’re getting it from. You can literally search Focallure lipstick and it pops right up.

  9. If you keep talking right after apllying it, of course it's not gonna stick so well. You have to wait a while without moving your lips. But still, it did last…I bought one, to test. I'll probably just use it in events, where I need to look nice but not eat haha

  10. Subscribe… you’re kidding, right? It took you all of 9:24 to review a tube of lipcolor.

    In your defense, some YT viewers have lots of time on their hands. I’m just not one of them.

    Love — Me

  11. A lot of you coming on here saying she’s negative and then post negative comments lol she don’t care for the product what’s the problem? it’s a review and her opinion! my God people.

  12. a chemical smell?? every single one I bought it had a nice smell like chocolate…but i just saw at your description that you didn't buy it from their official site so probably you got a fake one…

  13. I appreciate your honest review. I always look for honest YouTube reviews before I buy something I see advertised on fb and instagram. Keep doing what you’re doing please. It’s so helpful to have an honest reviewer that doesn’t lie for sponsorship. 🖤

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