FOREO LUNA 2: Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Device

FOREO LUNA 2: Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Device

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Introducing the latest innovation in
personalized skincare the gentle, yet effective LUNA 2 facial cleansing and anti-aging device. The LUNA 2 delivers a tailor-made, 2-minute skincare ritual that reveals smoother, more radiant-looking skin after just one use. The latest, enhanced T-Sonic technology is up to twice as powerful, removing 98.5 percent of dirt, oil and makeup residue for fresher healthier looking skin. The LUNA 2 is fully customizable with
brushes tailored to normal, sensitive combination, and oily skin types and 12 adjustable intensities so you can find what works best for you. The LUNA 2’s advanced anti-aging mode targets lines, wrinkles, and signs of
aging with a comfortable facial massage that uses lower-frequency pulsations and
helps product absorption. One hundred percent of users experienced more radiant
skin and ninety-eight percent experienced smoother skin. The second generation brush head is
designed to deliver the most luxurious and personalized experience yet. The new brush head is 50% bigger with
longer, softer touch points for more effective cleansing and enhanced comfort and performance. The thicker silicone brush cushions your skin for an indulgent spa-like sensation. The LUNA 2 is made of nonporous medical grade silicone making it
thirty-five times more hygienic than a nylon bristle brush. It’s also one hundred percent waterproof,
you never need to buy replacement brush heads and you only need to charge it once
every seven months. But don’t take our word for it! The award-winning LUNA range has
generated buzz with leading industry names and has earned rave consumer
reviews. Isn’t it time you revealed your naturally gorgeous glow? Discover your best skin with the LUNA 2.


  1. i recently bought this and i am experiencing a break out , is there something am doing wrong? i use it like how the model in this video use it ( upward circular motion) i got the blue one for combination skin

  2. Can wait for Christmas to come I might get this.🙏 this is the only one I've been wanting for this year. I've never been so excited to have something in my life. Everyone loves it. Coz I've been hearing in researching. I'll probably take this over Channel. I would to have a glowing skin. How I wish I will wake and I have this next to me. That will be awesome🙏😘😀. #hugefan

  3. I have a lot of stiff blackheads on my nose..and Acne scar and dark spots..will it help in clearing my blackheads and whiteheads??

  4. My skin is dry on the chin, the nose and forehead. I'm normally on the cheeks But I still get pimples. Which one should I pick?

  5. I strongly advise against purchasing any FOREO products. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. I wish I'd bought the Clarisonic. Even if the device doesn't work as well, I'd rather give my money to a company that at least pretends to serve their customers. I've emailed, called, tweeted… out of all that, I received only one email, which didn't even address my concern. I could go on in detail. Bottom line: Please don't give your money to these people.

  6. Facail cleansing device LUNA mini2 (pearl pink)

  7. Clarisonic is leaving the Mexican market for good, so the girls at Sephora recommended to give Foreo a try. I purchased it two weeks ago and I'm liking it, but it doesn't take just 1 minute to tackle all my face areas with the anti aging side.

  8. I have the luna 2 combination, I love it it exfoliates my skin progressively as opposed to aggressively. I have sensitive skin and this brush is perfect. I can confirm that the battery charge lasts about 7 months. I just don't know about the anti aging part.

  9. Я не разу не пользовалась продукцией FOREO но по твоим видио и по видио с канала FOREO видно что она очень классная я бы очень хотела такую

  10. So I really wanna get the Foreo Luna 2. 
    I got some blackheads around my nose and chin so I thought about getting the one for combination skin, but I occasionally get some dry spots too, but nothing to worry about. In general my skin isn't really sensitive nor super oily and I also don't get a lot of pimples. I've never experienced any problems with a product or suffered from an allergic reaction because of one. 
    I would like to use my Foreo at least once and if possible twice a day, but I'm worried that the one for combination skin will therefore be too harsh for my skin. Should I get the one for normal skin (pink) then or even the one for sensitive skin (purple)? 

    Thanks a lot!

  11. When you use the backside for anti aging serums, do you wait for your skin to dry to use it? Or can you massage the serum into your skin using the Luna?

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