Forging decorative hinges for our blacksmith shop

Forging decorative hinges for our blacksmith shop

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Forging on a rainy day… 1/4″x1″ mild steel, spreading to gain width I want about 1 1/4″ wide and about 3/16″ thick for the hinge joint A tapered drift pin, forged from spring steel, draw filled smooth and oiled. About 1/4″ Rolling the hinge barrel Drift pin to open up the hinge to desired size Tightening up the barrel on a piece of 1/4″ round that will be the pin size Forging the penny ends, using the anvil edge as a fuller I like to straighten up everything before going back to the fire. Taking off the corners, then rounding For the stag horn side, Im first spreading out and forming the right size from what I have… Much easier to just start with 1 1/4″x 3/16″ material Flattening and smoothing out the peining marks Tapering one side, I want about a 5″ long taper down to 3/8″ at the tip Cutting off the piece with a hot chisel A short taper to the end really helps start the barrel rolling! Careful, these drifts get hot! Spreading out the face with a small round face hammer A soft plate under the work protects the anvil and chisel Keep your chisel cool! Use whatever you have to get the horns bent out and down. Have not installed my leg vise in the Smithy! Just hack and file them till they fit together somewhat. Center punching for drill hole placement Keep some oil on your bit! Now we can stop the snow blowing in!


  1. Josh
    I love your spirit and adventure in all you do. Look at a few more video on welding the joints. Your hinge was just amazing for the first but it would be a lot stronger with joints that will not pull apart. If too much weight be put on that hinge it will stretch out on the weight.

  2. just a few suggestions jarhead.
    1) I have a soft plate for cutting that sets in the hardy hole, it does not move around when cutting
    2) a hold fast in the pritcher hole will hold your work from moving as you cut it as well.
    excellent work as usual.
    semper fi.

  3. Good start Josh, I look forward to many more creations, good place to be in the Winter………… Take Care………..

  4. That is pretty nice man… I'm thinking about starting a shop for myself …. any suggestions … if so I would greatly appreciate it…..JJ…..

  5. Really great timing. I just got an anvil and have my first blacksmithing class tomorrow. One of the things I'm most interested in is making hinges and clasps, on top of woodworking hand tools of course. I love all your content, you do great work.

  6. Голова немного с похмелья болит,а тут вы молотком:тюк-тюк,тюк-тюк.А изделие понравилось.Спасибо!:)

  7. lmao when you zoomed in on the drill finishing the first hole I could literally smell it. Guess that means I'm a machinist to my blood.

  8. I have tons of RESPECT for you as a craftsman.  
    You are so good at so many things its mind boggling.  
    Greetings from Finland, and Utah, USA!

  9. 13:30– did you get the extended 150 year warranty when you bought the drill press or are you going bare with it? ☺

  10. I see more of this work in your future for sure…but that anvil is way too loud sitting on stone…it's sure to break soon…LMAO!!!

    Beautiful hinge work Mr. C.!!!

  11. This is the best craftsmanship video format on YouTube. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I also love reading the closed captions.

  12. Looks like a hot chisel might be a good project in the near future. Bet your hand got really hot holding that chisel. 🙂

  13. Nice as Allways, I Had a Drill Press Just Like yours, It was the "Combo Special, you could put the Leather Belt on,(If you had a Motor!,), Some guy Bought it to make a Mail Box Holder, It was "Sick Money" Could not have turned it DOWN!!!!!! THANKS FOR ANOTHER SUPER VID!

  14. I hope you're considering the toll this takes on a human body and protecting against tinnitus, deafness, and repetitive stress injuries on your wrist and arms. I'd hate to see a vid 5 or so years from now about how you cant continue because of medical issues caused by your lifestyle.

  15. Great vid, how long have you been blacksmithing? Also, love that drill press! Are you planning on making a video when you make your treadle hammer? I don't have a striker, so that's definitely one that I'm interested in.

  16. That was a great idea to have a metalworking vice which clamps into your woodworking vice… Im going to do that now! Beautiful work on the hinges!

  17. Beautiful finished hinge. Excellent work as usual. I remember a similar drill press in my father’s shop some 70 years ago. Greetings from the Canary Islands.

  18. Although we don't need negative comments I am curious about the reasons of those that gave a thumbs down. What's not to like!

  19. That's the first time I've seen anyone forge Ram's horns that way! Very efficient way of doing it! Look forward to seeing more of your forging work.

  20. I don't know how long that you have been forging but it appears to be a long time. Nice job with the hinge. As always love your channel

  21. Very nice. How must rust do you predict on mild steel with the large eaves? Just curious about using wrought iron in future for outdoor projects instead of mild steel. Are all forms of wrought iron rust resistant or just the formulations specifically made for rust resistant properties?

  22. Wonderful job. So vulnerable to show your lack of e experience and at the same time perseverance. I would say your parants did a good job with you. Best of luck from Ontario Canada.

  23. Everybody on YouTube need to take a few lessons from you on how NOT to ruin an otherwise great video with absolute shit dubstep "music"…
    Such is why this channel is in my top three I really enjoy watching…

  24. Nice process, beautiful hinges.

    In the English tradition the ornate elements are on the door, not on the frame. This has a penny-ended tee or pin hinge look to the door part of the hinge (ie relatively plain) with the frame-mounted part being decorative. Are you following a historic precedent, and if so, which?

  25. One down and 3 to go. Very beautiful hinge and so appropriate to forge hinges for your blacksmith shop.
    I guess the door latches are next.

  26. Well i enjoyed this video as well! The hinges have a very medieval look (meant as a compliment!)
    Wondering how many professions you are mastering…
    well done!

  27. Beautiful! Would it be a lot less work to just go to the store and buy one? Just kidding!!! That Is an extraordinarily unique and beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece.

  28. I have never seen a drill quite like that, it's brilliant. I saw one that used a cam like that one, but it looked a bit more modern, it drove a wheel round the top like that one, except the cam drove a cam on the side of the handle which if you were turning the handle by hand would not have been so nice as the round edge of the handle/wheel had teeth in it. I like the style of your one as well. Nice looking hinges, they don't make them like that anymore.

  29. Mr. C do you reckon it's quicker to heat the metal in your forge as compared to the usual large, open coke fired type? It certainly looks more controllable.

  30. I just told my daughter who is an expert and professional and talented photographer how each of your videos, themselves, are works of art about your works of art.

  31. I could just imagine the horrible contorted mess it would look like if I did that.
    Nice to finally see that drill press. I'm extremely jealous.

  32. We have an almost identical drill press in our shop. I do envy your blower set up though. I’m sure it’s much easier on the shoulder.

  33. That has to be the most solid sounding anvil i have ever heard. Almost zero ring. Congratulations on all the work that went into making that base. It most certainly sounds worth it as i imagine feels worth it as well.

  34. Nicely done hinge. So one, two, or three more? (One door with two or three hinges, or two doors with two hinges each?).

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