French Girl's Guide to Skincare | Episode No. 4

French Girl's Guide to Skincare | Episode No. 4

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at this point it's no surprise that I'm a self-professed and slightly obsessed Francophile everything about the French the clothes carefree hair there's genetic flaw but most importantly they're flawless complexions so what are these Parisian beauty supplies stores stocking on their shelves for the last three months I've been experimenting with a number of French beauty products that I wanted to share with you guys today one thing that they all have in common they are rich and active ingredients and easy on the skin most importantly they're effective I've linked all of these on my blog for you today so after you're finished watching be sure to head over there if you want to know where to buy at the start of each week I love to start out with a scrub I've been using caudally it's gentle buffing cream which acts as a cleanser and removes impurities with all the dirt that have built up during the week I also alternate between two masks that I can't live without the first one is Sicilies radiant glow express mask which is a clay mask but it's made from red clay so it's non drying it's essential oils work to remove bacteria that makes the skin feel and look dull my second favorite is mixes hydrating masks it's great for skin that gets a little dehydrated through the week love the glow this gives me during the day I like to use a tinted SPF but at night I love to lather my skin with something rich caudally is premier critic creme leaves my skin feeling extremely luxurious while protecting from free radicals the skin around your eyes and lips is extra sensitive so I like to use Sicilies botanical lip and eye contour complex it's anti aging and really helps with firmness plus it smells like cucumbers and rosemary I've linked all of these for you on my blog today so be sure to head over there if you want to know where to buy thanks so much for watching today's beauty at it and see you guys next week you


  1. Hi All! I need you help to complete my thesis could you please fill out my survey which is about organic cosmetic in Turkey? It just takes 2 minutes or less and I would be appreciated if you can do ! Many thanks in advance for your time

  2. well i don't see how you can do a review of so many products in 3 month. 2 month are what it takes for the products to work and to compare to the trials the brand made. So if you are anywhere sincere there is ABSOLUTELY no way you really tested that many DIFFERENT products and got a chance to know what they are worth. First time on your chanel and as i see your trying to make views with a false title and trying to appeal with the word 'french' in it, it sure is my last as well.

  3. I don't feel you would give in honest review. wearing makeup in the video. As assortment of products in full view. I will reserve a full comments on some vloggers.

  4. Luxury French brands are really not the best for your skin especially when you look at the ingredients. But you can use others French brands that are really efficient and specialized in skincare like Bioderma, la Roche posay, Vicky, Uriage, Melvita…. Love from France ❤️

  5. That's what I call " vanity ".. 🤣 Too much creams or facial cleansers we put on our face can ripped the natural oils in our skin. That's why less is more, the better.

  6. Your nail polish is just so lovely! I know this video was a long time ago but do you by chance remember the color and the brand?

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