Full Face Of Essence Makeup – Best & Worst (11 Hours Wear Test!)

Full Face Of Essence Makeup – Best & Worst (11 Hours Wear Test!)

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please give me the brush hi guys in this
video we’re going to be testing new essence makeup products this is going to
be a full face of first impressions and a small sneak peek to today’s products I
have the Christmas collection of essence also a new setting powder yes they never had
something like that also I’m going to try the soft touch mousse foundation
this is a product that a lot of you wanted me to review it’s not a very new
product but I have never tried it before here is my headband and let’s start with
the first product I’m gonna use this lip balm it is the all my cuties I think
it is called it has this little sheep here and this one is from the essence
DIY advent calendar this is in the shade barely kissed it contains argan oil shea
butter jojoba oil and vitamin E this is a light base lip balm it’s not completely
translucent it is glossy it has a slippery finish I like that it is
scentless and let’s continue with some primers for primer I’m gonna use this
one here this is all about matt t-zone primer stick and it says that you can
use this to mattify shiny skin areas so you can apply this on forehead nose and
chin I’m not going to use a lot on my forehead a little bit on the t-zone and
my chin it’s not like I have a very oily skin type I have dry skin and the glow
that you see is from my hydrating skin care products
I don’t like sticks because I can’t really tell how much product I apply on
my face it has a silicone feeling I don’t see a very big difference for now
and it’s not like it gives a very intense mattifying finish and on the
rest of my face I’m gonna use the multi find pore minimizing
I met and this one has black clay this one is actually one of my favorite
primers biases it can give a mattifying finish to your foundation but it’s not
very drying for dry skin after that we have the soft touch mousse makeup I go
to the shade mud sand and this is the number one actually I think this is the
third the darker one keep that in mind it doesn’t have a lot of information on
the line or on the packaging if this product is for all skin types but I
think I have read somewhere that it is for all skin types so let’s see how it
looks it looks like a beautiful chocolate mousse and so it doesn’t have
a scent I’m going to take some with my spatula
it has a very mushy texture so I’m going to apply some with my fingertip and I
will try to blend it with a brush and with a sponge to see what works better
I’m taking the leftovers of foundation on my skin and I will try to blend it
with this want another half and this one is the miracle complexion sponge by Real
Techniques this actually blended super nicely I have a very light layer of
coverage I’m gonna try to use some more to see if the coverage is buildable this
time I’m going to take it with my sponge I think it is easier to apply the
product with your fingertip and then blend it with a sponge I feel that a
sponge is absorbing the product and it doesn’t transfer it on the skin as I can
see it doesn’t oxidize I love that it makes my skin super smooth but I think
that if I apply a little bit more it will start looking cakey it gives a nice
matte finish if you have dry skin I think that you should use another primer
with this foundation something illuminating is going to work better
with this one it has a very nice coverage on the other side I’m going to
use the makeup buffer brush by ESS so this is how it looks with the brush but
I think that it is better to apply the product with your fingertip on your skin
and then blend it out with a sponge or a brush because I can see that I have more
product on my brush I’m using a little bit more of the product on the areas
that I want to cover more like the pimples redness and veins and after that
with my brush I’m blending the product I think I have a better coverage with a
sponge because you can press the product into the pores and I can see that on
this side I can see more texture with the brush I like that I don’t see any
lines from the bristles with liquid foundations I always see that with this
foundation you can have a very flawless and blended finish with a sponge and
with a brush so that’s very nice this foundation as we can see gives a matte
finish also it’s not sticky at all so I definitely think that you can use this
one for days that you’re running out of time moving on to concealer I’m gonna
use the camouflage matte concealer and this is in the shade 30 light honey this
one is the latest concealer that we have but it’s not new to me and this is one
of my favorite jax-ur concealers and actually this is
myself tube I’m going to use a little bit on my under-eye area and also on the
eyelid I love the duffle applicator of this
product because with one deep into the tube you can apply on both of your eyes
mosa using some on my lips chin and forehead
mostly because I want to see how it blends with the foundation that blended
super easily on top of the foundation and yeah it looks flawless
I’m so happy let’s see how this one works on top of the foundation this is
the all about Matt fixing the loose powder I think this is the first time
that they have a loose setting powder and it says it is a mattifying shine
absorbing loose powder in a universal shade suitable for all skin tones and we
have a nice shifter for the product I’m not going to use a lot of it because the
foundation is not very sticky the foundation didn’t crease a lot that’s
very very positive that means you need just a small amount of powder to set it
so it can last all day I’m also going to use this to set my concealer I’m going to take some pictures to see
if we have any flashback oops I turned off the phone as I can see I don’t have
any and let’s continue with some concluding products and highlighters I
have this tube palette from the Royal party collection and I’m going to use
for contouring today all my contour contouring palette and also have this
highlighter here and this Christmas collection brush this one here has six
shades that you can use to highlight and contour your face I also want to try
this face brush from the Christmas collection the name of this brush is
make a wish I prefer the Santa’s Little Helper name but we have for last year’s
Christmas collection brush I have it here it is dirty but you know I use it
this one has a lot of tape I have this beautiful transparent handle with the
water and the design from the palette I’m going to use this shape here I think
this is a very big brush for contouring okay and the name of the shade is noble
paint this brush is a little bit too big and
noisy to use for contouring it is better to use it to blend your face products or
to apply your bronzer I think I’m going to take a smaller brush because I want
to do a more precise application and this is the beach cosmetics brush number
three I’m mixing the two colors together and I use it on my forehead I’m going to take this shit I get to
contour my nose oh I forgot that we have a mirror the shades are not as dark as
they look in the pan you need to layer them to get the intensity that you want
and that’s nice when you are a beginner in makeup but it takes a while to build
the color and actually contour my face the powders that I have tried our
blending super nicely on the skin but I would prefer to actually get the color
that I see because I have tried both of them and I still don’t think that my
contouring or bronzing is very dark now I want to add a little bit of color on
my cheeks and I’m gonna use the matte touch blush this is in the shade 20 bury
me up I’m taking the product with the brush by BH Cosmetics this is number two
and it’s just smiley to see the highest point of your cheeks like this and I’m
dragging my brush on the cheek bar next I’m gonna take this ship’s yeah it
is called vanilla bourbon bourbon I’m gonna use this powder to clean my blush
application and contouring oh it works very nicely I’m using a flat brush as
you can see this is number L by zero cosmetics number name number L and to
blend everything together I’m taking this noisy brush again it sounds like
Santa’s sleigh to to the brush doesn’t have any harsh edges and it has a very
nice packaging super soft you harlot my face I have this palette here and also
the face and body highlighter from the Christmas collection from Santa with
love and I want to see what shades I have in this palette to decide what I’m
going to use this one is a little bit more glittery I think I’m going to use
it on top of these highlighters I’m going to swatch them to see the shades these are very dark for me let’s see the
other three so I can use these two highlighters these are the lightest with
brush II forty by Sigma I’m going to take this shape here it is called
Prosecco boom and I’m going to use this on this cheekbone mousse super pretty a
little bit powdery you definitely need a very small amount of this highlighter
whew that’s very shiny I’m trying to blend it with the other products okay
that’s superb you default on the other side I’m gonna use this one here the
golden dime this is also a powdery highlight that
they have the same formula both of them have a very nice Sheen the color of this
one is a light peachy champagne and on the other side we have a light pink
highlight there both of them are very glowy and shiny on my nose I’m going to
use both of them I think I prefer the shade on my nose better I don’t know it
looks more natural with the foundation that I have today with this palette you
can experiment and see which shades are working for your skin tone also if you
get a little bit darker in summer you can still use this palette I’m using a
little bit of the lip ball on top of my highlighters I want to use this one too
this is the from Santa with love faith and body highlighter and let’s see how
it looks oh this is super super smooth and it has
a white frosty finish this one is more like a highlighter topper because it has
a lot of fine micro glitter in silver I think this one is going to give a very
snowy finish to my face again I’m very curious to see how it looks on top of
other highlighters it looks like my brush is not picking up the product it makes the highlighter a little bit
shinier it gives a white frosty finish I think I prefer the colors of the two
other highlighters it gives a wet look to the skin and also a glittery finish
but it’s not super glittery and also not very visible I also want to use it a
little bit on my bones here to see on top of my skin how it looks I think that
my brush is not picking up the product I think I would like this one better if it
was in another shade not a frosty white one something more natural
maybe something champagne it looks like a quiet silvery highlight there with a
lot of glitter I did my brows off camera because I don’t have the correct shade
of the brow color that I want with the essence products this one is lighter and
this one here is warmer now it’s time for this cutie pie here this is the eye
shadow palette from Santa with love and it has this beautiful gorgeous packaging
it looks like an envelope adorable and this is in the shade Express Delivery
from the North Pole the color star is very similar to last year’s eyeshadow
palette this one here but we don’t have any similar eyeshadows if you already
have this one they also have a new eyeshadow brush with this theme it is
called your snow cute okay you’re just not cute too
it doesn’t happen please give me the brush wow this is noisy too this is not
the same eyeshadow brush that we always have my essence this is the brush so my sound effects are gone now and oh
they’re not okay I can wait the new brush has a bigger base and the bristles
are shorter let’s do some swatches oh that’s delivery and gorgeous the glitter
have like a sticky consistency they are like a gel glitter eye shadow I wouldn’t
use them without a glitter primer I forgot my headband because I did a
blank a lunch break I want to see this and this and basically all the shimmery
eyeshadows the shimmery eyeshadows have a nice Sheen but most of them have
microliter so let’s see how they look on the eyes I’m gonna start with this eye
shadow here it is a light beige matte eyeshadow I’m using the new eye shadow
brush to highlight my brow bone i’m also using another brush by ESS this eye
shadow is very very powdery and fluffy with a new brush I wasn’t able to apply
a lot of product near my brow because it has short bristles I think it’s going to
work better if you want to cut your crease with that brush but I prefer the
regular eye shadow brushes by ESS next I’m taking this eye shadow it has a
matte finish it is like a light pink beige matte eyeshadow I’m using the eye
blender brush by ESS to diffuse this into my crease ok this is super
beautiful for something everyday it has a very nice color intensity and it looks
very light in the pan so I like this oh I forgot to zoom you in this blends
beautifully it has a very nice color payoff and I really like this one as a
crease color this is also powdery eyeshadow so after that I want to
continue with this shape here it is a light purple matte eye shadow and it has
like a warmer undertone and with the brush
to the five buzzer Eva I’m going to blend this into the crease area but
closer to the eyelid this eyeshadow has like a very purple bright color I’m
taking some more to make the color more intense and I’m trying to keep the color
in the outer edge of my eyes okay that blended super easily I’m very
surprised and happy after that I want to take this eyeshadow here it has a
lighter pink purple matte shade and with this one I’m going over the edges of the
previous eyeshadow that’s brighter I’m going to wipe my brush and continue
blending I thought it was going to be a lighter shade okay I’m going to use just
a little bit on the other eye as well and tactics saw this eyeshadows are
powdery I’m cleaning my brush and then continue
blending with another eyeshadow brush by ourselves I’m going to take this dark
purple shade with the matte finish this is how it looks and I’m going to press
that on the outer eyelid that’s gorgeous super pretty and blendable so I have
used two layers of the eyeshadow and it looks amazing it was very easy to blend
it this purple shade is not as dark as it looks in the pan but I think that
makes it more wearable and it is very easy to blend it on the eyes here we
have a shimmery eyeshadow with this beautiful berry color and I’m going to
press this on the center of my eyelid I’m going to take some also with my
fingertip ooh that looks de la Rose and so pretty with the brush you can have
something more wearable but if you want that very intense sheen definitely press
it with your fingertip on the inner part of my eyelid I’m going to use this light
champagne golden shimmery eye shadow this one also has some very fine green
and pink micro glitter this one is not transferring with a dry brush so I’m
also taking some with my fingertip oh my god it’s very shiny this eyeshadow
is fluffier and I have some follows here so I want to find my dog food applicator
it is better when you use a sponge tip applicator but I don’t have the same
sheen on my eyes so I’m going to use again my finger tip to intensify the
Lord lash line I’m going to take this light brown matte eyeshadow and I’m
going to smudge this on the outer part of my eye with an Urban Decay brush this
blended super easily and very fast I’m impressed and for the inner part of my
eyes I’m going to take this eye shadow here it is a light lavender very
shimmery eyeshadow and this one has some very fine pink micro glitter this one is
not very easy to apply it with a dry brush so it is better to use it with a
finger tip or response tip applicator I’m taking again the decide shadow here
and I’m going over the edges of the lower lash line to smoke it out I want
to use a little bit of the glitter that we have in the palette on my eyes so
first of all I’m going to use the glitter primer that I have here it is
the get your glitter on I’m going to apply just a little bit on the back of
my hand but I don’t like about this glitter primer is that it has a pink
sheen it’s not transparent and also it’s not a very sticky primer so I’m going to
take this and added on my eyelid I’m taking a
little bit of this glitter here oh it looks very nice okay I also took
again the LED champagne eyeshadow that I had on my inner part of the eyelid and I
used some on the edges of the glitter okay I think it looks super fantastic
what do you guys think I’m using a black eye pencil in the waterline for a liquid
liner I’m gonna use a Catrice cosmetics liquid liner in dating Joe black in this Christmas collection we also
have a pair of flushes the name of the lashes is all the jingle ladies these
are the lashes we also have a little bit of glue here the band is a little bit
weird it’s not very flexible now I’m measuring the lashes and I think
they can fit my eyes but I’m a little bit worried because the band is not very
flexible so the lash glue that I’m going to use is by duo and this is the
quick-set strip lash adhesive with this last video we have a silk on the
applicator I didn’t want to get this one but they didn’t have that I glad that I
always use I think this is the best eyelash glue that I have tried because
you don’t need to wait for it to become stickier I’m also pushing them a little
bit upwards so they can look longer on my eyes I’m going to get a little bit of
black eyeliner on top of the bond of the lashes because it’s not transparent and
it doesn’t look nice you can see the little white dots on the back of the
lashes okay on some areas it’s not easy to
cover the band with a liquid liner it is what it is for mascara I’m going to use
that you better work volume and curl mascara I don’t like these lashes a lot
because they don’t give a lot of volume to my eyes they are long but they are
not very full the length of the band is okay for me also I don’t like the band
of them because it’s not transparent it is a very light white color and you need
to cover it with a black eyeliner and it’s not very convenient let me know in
the comments below if you have a favorite pair of lashes from the
drugstore high end whatever you like about the eyeshadow palette we have some
shades that are three care to use but this is not a disappointing product I
want to update you also about the lip balm it’s not very hydrating
I had to reapply three four times during the filming of the video as you can see
I have like a line in the inner part of my lips because I have applied a lot of
this it has a thicker consistency and it’s not very moisturizing for the lips
I want to use that this is my lipstick in the shade I’m aging I think this
color goes so well with the eye look today let’s see now what happened with
the face products hi guys it’s been almost 11 hours and let’s see now what
happened with the face makeup my foundation didn’t crease on my forehead
or on my t-zone I’m a little bit shiny on my cheeks and also on the forehead
but it’s not oily and my foundation is not patchy
I don’t have any areas of foundation separating my skin still looks very
smooth I’m very impressed with the foundation I didn’t believe that it
would work for me and I think that it is a very nice product if you want to do
your makeup very fast in the morning above the powder I didn’t have any
issues with all of the other face products that I have applied on my face
today so about these tea zone all about matte primer stick I’m
not really sure that it worked I’m a little bit shiny on the tee area here on
the t-zone area my foundation didn’t crease here so I’m thinking maybe it was
a primer so I will definitely use these products again and the powder of course let me know in the comments what is your
favorite product of today’s video and you can find serum or essence reviews if
you liked this video please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and
click on the notification bell and I will see you in the next one


  1. Hi gorgeous cutipie! In this video we're testing new products by Essence, I filmed the video before Christmas hence the Santa collection. Do you like any of the products?

  2. First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Second: the foundation's shades are strange and mixed, but I don't know why HAHAHAHA

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  4. omg i used this foundation in high school, i thought it was discontinued…maybe for nostalgic feelings i will repurchase ahha

  5. 15000 subscribers! Congratulations Vasiliki 🥳 you deserve a lot more though.
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  8. I tried the all about matt loose powder…i have oily skin and i am happy to say that it did a very good job…needless to say it became my go to powder

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