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Hey guys, what’s up, and welcome to my channel. I’m laughing because this is like the third time I’ve done this intro because I keep messing up Today’s video is going to be talking about our beloved beauty community and talking about the products that beauty gurus have made me buy. They have the same effect on me as they have on you. I watch their tutorials, and then I’m like okay Well, then I need all the products They just used so basically a couple these products were sent to me in PR But the, uh, beauty community is the reason that I use them because of how good they look on their skin So I’m gonna be talking about Different products that people in the beauty community Made me fall in love with So that is today’s video guys. I hope you’re excited for it Cause I’m excited to film it so we’re gonna be doing a look with all the products and I’ll explain who Made me buy or who made me start using each product. I’m so excited to be back filming. I’ve been out of town I went to New Orleans for the sugar bowl roll tide and for New Year’s Eve And I met so many of you guys you guys are awesome. Thank you for coming up to me hugs and pictures I love you guys so much, and I think that is all the story time I have to tell you oh my god okay, I guess we can get started filming and I’ll stop rambling so without further ado we’re gonna sing the SUBSCRIBE song and then we’re gonna jump right into Subscribe my channel before, you leave *high pitched* SUBSCRIBE! And now let’s go ahead and jump right into the video So first I’ll start out with primer and for primer carli bybel has got me stuck on this one This is the Becca velvet blurring primer. I really like this product. I think it does an excellent job of blurring out imperfections and smoothing out pores So I saw Carly used this in one of her tutorials, and I really started to like it And I just forgot to shake it up because you gotta give it a good shake For foundation Jaclyn Hill you were 100% responsible for the reason I use this foundation This is the Dior Forever foundation. She swears by this product there is another Dior foundation that I Love so much, and I didn’t want to quit using it and try out another one I just wanted to be stuck to my old ways and be happy, and then Jaclyn made me It looks so good on her skin, so I was like okay? Let me try it out and guess what I love it. It’s a really really great foundation It looks so beautiful on the skin I’m using shade zero three zero, and oh my gosh, and it also blends out so good It’s just good the goodness So I’m gonna blend that out with my Y6 from morphe. This is my favorite foundation brush It’s my favorite foundation brush look how pretty this foundation is I also love this shade It’s a great shade next up for concealer. It’s the Tarte shape tape and there is a beauty well There’s a lot of beauty bloggers. They use this but Jim Charles uses this every single day No matter what and he’s got me hooked on it. If I’m not using this. I’m using my NARS creamy radiant, which was Nicole Guerrero so many years ago started using that and I got hooked on it from her even use the same shade But this I think James is responsible for Jamesy wamesy I see you boy. And this sponge I’m gonna be blending it out with today is another Jaclyn Hill recommendation This is the morphe sponge and it’s hard for me to change out my sponges and like believe in another sponge after the Beauty Blender But this one works really well. It’s wet so it’s like huge if you can see up next to my face, but it It gets really soft, and it has like this very slight denseness to which I think Helps it not eggs orb absorb you guys know I make up words right as much product. It’s a really good sponge And I also like this end to carve out so this is a multi use sponge and I think it’s great and it’s way cheaper than the Beauty Blender as well It just blended it out flawlessly Okay for setting powder honestly. I didn’t have like a youtuber recommendation I feel like we all use the same stuff So I’m gonna be using the co effects perfecting setting powder which is something I swear by um so much This is what it looks like without the lid, but this is a really great one. I use translucent light This is good stuff people and I like to take a y actually I’m gonna use the sponge today because we talked about our YouTube Family here, okay, so I’m just gonna press this on With the sponge And we bake it 365 degrees I just put it all over my face Okay, my makeup ain’t going nowhere today nowhere Next we’re gonna dive in to bronzer Darling or really just contouring my face, so I’m gonna be using the Smashbox. This is a little contour palette I had this product for a long time, and I saw Casey Holmes using it And it just blended out and looked so pretty on her face And I’m like why am I not using this Smashbox makes great products So I’m gonna use this to bronze and I really love this its a good one By the way, they’re using the M 105 brush to contour with this brush is really nice I like it because it is a little bit raspy and it has It’s kind of flattened so it fits perfectly in your cheek bone to contour it out It’s a really good brush And it’s also an extremely Affordable brush on morphe’s website like this is not part of their elite collection so the bristles are a little bit more Raspy, but I do Love it honey I love it. Sometimes I feel like if I pull my hair. I can just snatch my face more Maybe maybe not so I always hit the jaw line as well But I’m careful not to do too much because girl it could make you like you got a 5 o’clock shadow and that is not The look I’m going for okay Yeah, so when I was out in Louisiana in New Orleans which by the way I forgot how much I loved that wasn’t the first time I’ve been there, but I hadn’t been there in like five or six years and I love New Orleans It’s like one of my favorite cities, so what’s up my New Orleans people I am not used to really cold weather clearly. I live in California So I’m kind of spoiled with the weather and whenever I got out there. I was like Freezing that’s a really bad interpretation of what it looks like to be freezing, but I was freezing That’s what I was trying to tell you there. I made it. You know I made it out alive, and I shouldn’t say this because I’m gonna jinx myself, but I never get sick and when I was out there in the cold. I was like I’m not getting sick Guess what I came back just fine But at one point I was like walking through the cold and the wind was blowing so hard in my face and I was kept Trying to wrap my scarf around my mouth, but my lips They like froze I couldn’t feel my mouth, okay Okay, so I’m just gonna dust this away. I normally add powder with the e49 brush, but today We’re dusting it away with the e49 brush cause we gettin crazy for blush Michael Finch got me using this blush from benefit Not the whole palette, but the California or Galifornia blush especially I did learn about this product on the benefit trip But after seeing it on his beautiful face. I fell in love with it so it’s kind of like my thing now Also, I just in general love benefit blushes oh This peachy color, it’s just right up my alley oh But if it makes a good blush honey blush is done. We’re gonna move onward. Oh my gosh. Hello Iconic London these illuminator drops Holly Boone puts these on her face, and she turns into a radiant angel And then I put them on my face, and I turn from a potato to a sparkly potato so I love these I tried these out in like an Instagram video And they were great and I use them all the time you can even mix them in your foundation You can mix it in your body lotion for your body to glow this product is not a gimmick This is a serious product And it is to be used very Seriously, so the great thing about these that I find is that they work with powder so I just baked my place my face and It doesn’t really matter with these drops because they still just blend out fine so I’m gonna hit the sponge with a little bit of mac fix+ and Then I wonder who got me into mac fix+ probably my sister. It’s just like a natural but yet blinding glow All that the world needs That is so pretty Okay, eyebrows are on and I’m gonna go ahead and prime my lid with the uhh This is the Smashbox primer and Sydney black uses this and it works, so well She uses this often. I do believe on her channel, and she got me into it and it’s great eyeshadow primer. I also like it because it has color to it, so it definitely like she said in her video Which is what got me onto? It said it helps to alleviate or cover the discoloration alleviate cover the discoloration And I do have discoloration on my eyelids that are a little bit of a red brown color Which I don’t mind because it might look like I have eyeshadow on when I don’t maybe not but we can pretend that it does anyway So it just helps to cover that and you end up with this nice base, and you’re ready to start And I like the way it feels too it gets a little bit tacky That right there is leftover eyelash glue so We’ll pretend it’s not there. For my eyeshadow palette today I’m going to be using the juvias place the nubian 2 palette And it looks like this really beautiful colors And I’ll go ahead and tell you the reason I’m using this is because Nikkietutorials uses these palettes in like every tutorial that she does and I mean can we talk about her makeup? Jesus So good it like shakeths me. I say shook at her makeup skills They’re amazing, so I’m gonna be using this palette today Because of Nikki I actually bought my palettes because of Nikki I was like okay I’m obsessed First I’ll go in with Madagascar with an r39 brush. This is just a matte brown color It also has that kind of like pukey, pukey undertone to it which you guys know I’m a sucker for I love a good light pukey yellow-green So I’m just blending this right in the crease of my r39 brush, so if you guys notice I’m keeping this color mostly in my crease and not really putting it on my eyelid cuz I want to do like a sparkly look I haven’t done one in a long time and Then when I was out this weekend because it was New Year’s of course I wore a lot of sparkly makeup, but now I just want to keep wearing it so lets what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take some jezebel, which is this purpley shade I legit just put a tiny bit on the tip of the brush, and then I’m just gonna pop it, right Into that crease this is such a pretty color I’m going to take a dab of the Tarte shape tape concealer and m421 brush to carve out the crease I’m gonna grab a bit of this gold shade right here on the same brush Nikkie Nikkie Nikkie you’re responsible for these too, and I’ve been using these for a really long time But these are the heavy metal glitters from urban decay, and they are like the best Okay, so I’m just gonna take you can use them like an eyeliner Or you can use them all over the lid you use them how you want to But I’m actually gonna apply this all over my eyelid and make this look sparkly They’re so easy Look how it makes the eyelid look kind of wet Oh so pretty, honey honey I’m gonna grab a bit of Kenya, and I’m just gonna define that crease out just a little bit more For eyeliner this is just like my favorite liner that I use every day, so I don’t Have a youtuber that recommended a liner So I’m just gonna wing it out, I’ll be using with it the the morphe n250-1 brush which is my favorite eyeliner brush to use with gel liner. I’m gonna go ahead and wing it out Girl my wing liner is popping So I am going to now add Mascara, and I’m gonna use this Lash paradise mascara from L’Oreal Tati is 100% Responsible for this and this is an amazing Drugstore eye mascara, I almost called it an eyeliner. It’s a mascara For lashes Manny is responsible for this addiction to Miami by Lily lashes. He wears these every single day To the point where I was just like fine I love them too and now I’ll I wear them every single day I really do he literally you won’t catch him without a Miami on and they are the best So yeah, I love them. I’m gonna take an M 408 brush and grab that purple shade Jezebel and just blend it And now I’m gonna take a y18 brush and just soften that up with a little bit of the Madagascar which was the first shade that we used And now I’m gonna add a little bit of that lash paradise from L’Oreal to my lower lashes I’m gonna add this pretty light shimmery shade guys my nails have seen better days So we’re just gonna pretend they look great in this video I’m gonna add this to the inner corner and just a touch on the brow bone to give us a pop I’m actually gonna go ahead and carve out a little bit right here And now I’m gonna add this is a sample size But noisette from Jouer on to my lips so this one is recommended by larlee she’s a really great Beauty blogger, and she’s a little weird, but I like her channel a lot and Yeah, I can do this Alright guys that is it for this tutorial I hope you guys like the way the look came out I think it came out great and of course I used very trustworthy products because they were recommended to me by the wonderful beauty world Thank you guys so much for watching this video be sure and subscribe to my channel before you leave Become a larlee today and check out my merch. It’s at Lauraleelosangeles.com I love you guys so much, and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day And I’ll have every product list down below from the wonderful, beauty world Ok I’m done being weird


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