GarageBand Facial Controls – Wah 🎸 Synth 🎹 — How It Works

GarageBand Facial Controls – Wah 🎸 Synth 🎹 — How It Works

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  1. Was thoroughly enjoying the vid. Then the sing a long invite happened, and I was all set to scare the neighbors but was left speechless!

  2. It's a bird… It's a plane… It's iPhonedo. You are like a "Swiss Knife". Everytime i watched a video from you makes me more hopeful about new media and YouTube. You are the Rock iPhonedo Beyciğim. 🙂

  3. Dude, you are possibly one of the most enjoyable youtubers out there. I love your sense of humor, the honesty on your reviews, and now the fact that you have included a very cool cameo of your partner in your content. Please keep it up, I really enjoy the content on your channel.

  4. Faruk KO'cuğum Türkiye'ye gelip GarageBand'ı kullanarak konser vermeyi düşünüyor musun? Yoksa canlı bağlantı ile konser vermek dahamı cazip olur? Son olarak istek parça çalar mısınız? teşekkürler..

  5. İf u like this , you must see

  6. Great video, thanks. I couldn't hear much of the wah tho. Is it because your settings or just the effect is not really that great on garageband?

  7. When I first saw the feature I was like yooooo that's awesome!
    But when I first heard the signing of aynine I was like YOOOOOOOOO

  8. I can see that you have a midi keyboard. I have a similar looking one. Akai MPK mini. I’m struggling to connect this midi keyboard with my IPad Pro 9.7. I had to purchase a powered USB hub as it used to give an error about the device needing more power. However, now with the powered USB hub, it works for a bit but gives an error that IPad does not support the device. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?? Any help would be highly appreciated.

  9. Bu kadar uyduruk bir özellikten bile böyle süper bir video çıkarmak gerçekten yetenek işi. Sonu bir harikaydı. Eline sağlık 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  10. Crappy camera angle from a guy that knows camera work suggests this wasn't staged … hmmm … talented youtubers … didn't expect that …

  11. ayfondo beyciğim ipad 2018 hakkında video istiyorum birde bu ipad x muhabetti dönüyor nedir ne değildir bir el at

  12. That’s great!!! I would really appreciate it if you could please make a video of how you’re connecting all of that to your iPhone, etc, and rigs and or all equipment used. Thanks and keep making videos and music, they’re always super super fun!

  13. Please, please, please, please, lütfen, lütfen, lütfen, lütfen make an album – or a channel, or something – you are so good! I could listen to your music all day (and that includes Aye Nine)

  14. I mean…. most of the guitarist and bassist use facial expression to feel the music, and not intentionally…. is a expression to feel the passion their making with sounds! so… this feature is awesome

  15. Again a great video. Where do You take all Your energy from for all what You do? Is there a mental trick or wisdom?

  16. hey great (hilarious) vid, so what guitar interface do you use for the phone? I use jam and I am having a hard time trying to find a way to hook it up to monitor speakers since rip headphone jack…. Did you monitor your audio or you recorded it directly to an external device? I miss using the iphone as a guitar pedal with the apogee jam :.(

  17. that was pretty amazing and shows Apple's attention to detail with their products. I would've never thought face ID would be used for garageband.

  18. Great video and sounds stereo on my iPhone!
    Just a question please. What do you use to plug your guitar to the iPhone X? Been looking at iRigHD but you seem to use a mixer? Please advice. Thanks and bless!

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