Gel nails at home – Impulss color gel review πŸ’…

Gel nails at home – Impulss color gel review πŸ’…

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Hi everyone! Renate here from CraftyRenate. Welcome back to my channel and to another ‘Test it Tuesday’ video. In today’s video I’m going to be reviewing a product that I’ve beent testing out for – I would say the last month and a half to two months. And it’s these gel nail polishes called Impulss. And they use, not a UV light, but an LED light! I’m just an ordinary girl who doesn’t really know anything about nail care. I just really like nail polish. But I don’t like how long it takes for it to dry and I also don’t like how quickly it chips. Because, you know, I’m also doing things with my hands. I’m a very creative person. I hate wearing gloves, so my nail polish chips really quickly. And, as I said, I hate how long it takes for it to dry. So I was looking for something that would help with that. So that’s why I decided to try this. It’s sort of like a gel nails at home kit, without having to take hours at a salon. Which, I cannot see myself do. If that’s something that you enjoy,… My sister has been doing it lately and she has the most beautiful nails now. I think it’s awesome. But I could personally not see myself [laughs] do that. So I wanted something simple and I decided to try this. And I’m gonna let you know how I liked it! I bought the starter kit, which contains the light, a nail file, some instructions. Always handy [laughs], to have some instructions. And then some of these sachets that are the nail polish remover wipes, the nail polish prep wipes and they also remove the sticky layer after the nail polish has hardened. And then some of these cuticle pushier thingymajigies. [laughs] What are they called? You see? I know nothing about nails! Except that I love nail polish. [laughs] Yes. The starter kit does not come with a nail polish. So, but I don’t mind, because we all have different tastes when it comes to what colors we like. So I just prefer to pick my own colors. I have a couple of colors here. But, one decided to be camera shy today of all days. It’s been hiding. [laughs] So, I’m not gonna force it to be on camera, so, yes. It was the ivory color. Very pretty. You’re just gonna have to take my word for it. But I will put on the screen which colors are available. But the ones I have here are Party Pink, Babydoll Pink, English Rose and Sweet Tangerine. And then I have Ivory, which has a little bit of a sparkle in it, which is really pretty. Yes! They have quite a few colors, which I really like. But we will get to that later. One of the first things I noticed [laughs] when I unwrapped the light was… [laughs] It’s a USB cable. Uhm… I just plug it into this and I plug that into my wall socket, but I just think it’s a little unpractical. I’m not sure why they decided to do that. Maybe because it doesn’t need as much power… or something. But if it doesn’t need much power, then they could have just made it battery operated. Which would have been kind of cool actually. Because then you could just take it anywhere with you. No wires, no cables. That would have been cool. I would have liked that! But anyway… I’m just using this, not really a problem, but I can imagine some people would see this as a problem. So I’m gonna show you how it works and how to apply this nail polish on your nails. But first I have to remove the one I’m currently wearing. But I’m gonna edit it so that you’ll see the removal after [laughs] the application. I’m currently wearing this English Rose nail
polish and you’ll actually see that the color on my nails is not exactly, does
not exactly match the color on the packaging. Which seems to be, some colors seem to match the color on the packaging and some colors don’t. So yeah, that’s a little… You don’t really know exactly what the colors are gonna look like
unless you’ve tried it before. But the colors are all very pretty, I personally think, so… Well, the colors I’ve tried so far. [laughs] Which aren’t that many, but yeah. I do like them so far, so I mean… It’s not really a problem. But, if you have a specific color in mind, it is a little difficult. So I’m not really sure why they don’t have the exact color on the packaging… I don’t know. But yeah, that’s something to keep in mind. But I personally don’t think it’s that big of a problem. First, clean the nails with the cleanser wipes. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and apply one coat of nail polish. Make sure to also seal the front of your nail, so that the nail polish will stay good for longer. But make sure to do it carefully, because [laughs] when you’re a little too enthusiastic like I was the first time, then you can actually sort of glue your nails to your fingers. Which does not feel good, so try
to not do that. Then place your nails underneath the light. It will
automatically turn on and it will also turn off when it’s done. Then apply a second coat of nail polish
and again put it underneath the light. Afterwards, remove the sticky layer of
your nail polish with a finisher wipe, which is the same thing as a cleanser
wipe. I only use two of those wipes to prep my nails and also to finish my
nails. So only two wipes for the whole process basically. So you do the four fingers of each hand
and then you do your two thumbs. It’s a pretty easy process. Once you’ve done it
a couple of times it’s super easy. The first time it’s a little like. ‘Oh’. Especially the removal process. But now that I know that I just have to file
more, it’s quite easy. But the first time I was like, I didn’t know what I was
doing. And the second time, I still didn’t know what I was doing. Now I feel like I
know what I’m doing, sort of. So yeah, I feel confident now. And it’s a lot more
fun now too. Because I feel like: ‘okay, I’ve got this.’ [laughs] When it comes to the
colors, the nail polish colors, I do like the colors, but one thing I don’t
understand is why they don’t have any special effects. You know, any special
effects polishes. They do have a couple of shimmer ones, which I really
appreciate, but I’m the type of person that, when I pick nail polishes… Sure, I
pick regular colors as well, but, like the last couple of nail polishes I chose were
things like ‘galaxy’, ‘melted chrome’, ‘jeans look’, you know? ‘confetti’, ‘feathers’,… So I
like things that are a bit quirky and they don’t have any of that. So if they
would just make something like, I don’t know, special effects… a special
effects range or even just top coats that you can add to the nail polishes.
Like glitter top coats, you know, metallic top coats, stickers,… You know, things like
that. And and and then you can put it under the lamp and
then it would harden. That would be so cool. I mean, that would… Why don’t they do
that? I mean: That would sell, right? They would make so much money. Why didn’t they
do that? I really miss that. If they would have
that, I would be completely sold, you know? That’s one thing I really do miss. I have
tried adding, you know, regular glitter top coats to the gel nail polish. But I
think I put it on way too thick and it sort of made that gel polish
peel off. But I think that was because I put it on so thick. So I will try that
again with a thinner coat and see what happens. I can’t let you know how that
works out, at least not in this video. But maybe I can put it in a comment on this
video once I have, because that would be cool if that works. But yeah. One thing I haven’t figured out is… you’ll hear it in a minute. Well, in a
couple of seconds. It beeps at some point, I don’t know why. It doesn’t say anything
about that in the instructions or on the website. It just says that you have to
wait until the light goes out. It says nothing about a beep. I know with my
bread maker, when it beeps it’s time to add extras, like raisins and chocolate
drops. But with this, since there’s no top coats, it’s not time to add your top
coats or your glitter… hint, hint. [laughs] Yes! Jaaaa! Oh yes! Ik like it.
Oh yes, I like it. Also, when it comes to how long they last, I feel like it
really depends on what I do. It really just depends. Sometimes I feel like they
last longer than other times. This one could have used a little more
coverage. The other ones are actually perfect, hmm, yes. It really depends. If
I’m really digging into soil, like doing weeding and stuff and doing a lot of
harsh things in my art and craft studio, then obviously they’re gonna chip
a little more easily than when I’m not doing so many things with my hands. But I
do feel like they last a lot longer than regular nail polish. So I’m definitely
happy with that. They say they can last up to 10 days and I haven’t really
experienced that. That’s a bit extreme, but I have felt like they can last up to
a week, which is pretty amazing. First file the nail polish until it is
scratched and dull. Then open a sachet of a remover wipe and
place the wipe onto your nail polish. Then slide your finger into the sachet
and wrap the sachet around your finger firmly so that it holds the wipe in
place. Do this for all fingers and keep them on for 10 minutes. Then the nail polish should come off
easily. You can use those little thingy majiggys – I still don’t know what
they’re called – for this. They’re meant to be used for that. But I personally just
like to use my nails for it. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that. But I
don’t know, I just, it’s just easier for me to do it that way, so yeah. If the nail
polish doesn’t come off easily, you should just leave the wipes on a little
while longer. So when I opened the new pack of remover
sachets, I actually noticed something. A different color. What? Oh my gosh, it’s a
different brand. So I was a little freaked out. I thought I bought the wrong thing. But the drugstore had it where the Impulss ones were supposed to be. So I
looked it up and even though it’s a different brand called Haute polish, it’s
the exact same thing. Just a different brand, but it’s the same thing. The same
sachets, it also comes with a file, it also comes with the LED light,… So not a UV light, an LED light. Which means you can use the sachets – and yes it worked – and you can use the nail polishes interchangeably. Which means you can use
the nail polishes, the Haute nail polishes with this light from the Impulss, which
means I can look for Haute nail polishes and add to my collection! So if I see a
nail polishes from that other brand that I like, I could use those too.
That’s so cool! So guys, this is actually a mistake that turned out to be
really good. So now I get to share this with you guys as well. So at first I was
embarrassed, like: ‘oh, I have to cut this out’. And now I’m like: ‘no, I don’t have to
cut this out, because I get to share it with you that you could use those nail
polishes and those remover and cleaner baggies from that brand too.’ So that’s
pretty cool. Although I have to say that the remover wipes from this brand… Oh man,
strong… Really strong scent. And they also kind of stung my skin, which I
really didn’t appreciate. But they did clear off the nail polish a little
better, so it’s a bit… mmm… I guess it depends on what my drugstore offers, so [laughs]
yeah. But yeah. That was a happy accident I guess. I really hope you
enjoyed this video and it was helpful to you if you wanted to know more about
this product. Or maybe you didn’t know about this product and now you are
interested. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this and how you
liked it. Or if you have something similar like this, maybe with a
UV light and which product it is and how you like it. I would love to know,
yes! Thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t subscribed yet and you do
like my channel, please consider subscribing. And yes, I’ll see you soon
with my next video. Bye! See, I get distracted so easily. Even if
there is nobody there, just the camera. Just the illusion of someone being there
and I’m already distracted, so stupid. Can you imagine if you guys were
really here? How many of you are there? 7000 and I don’t know how many? You
could not fit into my living room… I mean it’s not small, but… [laughs] Ouch, this hurts! Wow, oh
that’s better. This is gonna… Oh, this is really gonna
leave an indentation in my skull. A week from now you’ll still feel that. [laughs] Slight
exaggeration… I actually really like the color the way
it looks in the LED light. It’s like a hot hot hot pink I wish it
looked like that I mean it’s pretty the way it i,s but actually really like the
color the way it looks in this light. That’s not the color though.


  1. A few interesting things I mentioned in the video, that you might be wondering about, but that I had to cut out, because the video was WAY too long πŸ™ƒ: The PRICE of these polishes is on the higher side than what I'd normally pay for polishes. Usually I only spend about 1,99 € on a nailpolish, but these are 11,99 € . Seeing they're gel nailpolishes that harden under the light and everything, I think they're worth it. I'll still wear regular nailpolishes too of course. But these are great for when I want something on my nails that needs to dry fast, look good and last a while! REMOVING the nail polish took me a while to master as I didn't file them down well enough in the beginning. If you don't file them down well enough, you can leave the remover wipes on for hours and the polish will not come off. I've also noticed that the light sometimes all of a sudden gets HOT and other times it doesn't. The STARTER KIT was 49,99 € . The OTHER BRAND that looks super similar and from which I'm almost completely certain you could use the polishes (which would explain why my local drugstore has them right next to the Impulss ones) and the sachets is called Haute.

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