GET GLOW NAILS! Glow-in-the-dark and black light PARTY TIME

GET GLOW NAILS! Glow-in-the-dark and black light PARTY TIME

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YAAAS! Rave Bitch! So, one day I was on YouTube looking for glow-in-the-dark or blacklight nail polish tutorials and what did I find? A bunch of DIY’s. Of course. I’m sure they’re all great. So I went to the internet and yes, my suspicions were confirmed. You’re not really supposed to put that glow stick stuff on your body. No, you’re not. Thankfully, there is nail polish companies who know a lot more than a random person does about what’s okay to put on your nails and what’s not okay. Not going to get too much into the science event cause I don’t want to bore you to death now do I? I don’t know about you but I don’t trust a lot of those DIY’s. And personally, I refuse to risk my nails with that shit. Anyone remember this thread banger Corinne Vs. Pin episode? …Hmmm, Yeah Nail polish companies, that make it for your nails on the other hand, that I think I can trust. And so, coming directly from someone who’s made over 2-200, oh my god, Wow. I’v made over 200 YouTube videos about nails. I have no life. And in my professionally unprofessional opinion, If you want your nails to glow, you should buy a nail polish designed to do that. And not make it yourself. But you can apply the nail polish yourself eh-heh! Does that satisfy your itch for DIY? So, I picked up these 4 different glowing products. Three of them are colored nail polishes. We got yellow, pink and aqua blue. And this is actually a top coat. What?! I put the links to all down below so you can find where to find glowing shit if you wanna glow too. First step, I put a peel off base coat on cause I’m in the testing phase. This is Simply Nailogical’s lab after all. Let’s try this pink one. It looks like.. pep…to bis…mol in regular lighting. Not gunna lie. Not my favourite shade and its definitely not the most flattering on me. Cause these strange little dots in it. Weird…. Is that, like, the granular stuff that makes it glow in the dark? I really don’t know. How do these science things work? Anyways, Let’s test it! …I can’t see anything. This is going great so far!.. I can see it with a black light though! So, that’s good.. I think. But I think this polish is supposed to be glow in the dark and not just black light activated. If you didn’t know, these purple looking indigo bulbs are black lights. If you happened to be interested because you wanna have a light night Friday night glow party with your nails and yourself, I put some links as to where I got these blacklight products on Amazon down below in the video description box. WAIT A SECOND.. Why is my pink holo glowing? Is this the twilight zone? Have I entered another dimension? Thats this polish. I had no idea that some holo’s could glow under a black light. But hey, what can i say, holo’s do magical things. In any case, I tried adjusting the settings on my camera with this pink glow in the dark polish and it DID actually glow in the dark. Without the blacklight. But yeah, it was kinda faint. Now lets play with glowing top coat. Hahaha Wooow. Ohhhh Myyyyy Goooodd. WHAT?! This top coat shines brighter than your future. You know, this shit is awesome. You can barely tell that there is pink underneath but who cares because look how bright that glows! Thats insane! Under regular lighting it look like a top coat. Its clear, you don’t see anything funky going on. But as soon as you turn on a little bit of blacklight, BAM! You see that glow, girl! You see it good! How about some late night, rave peel porn for ya? It doesn’t peel the best when its still kinda wet.. Hehehe.. Next, lets try this blue one. This polish is actually a lot nicer. It goes on pretty smooth and I think you could definitely wear this by itself without any weird lumpiness or whatever that shit was. Okay, LIGHTS OUT!! Oh yeah, thats a gorgeous, glowing blue. By the way, this is a ‘Picture Polish’ collaboration shade with ‘OhMyGoshPolish’. She is HUGE on Instagram and you can also check out her YouTube channel. She does a lot of glowing mani’s so if you like to watch these on screen, definitely go check out her channel. Just to clarify, this polish is only blacklight activated and it does NOT glow in the dark. Lets put some glowing top coat over it cause why not? Oh, I love this shit now! Im just going to put it on everything. Its like a holo top coat! Got your glowing tacos here! Get your glowing tacos! This last polish IS, apparently, a true glow in the dark polish. Meaning it should be lit up with blacklight and just in the pure blackness, darkness. Lets add a third coat. YAAS! Looks good, looks good to me!! Blacklight, absolute darkness! Blacklight, absolute darkness! It definitely glows in either settings so you can wear this to glow in the dark mini pedding or to a bat cave. Your choice. And I’m just going to add a top coat of this glowing stuff because I basically can’t stop now. Im radioactive! Don’t f*ck with me! Yoo! So this is cool! In complete darkness, it goes back to just looking like glow in the dark. And again, under a normal lights, or some light or day time, it just looks like a regular top coat. There is no difference. Now lets have some fun, kids! Yes! Science is fun! I put a bunch of different things on my nails. We’ve got multi-chrome, some flakies over black, holo, and just pure white creme polish (Boring). Under blacklight, none of them are special. Of course. Except the flakies are kind of shining. Now lets add the magic top coat to all of them and see what happens. Over holo, it-it does nothing, sadly. It makes me so sad! Woah! When you put it over flakies you can see the flakies under It!. That’s actually pretty cool. Don’t flood your cuticle though. Heheheh.. Reminds me of that one time I used gel polish. I got it in my cuticles! I don’t know if thats going to make this experiment better or worse. And I don’t know why I thought this would be cool, but, putting it over multi-chrome doesn’t really do anything. So there we have it! Definitely putting it over pure white, you’ll have the most glowing nails ever. Also, you need to be careful when you use this because it will show all your cuticle mistakes. Here is what it looks like with blacklight and normal lighting. Still pretty cool. And with no blacklight whatsoever, it just looks like how it looked before you put the magical top coat on. Also, this topcoat dries hard as a rock. Like, What? I think its pretty much the exact same formula as the regular quick dry top coat that I use. Just with added glowing shit. Now we gonna peel it off! And yeah its not peeling off in one big shell because I was really impatient and I only peeled it off, like, I don’t know, five, ten minutes after I initially painted this on. But I got shit to do you know, I got nail art to do! Speaking of nail art, I hope you guys enjoyed this glowing nail tutorial video because in my next video, I’m gonna show you how to do some nail art with this crazy polish! Please don’t forget to ‘GLOW’ subscribe to my channel heheheh so you can be notified when I upload that glowing nail art video. Thanks so much for watchin’ and I’ll see y’all later bye!


  1. I have some glow-in-the-dark nail polish and I have to wear it outside in the sun for a couple of hours to make it glow-in-the-dark

  2. girl you gotta hold glow-in-the-dark stuff up to the light for a bit for it to glow when the lights turn off… so it can like saturate with light particles or some science-y shit like that idk. Just personal experience.

  3. I was watching this in front of my dad and when she said bitch I was like plsssss god noooo 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  4. If i would search for the black witch holo nail polish i would type this

    "That black holo thing you know that one the one simply nailogical put on?"

  5. I think if you leave the pink under the blacklight long enough it will glow in the dark like the green one

  6. I LOVE ask your videos!! I don't usually save videos other than music but I keep finding myself saving yours one after another (and I can't stop marathoning LOL!) Thank you for your channel and efforts!!

  7. Lol Im literaly watching this while my friend and I just finished painting our nails with glow in the dark nail polish from claires! NO LIE LOL😂

  8. You are supposed to charge it with a hot light of any sort for about two minutes then it will glow in the dark not black light

  9. Would it be okay to follow one of these DIY tutorials and put that polish on a fake nail tip instead of the real nail?

  10. I was looking for a gel glo ombré nail then I saw this I’m like oh okay I’ll watch this then I saw that it was Cristine.. I’m just like oh it’s Cristine. I can’t go wrong here so why not

  11. I really need to get new white polish mine is still the stuff that u get in one of those little kid nail polish manicure sets (Can anyone suggest a white polish for me to try)

  12. I just got yelled at in a livestream by my favorite youtuber… Now I am depressed. Christine you like me right??……. Im crying omg. 😭😭😭 I dont wanna watch him anymore…

  13. I have 4 from Claire's Accessories: Blue, pink, turquoise and white, but the pink and turquoise ones still seem to glow white or very pale blue! Why does it not seem to come out the right colour??

  14. ihave something that might help ye glow in the dark people, its a china glaze "top cote" it looks ?green? but applays pirfictic to the nail i tryied to find cheep wedsite but just apply honey for that good good cheep code ( url

  15. A lot of glow-in-the-dark stuff (paint and perlers in my experience) need to be "charged" under black-light before they'll glow.

  16. Okay, i said to myself before I clicked on this video
    Jess, you will not laugh at this, try not to laugh
    Video starts
    Me at 0:00

  17. WOOOOOOOW😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰.

  18. One time I was playing with a glow stick and I cracked it too much and it exploded so my boots were glow in the dark and so were my hands 😆 lol. Thx god I was fine

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