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(upbeat music) – Let’s begin this Get Ready With Me starting with the hair. I’m using the Kiss InstaWave, it’s an affordable, fully
automatic, tangle-free curler that instantly creates
beautiful curls and waves and it’s so easy to use. So the first thing I’m gonna
do is apply heat protectant spray because this hair
curler goes up to 420 degrees. Then I go ahead and I brush my hair so I don’t have any tangles. It’s easier to use when
you have no tangles. And then you let the Kiss
InstaWave curl your hair for you, it’s amazing. There’s a spinner that
spins to the left or right so you can do inward or outward curls but I chose to do inward curls and then you hold for eight to 10 seconds, release, and you have these
gorgeous bouncy curls. I like placing one or two inches of hair into the barrell. Because my hair is, I would
say medium to long hair, I find that one and a half
inches works best for my hair. And the cool thing about
this hair curler is it’s really quick, so it’s
perfect for busy moms. And also if you’re a
forgetful mama, like me, let me tell you, this
is awesome because it shuts off after 90 minutes. So after that I go ahead
and I run my fingers through my hair, I apply hairspray. Because hairspray kind of
holds the curl better for me because I have that kind of hair that doesn’t hold a curl well. But, this holds a curl really well. I think it’s the high heat setting. So those are the results that I get. I highly recommend it,
it works really well. And I’m very grateful to be working with Kiss InstaWave for this video. So, after the hair let’s
go ahead and get started with the makeup. I applied my undereye mask for 10 minutes. This is by Skyn Iceland,
I bought it Ulta recently and then I went ahead and moisturized my really dry lips. And now it’s time to remove the eye mask after the 10 minutes and my eyes just feel refreshed. Then I apply my Tarte primer which is one of my favorites
before a foundation. And now I’m ready to buff on my foundation with my favorite It Cosmetics brush and the Shiseido foundation which is one of my new favorites that I have recently discovered. Then apply concealer,
all over random pimples you guys, I’m breaking
out recently so like I put it all over, like
anywhere I have pimples, underneath my eyes and pat it in using my ring finger. After that I’m ready to
set with some powder. I’m using this loose powder by Tarte. I think it’s a great
powder, but it’s not great in your purse, so don’t travel with it unless you have like a
Ziploc bag to, you know, hold in all that powder. Now I’m gonna apply some lip gloss. I love this one by Buxom and it’s in the shade Jessica. And now to the brows,
this is by It Cosmetics. It’s their super skinny brow pencil. It’s in the universal gray. And then I have to apply some Gimme Brow by Benefit, because it
keeps my brows in place. And now it’s time to curl my lashes. I’m applying Two Faced
Better Than Sex mascara it’s one of my favorites. I like applying mascara
and then letting that dry and then contour my face
with NARS Laguna bronzer which is one of my favorites. Can you guys tell, because I hit pan. And then using this new Tarte palette I’m applying the Courage blush on I love that shade. I saw that the blush
was a little too harsh so I use my powder
brush to kind of diffuse that harshness. And also probably the contouring was a little too harsh too. Looks a lot better now. And now for my favorite part. Highlighter, this is a NARS Albatross. I love it and I’m using my Motives brush to pop that highlighter on. The more the better you guys. You guys want to glow. Then I’m actually using my fingers to apply eye shadow. I’m using Rosy Outlook
from the Tarte palette. And let me tell you, like
when I use my fingers my husband Justin goes like, “Whoa, your eyeshadow looks good.” I’m like, “Really, because
I did something different. “I used my fingers.” And he’s like, “Whoa, it looks great.” Then I popped on my favorite
Ardell wispy lashes, these are like the easiest
lashes to pop on you guys. And I used my Thrive glue,
I really love that glue. So that is my natural
makeup look you guys. And then I wanted to share an outfit a mama outfit, a sundress
and this cardigan from Old Navy. I bought it when they
had like a 50% off sale on dresses. I still use a diaper bag but my son now use briefs. We finally potty trained him recently. And then these Ted Baker sandals from my best friend Dee. And that is it, I hope you enjoyed and remember to subscribe and watch my other videos. I love you friends, bye.


  1. Great Video! If you like makeup tutorials,fashion,tips, diys then check my channel you'll find all that. have a nice day dolls!

  2. Gahhhh you have the most beautiful hair April! I'm in the process of growing out my hair I miss it so much! Speaking of that I need to go take my biotin 😂

  3. Danggg…I need me one of the kiss instawaves. It curled your hair real quick. Gorgeous btw…love the makeup look. ☺

  4. Hi April, I absolutely love watching your videos! You're always to positive and you're so beautiful. That buxom lip gloss and I share a name; Jessica hehe
    Love you April xoxo

  5. April you not only win the wonderful mother award but you also win beauty and fashion award and wife awards. 😊 I'm in love with this video.

  6. great video April! I wish I saw this while still in NYC so I could buy that roller for cheaper 😉 hehehe…but love your look!! you're always so flawless!!

  7. Loved the video and your mommy outfits! I just wanted to say that I appreciate you so much . I'm also subscribed to AprilJustinTV and seeing how well you handle yourself and seeing how positive you were after your miscarriage really helps me. I also had a miscarriage and it's still really tough for me but your positivity helps me a lot. Thank you so much!!!

  8. April i'm interested in buying the Instawave but just curious if it holds curl like a regular wand?My hair does not hold curl well.Also i was wondering if you used any other hair products besides hairspray?

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    You should check it out & let me know what you think!!!

  10. April!!!! Your hair is so long how did you do it?? You should do a hair care routine or tell us what you did ☺️☺️

  11. Can you do a video for heatless curls? My hair doesn't hold a curl either but I try to stay away from heat and I haven't found a heatless hairstyle that gives me good Curl. I usually only get beach you waves. Lol

  12. Love the end result, your hair is so pretty <3
    I also have a beauty channel if you want to check it out <3

  13. I have that curling iron. It is that lazy girl curling iron and my hair looks amazing. Girls if you want this curling iron go to the ulta website. But I suggest waiting till you get the 20% off coupon then buy that curling iron. Also when you curl your hair get closer to the root then from the bottom of your hair. Just some tips I learned. Great video!

  14. wow the instawave looks so fun and easy to use!👍
    what are some cheap home remedies for pimple because I've been breaking out a lot and its making me feel gross. 😢

  15. Hi all….I just curled my hair with this thing. I ordered after seeing April use it. It is everything she said…awesome!! And the curls are cute and bouncy! Thanks April!!

  16. Hi April love ur hair, would u do a hair treatment video 🙂 & what kind of heat protector pray did u use.

  17. I love your videos April! I just sit around and watch all of them, you're so sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

  18. April your amazing! I love this. Im trying to be more girly girl this year. And you remind me of what my sisters use to say. Being pretty takes some work.

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