GHL Facial Rejuvenation (Korean Face Wrinkle Treatment) Conversation with the Foxes

GHL Facial Rejuvenation (Korean Face Wrinkle Treatment) Conversation with the Foxes

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Chacha, you introduced us with a new face pack today. / Yes. I hoped to use that pack on Hyeon-young’s face today. That was my primary purpose. But Hyeon-young is refusing to reveal her non-makeup face. I know right, she keeps avoiding since last week. Her skin is so lovely and clean, but she keeps saying she’s not confident and I don’t understand why. My facial features are different. Because you have such a baby face and skin. I envy you. That’s not true. You can’t look too closely. Why not? Do you have facial concerns too? My concern is… wrinkles. No way. You have wrinkles already? I mean, I am not just saying this. Since last time she keeps saying, sister, I have nasolabial folds here. I mean right, what do you mean you have nasolabial folds? No, I am for real, I have such visible wrinkles for my age! How old are you again Hyeon-young? Seven years old. What do you mean that you have wrinkles? I should be talking about wrinkles! No, no, that’s not true. You don’t get the issue where foundation gets stuck in your face. I mean for me, maybe it’s because I laugh a lot but, my nasolabial folds… I mean, where? Here. No, you don’t have any at all. Ok, I see it very slightly. See I am telling you I have it. On this side. Yes here. You have it slightly on the left side. Yeah, I have it on one side. Maybe I laugh like this. But it’s so unnoticeable. I have a real concern. I am not too worried about nasolabial folds, but I am anxious about my eye wrinkles. Make sure not to laugh too much. Because we have makeup on, our wrinkles get noticeable easily. And if a wrinkle shows up once, it won’t disappear. I should laugh like this now. Don’t smile with your eyes. What I do is apply a lot of moisture cream or use cream packs before going to bed. Because we must be precautious and prevent aging earlier when possible. There are many wrinkle solutions such as massages like this. But however hard I try, my wrinkles are still there. I know you all have such wrinkle concerns, and that is why I invited someone really special today. You two will probably scream with excitement when you meet him. Who is it? Introduce us fast! Welcome, Dr. Kim! Nice to meet you. A gallery-like clean and warm interior Experienced know-how in facelift for over 26 years Dr. Kim, Gold Happy Mirae Director
Awarded Korea National Health Award 10 years of incisional surgery and 16 years of non-incisional facelifts Welcome! Please look at the camera and briefly introduce yourself. Hello, I am Jonghwan Kim of Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetics Clinic. Hyeon-young has a lot of facial wrinkle concerns right now. Yes, I am only 27, but I already have wrinkles… Because we are running a beauty TV program, We are really interested in the way we look. The weather is getting colder these days, and our skin elasticity seems to lose firmness and sag over time. Yes… gets drier and darker in tone. So why does this happen Dr. Kim? So facial wrinkles appear because they are a sign of aging. It starts to show in the late twenties. First, it’s because the face is losing vitality. The difference between youth and aging comes from facial vitality. So, Dr. Kim, we wanted to ask you this. Is there a way we can alleviate visible wrinkles? The best way to alleviate wrinkles is to supply sufficient moisture. So we should drink a lot of water? Yes, especially in winter, you will want to
constantly keep moisturized. In terms of treatment methods, you need to restore the facial vitality through gravitational resistance. So do you mean like facelift? Facelifts are pretty common these days. Yes. The word “lift” literally also means to overcome the force of gravity. Yeah, that’s right. To overcome gravity, you need to use insoluble threads to be able to stabilize them. The threads must be firm enough to resist gravity and restore facial gravity through micro-stimulations applied to the face. Dr. Kim, you mentioned the use of insoluble threads. Are these threads commonly used in the hospital? Yes, of course. It’s the same type of threads used in cardiac surgeries. The thread is very thin with small detailed thorns. Thorns? Yes, the tiny thorns uplift the face while stimulating the skin in microscopic levels. That is how the facial vitality restored to the face through microscopic stimulation. Now I have so many questions I want to ask after hearing this from Dr. Kim. So first, when we think of facelifts, we usually do a lot of soluble thread lifts. But Dr. Kim, you say that you use insoluble threads. So take a look at the pictures our staff is holding. Yeah. Let’s guess what their actual ages are. Their skin is very firm without any indented features. To me, she seems like thirty-four years old. I would say, about forty-one years old. I would say, about forty-two to three? So Dr. Kim, how old is she really? She’s in her early fifties. Wow really? So she looks ten years younger! Actually, she got her first GHL treatment in her forties. She did the Gold Happy Lift using two threads both at once in her forties. She came back to us for re-treatment after twelve years of her first treatment. Even after twelve years, the face was still good. Dr. Kim, so what is the general age group of customers that visit your clinic? Our average age group is from late forties to early fifties. But there are still many people who do it who are younger than that. Dr. Kim, did you also do the GHL treatment with your face? Did you? I honestly want it for myself if there is someone technically able to do it with my know-how. However, it’s impossible to perform it myself. Yeah, that’s true. Just like how a monk cannot shave his own head. So people watching this will probably now be interested and have some questions. For example, are there any cautions they must be aware of after a facelift? So after the threads are inserted, you will need some resting time to stabilize. For how long? So, for about three to four days, you should not be speaking too much, you should not be opening your mouth too wide, especially you must never be singing. But after three to four days, you will be able to move your mouth somewhat freely. To be safe, you want to keep your mouth movements to a minimum for generally a week. Well, a week is actually quite short. So only a week of rest for almost ten years of results. Yes, after a week people may think that your face is slightly swollen. Oh, so your face gets a bit swollen after the treatment? Yes, that’s true. And people with thin skin may get some temporal bruises. However, after about a week of resting it will start coming back to normal. Dr. Kim, the three of us will make time to visit your clinic for consultation. Please give us a discount! Dr. Kim, thank you for making time to come on our TV show. Thank you. Please give us your phone number. Okay, sure, I will give you our business card.

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