Girls Night In, Facial and Q&A with Tia and My Mom

Girls Night In, Facial and Q&A with Tia and My Mom

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Tia, do you want to use toner?
She said yeah. – Toner.
– Toner, yeah. For the face. – You don’t have time, right?
– “A little”. Now, you’re going to do it like this. Like this? You rub it like this on your face until it turns the color – White.
– Turns white. Tia, what’s your secret for you looking so young? I Never “I never got married”. “No marriage”. “No marriage”. No coochie-coochie. You’re going to find
yourself a boyfriend. Here? Like it? It’s okay.
No like it? No worry. In English, yes.
In Spanish, too much blah-blah. Yes Right, Tia? That you took care of my mom?
You took care of me when I was little too? Yes. How old where you when
your mom passed away? Year and a half. “Together”, both of us. Tia, do you remember when Micky’s
friends were there and everything and how you would hit
them with the broom? She would kick them
out with the broom. The ones I didn’t like.
When they were “wanting”. Get out of here! Right, Tia? When she and her siblings fight,
they tell each other things but then they talk like, they go
ahead with their lives, no evil thoughts They say what they need to say,
openly and accept one another. That’s how family should accept
each other because it’s big. It’s really big, yours.
First of all, from your father’s side. Your mother’s is pretty big, pretty
pretty big, but too separated. I have a question for you, Tia. Tell me one of your
skin care secrets. Number 1, my dad and my
mom lived passed 100. The total years, I never knew. And they didn’t have white
hair or any wrinkles. You put on a lot of lotions,
always, right? – You always have lotions, always.
– Since she was young. I slept a lot. I drank a lot. – Beer.
– Beer. But, all brands, of beer.
I didn’t drink just one, all of them. No, Corona, no. – Budweiser?
– We didn’t have that one then. OK, so, you slept a lot?
Drank lots of beer? – And what else?
– Lotions. And I took vitamins. By the brand
of cosmetics, same as the lotions. And you also like to take
collagen vitamins, right? – Yes, a lot.
– A lot of collagen. I have taken 2 packets of collagen. Don’t be lazy, right? And I spent a year dancing. No Boyfriend, no. How many boyfriends did you have,
in your youth? How many boyfriends did you have? Boyfriends? Boyfriends-boyfriends,
like… not many. I never really had time to
pay attention for “boyfriends” Courting.
What you would call then a “boyfriend”. Just like two. Like two. I would go out with them… drinking. Not dancing. No?
Why not? I don’t know.
I wasn’t invited. Just to have fun. Well, you, “Madre” and Susana did. – With the men?
– The three of us. – We would…
– They would steal each other’s boyfriends. No, not me.
I just let them have them. Did you even want
to get married? Twice, I was asked. But it didn’t
get to the actual ceremony. The one that was already set,
for the “I Do”. A lover of the groom,
called me and said: When you get married, buy a bed for
four because I am carrying his child. So, I said, look, don’t worry. Scandalous. I told her, don’t worry, I… – You can keep him.
– You can keep him. And I will never even look at him. And he died. I was never courted by older men. No, they wanted me. Just guys younger than me. – Only younger guys.
– No, I didn’t like them. They liked me. They sought after you? And I still dance. When I can. You always dance, Tia. You can dance for hours and hours. Right, Tia? That at the party you dance
with everyone. And they got tired. They couldn’t keep up. Two of them dropped.
I don’t know how.


  1. Can we make a video with Patty saying Mayonnaise. I’ve rewound this like 10 times!! La Tia is laying back like a g.

  2. This is hands down my favorite video! I love family and I’m so happy that you get to enjoy life with your Tia! She reminds me a lot of my grandmother that passed away! You will cherish this video forever!

  3. omg can you please make more videos where you’re speaking spanish? i miss you family down in lake so much and this made me feel like i was back with them!💔

  4. This was awesome! Such a creative video. Loved seeing your mom ❤️ and of course tia! Kiss kiss! I’m gonna go have a Mexican beer now. Bye 😂❤️

  5. That was me loving hiding in those clothing racks my one hated it that once she hid from me and I stopped doing that 😂😂

  6. I know you mentioned once tia was learning English or trying to… is she still doing that? I noticed in this video it’s getting pretty good.
    Sleep and lots of beer tia you’re my woman

  7. I love watching videos of you and your Tia!!! She reminds me of my Tia Carmen. I also had an amazing relationship with my great aunt who helped raise me and my mom. She also never married, but had a lot of fun dating and traveling. She was engaged once, but found him cheating with the maid back in Colombia. SUPER escandaloso! She also said she lived so long bc she ate, drank and slept as much as she wanted. LOL!

  8. Very appreciative of the conversational way you translate back and forth so it seems like we are all there with you 😊

  9. Hahaha I love this video so much! Glad I watched this. It looks like you had great role models in your life growing up 🙂

  10. Your mom reminds me of MY tia/Nina that passed away. She was so calming and so elegant. Her voice was so soothing and the way the accent rolled off mixed with that soft spoken pitch, it always made me feel calm. She was my favorite person in the whole world. She really was everyone's go to and she was always happy and she truly cared about what you had to say. Watching this video made me feel like she was talking to me again and made me tear up a little bit. Love the content you put out. This video really warmed my heart and love to see how happy you are in life. Keep making people smile!

  11. Been waiting for free undisturbed time to watch this, and I’m sad I didn’t watch it sooner because damn Tia. She’s a queen now… imagine her in her prime rejecting boys. 😬🙌🏼

  12. This is what we need. THIS is so powerful generation after generation of love, respect and taking care of one another you don’t see this too often anymore💗💗💗💗💗 good quality time and your tia is just a whole ass mood omg we love her!!!!

  13. Esta es la primera vez que escribo un comentario y lo escribo con lagrimas en los ojos de risa! Este es el mejor video, osea tu tia es lo massssss 😀😀😀❤❤❤❤ que super mujeres tienes a tu lado!!!
    ps: I want beer in my life🌟

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