Glam Dollar Tree DIY Affordable Handcraft Decorative Mirror and Hanging Earring Holder

Glam Dollar Tree DIY Affordable Handcraft Decorative Mirror and Hanging Earring Holder

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What’s up glue dots?! I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter! Tonight’s project is a very elegant, very nice gift item that
you could give if you want to but you might want to keep it for yourself
because you’ll probably love it. …a little mirror and a little earring holder that
coordinate that can go up on the wall either in your bedroom or bathroom
wherever your closet wherever it is that you get ready. I have to take guys really
quick because this is just funny. I was at uh…where did I go? I think I was
actually at the Dollar Tree and I had to chuckle because, look what they had. I
have not seen these there before and since I call you guys my glue dots
because we stick together, I had to show you that. But anyway, moving right along, I
have that great craft for you and I think you’re really gonna like it and I would
love if you stick around a while. Hit the subscribe button and also the dot…(laughter) …the bell next to it so that you can be informed any time I upload a new video. So I hope you
enjoy and let’s get started! Hi guys! I really didn’t think I was
gonna be on camera and realized that you could see me in the mirror but sorry
about the fantastic hair. Anyway, the first thing we’re gonna do is take our little
mirror here, take it apart and we’re gonna be spray-painting this silver. Just
pop off, (it pops off from the back) Be a little bit careful but you don’t have to
be super careful. It just pops right out. So you can save the backing here from
this because we’re gonna put the mirror aside because that’s what’s for our
other project. (laughing) So we’re gonna put this aside and we’re gonna be using this
cardboard backing and your trash can. So with the trash can you’re gonna try and,…
use a pair of scissors to cut this that are not a really good expensive pair.
Probably get a Dollar Tree pair of scissors so that you don’t destroy your
scissors cutting this mesh. I’m gonna use the garden shears because I just feel
like they, I don’t know, They’re just a little easier to work with sometimes. So
over here at the bottom just start cutting and we’re gonna completely be
removing the base and the top from the rest of the garbage can. Do the same with
the top. The last thing we’re gonna do with this is just find a spot and cut.
What we’re trying to do here is open this up so we can have one flat sheet of
mesh like that. Now I was looking for this darn seam so I could cut on there
and I couldn’t find it….but…oh well, I found it now it doesn’t really matter. So we’re
going to lay this flat and take your cardboard piece because we’re going to
use this as a as a template for the piece that we’re going to cut out of
this mesh. Now I would suggest using a sharpie or something and trace around
here so you can get your line and then we’re going to be cutting that
out. Here we have our circle. So the piece
that I spray-painted should be dry by now. I’m gonna go grab that and I’ll be
right back. We’re gonna be putting this mesh piece
into the backside of this and I’m just gonna throw a little something down to
protect this a bit because I don’t want the paint to get all scratched up. So
there are the tabs that are on here still from where the mirror came out. You
can push this in. Push it underneath the tabs. Just squeeze this all in there.
That’s how it looks from the front and we’re gonna actually be putting some
glue around to secure this in place. So we’re gonna now take our glue gun and on
the inner part of the circle we’re going to glue this whole thing down. I guess
not directly on because you don’t want it to show from the front side but on
the inner side of the inner circle, if that makes sense to you. Try and hold
this kind of down while you glue so that it stays in place and doesn’t pop back
up as you’re turning and going around. And make sure that the wires are
actually glued to the plastic. Now we’re going to be taking our Mardi Gras bead
necklaces. Take one necklace and we’re going to be putting that, gluing that
around this outer edge. Now it’s not necessarily only for decorative purposes.
It is because we want this to stand away from the wall when you want to be
able to put your earrings and things hanging in here. If it’s too close to the
wall you won’t be able to put them through. So we want this to stand out
from the wall and this is the way that I figured out to be probably the easiest
and the best way. So starting around your edge go ahead and
get this glued on and we’ll be gluing that all the way around this edge. Try
and be a little bit careful with your glue because you don’t want that to goop
out all over the sides and show. Now that we’re finished gluing that on I’m gonna
flip this over and we’re going to be putting our little flowers that we’re
gonna be making on to decorate this so that it will coordinate with the mirror.
And to make the flowers we’re just gonna take these little cocktail spoons, I
guess they would be, or whatever they are, mini spoons and you’re going to just
break them apart. We’ll take our spoon and on the underneath side of it put
some glue around that bottom edge and attach it in place and hold it until it
kind of cools off there for a second so that it doesn’t fall forward. Do the same
with your other spoon pieces. So three spoon pieces will be glued facedown and
then two spoon pieces will be glued facing up to form the upper petals of
the flower. At this point you’re going to take
either your flower or your gemstone whichever one you decide to use. Put some
glue on the backside of it and glue it right down to finish off the
flower. They can add as much or as little embellishment to your jewelry holder as
you want. I am going to probably add one more here to the bottom side just, again,
so it somewhat coordinates with my mirror. But that’s entirely up to you and
your style and your creativity. So I actually added on two more pieces to my
upper flower so that it would show as a top and a little bit to kind of
distinguish the top from the bottom of our jewelry hanger. So the last thing we’re
going to do is put the ribbon that you want to hang this with. Now I’m going to
give you some options here so whatever you have on hand or whatever you decide
you want to use. So this is the handle of this bag. You just pop it through those
holes. It has these little ends on. You can use those and glue those down as
your hanger. Another option if you just have some ribbon… I happen to have this
ribbon that I had gotten on sale. Another option if you (since you will already
have these for this project) would be to use some of the Mardi Gras beads and you
cut a piece off and glue that to use as your hanger. Or the final option would be
if you have some bling wrap that you would like to cut a strand of and use
that to hang it with. So whatever works for you as I said, whatever you may have
on hand. So flip it over I want to also angle it inward so that it looks nicer
the way it’s hanging and we’re done with that and let’s now work on our cute
coordinating mirror. So for the mirror I know you guys are seeing me upside down
but… this is so weird I keep forgetting this mirror’s here. For this mirror part
what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna be taking our Mardi Gras beads and we’re
going to be gluing those around this outer edge.
Now when you get your Mardi Gras beads try and find the spot that they are
actually attached at and cut that off because you don’t want that to end up
ruining the nice evenness of the edge around your mirror. So go ahead and cut
it off at that point. Get rid of that little piece and then we’re going to be
using our East 6000 or fix all glue to glue this around the surface edge of the
mirror. Now go easy with the glue around this edge because you don’t want this to
really show. You kind of want it to be hidden underneath the beads. I have a big
glue booger on here that I’ve got to get off here. It’s making me crazy! Okay, so go
around and put it as close to that edge as you can and try not to get too much
on there. Sometimes it’s easier to use the E6000 that has the crafting tip sort
of or the, I don’t know what it’s called, the tip on it as opposed to sort of that
bigger hole, but, this is what we’ve got, this is what we’re using right now. Okay,
so we’ve got the glue all the way around the edge. Now we’re just going to place
our beads if you want to use a little bit of glue gun to help hold those in
place that would be probably a good idea. So just go around carefully dropping
these into place. (chuckle) oh my goodness…so funny that you can see me. So now while we’re
letting this dry we’re gonna go ahead and make our flower embellishments to
put around on the top and on the bottom just like we did for our earring holder.
So we’re going to be needing 15 of these little spoon tops. We’re gonna be taking
one of our stickers from here and then I usually just like to stick it on the
outside of the package so that I can work with it a little easier. So what you’re
going to be doing is taking your spoon and putting some glue. Now on the bottom
ones for this one you can put a fair amount of glue they’re going to be going
upside down on your sticker. You’re gonna go all the way around till you make a
flower. So now that we have the base part of our flower done… it looks something
like that. They’re all faced down. We’re going to be attaching the upper petals
and they’re going to be going in between the petals that are face down. Now for
this you don’t want to put too much glue just lightly scrape some on the back. I
know it looks like I’m putting a lot but it’s very lightly scraping it on the
back and then you’ll be attaching that right on to the top in between the other
petals. They’ll have a little bit of an upward, like a flower would. And go all
the way around attach all five and we’ll finish it off with our center
embellishment. Now to finish it off what I did is, I have this, which you can also,
as I’ve said, use one of the regular gemstones and put it in the middle. But
for consistency to go with the other ones I’m going to be using this. I cut
one of the flowers off of that strip. We’ll be putting a little glue around
the outer edge of it (it’s really not necessary for the
middle part of it to have glue) and we will drop it in there and the flower is
all done. So we have our one full flower. For the half flower that we’re going to
be making for the bottom side of the mirror, I’m going to take our sticker and
cut it in half. We only want to use half of it. Save the other half for the next
flower…some other project. This flower we’re going to make the same way. We’re
going to be gluing three of these face down in it and then two of them facing
upwards. So now we have our two little flowers done. We’re going to be adding
them on(this has had a little bit of time to dry) So we’re going to be adding
our flower on, putting, so when you look at the flower you have the two bottom
points and the one top point. So we’re going to be putting a little bit of glue
on the bottom points and then a little bit of glue here in the middle of our
sticker and that’s what’s going to be sticking to the beads and the two points
will be sticking to the mirror. So I would suggest probably using your E6000
for the two little points that we’ll be gluing to the mirror and then the part
that’s going to be gluing the sticker to the beads we’ll probably use our hot glue
gun for just to get everything to stick. Now for the bottom flower, the nice
thing is, that the sticker actually will be going, the curve of the sticker is
going to be following the curve of the beads. So it’s going to go right on top
of that (right above it I should say) and on top of it and we’re going to put glue
on that with our glue gun and then attach it on. I think I might put a tad bit of E6000
which I should have done first (got to do it fast before the glue hardens) and put
it in place and hold it down for a moment until that
hot glue solidifies. And the last thing will be to attach our ribbon .Now again,
you have the option of using some of your Mardi Gras beads, some ribbon, or the
top a handle part of a gift bag that you just pull the ribbon out of that. So for
the sake of coordinating the two I decided to just go with the same ribbon.
I’m probably go with the same thing on both just so that they do coordinate
together a little nicer unless you’re going to give them to two different
people then that’s fine or if you’re gonna use them in two different places.
So this is the finished product. I’m gonna go ahead and show it to you with
the other one and put it up so you can see it how it looks


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