Glitter and Shimmer Makeup – Tried and Tested: EP134

Glitter and Shimmer Makeup – Tried and Tested: EP134

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Hello girlfriends, and welcome to another
episode of Tried and Tested. Today we are going to be trying out glittery
and shimmery products yes! So this is All That Shimmers top coat and
it’s suppose to give your nails a unicorn glow. Okay, I am going to try it on the bare nail
first and see how it looks like on its own. Oh, that is pretty. You got the pink, that purple. this is like iridescent glittery. I don’t think this looks very nice on its
own unless you already have very natural beautiful nails. And now let’s try it on the grey colour. Oh, this is a gorgeous top coat because at
some angles it’s like you can’t see the glitter at all and when you tilt it and it’s like
woo it is like a breath of glitter on it. And it just sit into the colour so prettily. It doesn’t feel like a glitter top coat it
does feel like the colour came with the glitter. Okay so now let’s try it with the black. Oh wow damn. That is a party nail. Oh, it’s gorgeous. Oh my god, this is an amazing top coat. Alright, so I think this is really pretty. I think it’s interesting how versatile it
is because on a lighter colour it has that fairy dust kinda effect, on the dark colour
it’s like a disco ball, it’s like a party nail you know. So that is quite cute. It is a glitter top coat that is iridescent
and is a very nice glitter top coat that is iridescent. Does it blow my mind, erm not necessarily
but it is a very pretty one and it does its job. so I will give this an 8/10. This is the All Over Dazzle shimmer mist from
the Dancing With The Stars Norvell collaboration. And it is really cool because it is like an
all over body shimmer so you can put this on your body, you can put this in your hair,
they say that the best way to use it is to go head to toe. Okay so maybe I will try some
on my hair first. When it first comes out, it smells like coconut
than after that, there is this incredibly strong alcohol smell. So I spray a fair bit on my hair, but it’s still
kinda not really showing. It is just a little bit you can’t really see
it and actually if you ask me I feel like it looks as though there is a glitter accident
as opposed to I glittered my hair up because it is so little it is like oh is there glitter
in your hair? Like what happened? As opposed to oh you put glitter on your hair. okay, now I am going to try and put some on
my arm. it is not super obvious which I think in a
way is a good thing. But also the colour, there is something like
a bronzing effect going on I think. I don’t know, I am very confused about this
product cause there is a lot of glitter everywhere Right now, I can’t really see it on my hair
but it has gone all over my shirt. Which is a bit annoying but I think glitter does that. But the thing is if I could see it on my hair
and on my shirt I’d let it go. But I can’t see it on my hair and I can see
it all over my shirt that is not the… if I wanted a glittery shirt I would have worn
a glittery shirt you know what I mean. like so irritating. Okay, so the other thing is that it smells
weird, like it smells. When it first comes out, it smells a bit coconutty
and then there is this really strong alcohol smell and then it settles into a weird mix
of both. I had 3 solid sprays and I went quite close
as well so, I mean I should be a disco ball but I am not. Rating, I would minus…minus… I don’t know what I will minus 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I don’t know I am so annoyed with this product
right now because it’s just it is all over my shirt but is not on my hair and it’s not
on my body either. It’s not where it is supposed to be it is
everywhere it is not supposed to be so that is really annoying. I understand I…I am overreacting to
this. I am reacting disproportionally to glitter
spray but it’s just like…I am not a fan. This is the Natasha Denona starliner, this
is a 2 step liquid liner with a sparkly finish. Wooo…so cute. So step 1 is the liquid eyeliner and step
2 is the glitter. Already I am not feeling too hot on this. it looks like it is going to be quite difficult
to control. So now I am going to try step 1 on my eye. Oh wow! This is a lot easier to draw than I thought
it would. They need to switch eyeliner to this. I was expecting it to be like fussy to kind
of like deal with. but the brush actually deposits the eyeliner
very well and also cause it’s shorter, I can rest and just do it like this with very minimal
effort and the brush is so small, it allows me to get all the way in here like this. Alright so now let’s try the glitter. It feels like it is a bit burning. Okay, guys, right now my eyelid are stinging
and I am pretty sure it is not in my head, so I am going to take this off. Excuse me. Okay so I’ve removed it and it was stinging
a little bit so I think I was maybe sensitive to the adhesive because it is only after I
put on the glitter layer. But before we removed it, we had a quick look
and it is actually really quite pretty. I think the amount of glitter is not a lot
and it kind of like the same way you apply glitter nail polish where you kinda dab it
on as opposed to drawing it across. So the removal was also really easy, it kinda
just peeled and rolled off, so it didn’t spread the glitter everywhere. I think the packaging is really cute, the
application is very easy, it kinda burns my eye a little bit so I am not a huge fan. But if your eye is not sensitive then I think
it could work for you. The colour and the glitter together were really
quite pretty so I would give this like a… 7.5/10. This is the Tarte Tarteist pro eye jewels eyeliner. So pretty! So you have the metallic liquid eyeliner on
one side and then you have the glitter on the other side which we can layer over. Right now the liners…I am not too sure how
I feel about them, they feel a little bit watery or something. Okay so looking at the colours, they are quite
pretty. I like how the metals have that melted metal
kind of finish. It’s not like shiny in your face metallic,
it’s got a matte metal finish. I am kinda drawn to the rose gold and the
white gold so I am going to try those out. I’m going to try the gold first on the right. Actually, when you draw it on like this I
can sort of see why they called it white gold instead of gold. okay now I am going to put on the other side,
the rose gold. I think both the colours are quite pretty. Oh no, I think I am just not meant to use
glitter eyeliner ever! That is burning my eye too. Okay, I think the glitter on the white gold
makes it look so pretty. like the gold itself I think is a really nice
take on a gold liner. The glitter compliment it really well and
it’s very sparkly and it’s very obvious. The rose gold, the metallic liner colour is
really gorgeous, the glitter doesn’t really glitter as much but it is a very nice subtle
sparkle. So this one I think is really good cause it
is very versatile so I would totally give this like a 10/10, even though some of the
glitter is not as strong, I think the overall this is a 10/10. This is the jewel drop liquid shadow from
Missha which is a liquid glitter eyeshadow. You can use it either as an eyeshadow or under
the eyes. Oh, it’s so beautiful. The first thing that stands out to me is that
the colour of the glitter doesn’t seem to be the same colour as the eyeshadow. The glitter is a very silvery kind of glitter
whereas the eyeshadow is more like a rose nude champagne kind of colour. so the application is super easy because you
can just use your finger and just throw it on and it gets a lot of glitter on there. It shimmers like crazy. And you know what, I think if I kept going
like this, it just really builds up the glitter by quite a bit. I think in term of how glittery it is, it
is pretty amazing. like this thing is…shiny. So here the thing that I am not sure about
right because, in this thing, it looks like this beautiful nude-y rose gold colour correct? but once the glitter starts getting spread,
actually all I kinda see is silver glitter? The colour of the eyeshadow is there but it
doesn’t kind of look like the glitter and the eyeshadow don’t look like it is from the
same bottle. I was kinda hoping the glitter would be the
same colour as the eyeshadow and make it super glittery as suppose to glitter on top of eyeshadow. If you don’t care what colour the glitter
is and you just want that thing to sparkle, this is so good for because this thing is
sparkling like…I am getting very distracted because I can see the sparkle like from here. And in terms of application, it is really very
easy but it is very difficult to kind of up the colour and not so much glitter. Okay so for this, I feel like you can’t really
see the eyeshadow colour because the glitter overpowers everything. So to me, it doesn’t feel like a very balanced
glitter eyeshadow if that makes sense. So the application is great, it stays, I mean
there is no fallout or anything which is sometimes the case for glitter eyeshadow and I guess
it helps that this is a cream. But in term of the balance of the colour
and the glitter and all that, I think it is alright. So I will give this 6.5. Here we have 2 products that are same same
but different. This is the custom enhancer drops from Cover
FX, if you watch the instafamous beauty ep products, we did the colour celestial. And that was more of a subtle glow, pearl
finish whereas this is supposed to be more iridescent and multi-dimensional. And this one is from Maybelline it is the
master strobing liquid. So this is kind of use the same way, you can
mix it with your foundation, your primer, your moisturizer or you can use it on its
own as a highlighter but this is 1/5 the price and contains almost twice the amount of product. So I am going to test it out half half and
we will see how its goes. Ok, so currently this color to me actually
looks a little bit snow-queen? It looks like a blue indigo violet crazy white
mix. It’s really very iridescent. So the Maybelline one also says light iridescent. Yah, really the texture is just completely different. This is like a cream. Ok, so the Maybelline one it looks like very
frosty. Like when it first comes out it’s a bit peach-champagney,
and it also’s got this like crazy frost. So I’ve mixed it in with my primer, and at
first glance, I am actually thinking like, where is the shimmer? I don’t know why I was expecting it to be
a lot more. But, you actually can see the shimmer. The thing is it kind of looks the same way
it did on my hand as it does on my face. Like the Cover FX is really iridescent and
the color changes into the different colors, and it feels that way. Whereas the Maybelline one, it’s shiny, but it doesn’t feel like there are as many colors. I can see a frost, with a little bit of that
peachy thing so it sits into my skin really nicely. So now what I’m going to do is I am going
to try them as highlighters. As a highlighter, I actually really like the
Maybelline one for its color, but if we’re talking about the promise of iridescence, I actually
think that the Cover FX one is a lot more iridescent then the Maybelline. Because the Maybelline one doesn’t really
have like the different colors that are kind of mixed in together for their iridescent,
you know what I mean? It’s kind of like your regular highlighter? Whereas the Cover FX one, if you see, it’s
a lot more multi-dimensional, it just looks like there’s light coming from my skin. So for the Cover FX, I would give this a 9.5
out of ten, because it is iridescent, even though it is subtle, and also it mixes with
everything and shows. Which is great. Only thing is that I feel that it is not as
customisable as the Celestial one because it’s very hard to put more without this turning
too white. For the Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid,
I would give this a… hmm…. As a highlighter that you use on top of foundation,
I think it’s beautiful, 9.5 out of 10. As for everything else that it’s supposed
to be, err… I would give it a 5 out of 10. Ok! We’ve come to the end of the episode! If you want to find out more about the products,
links are in the description box down below, or you can go to out Tried and Tested Facebook
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