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Hey everybody! Over the past several years, you may have seen this photo of me dress as
a bear hanging on my wall. This bear is Gloomy Bear. And while Gloomy Bear looks totally adorable, his story is actually quite dark. When Gloomy Bear was just a little cub he was abandoned by his bear family and then was found by a boy named Pity. Pity kept Gloomy Bear as a pet and they were
BFFs and cute and cuddly until Gloomy started to grow up. And then as he grew up, his wild bear instincts
take over, and he attacks Pity. A lot. All the time. Because he is a bear and bears are not good pets. So, should you stumble upon a cute little
Gloomy in your lifetime, do not keep him a a pet or your lifetime may
be very short. Today’s look is for all of you Gloomy Bear
fans out there, and is the perfect combo of a comfy kigurumi and simple makeup for your chill lowkey day
at a convention. Here I am, on said day, in 2013. Awww little baby Alexa. So cute. So why didn’t I have glittery blood tears
dripping from my eyes? Well this tutorial didn’t exist in 2013. So now, I present to you, the convention makeup to go with one of my
all time fave kigus to wear, Gloomy Bear. I’m going to start off this look with a primer. We’re gonna do a quick lil faves for ya, okay. These 3 Smashbox primers are my new go-to depending on what my skin is like at the time. Oops! My skin fluctuates from normal to very
dry. If my skin is super dry and miserable, I’ve
been loving this primer oil. And if it’s on the dryer side but isn’t, like,
totally desert status, I go with the hydrating primer. And finally if my skin is feeling good moisture-wise
but could still use some improving, I go with the Pore Minimizing Photo Finish
primer which is what I’m using today. After my primer, I move to foundation and
here’s another new fave for ya. L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation. IS. MY. JAM. This stuff was recommended to me by RawBeautyKristi, follow her if you don’t already. She’s amazing! You’ll love her. And ummm This foundation has changed the game for me. The dewy finish has been perfect with my dryish
skin and it has made me feel so good and happy
and confident about my skin, so if you’re looking to try a different foundation,
I recommend this one. I love it. Okay new makeup faves are over, so let’s zoom right on through the rest of
my base makeup so we can get on with it. Concealer, bronzer, and some blushing pink
rosy cheeks. The color palette for this whole look is going
to be pink, red, and white. I use a red eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows
and then highlight my brow bone with Benefit’s
High Brow pencil which is a pearl-ish, white-ish, pink-ish
color. Perfect for this look. Then I jump on down to eyeshadow. I am keeping it really simple on the lids since Gloomy Bear’s design is a pretty basic, 2D, no-shading kind of design. So after I finish putting some light pink
down, I splash some color in there with NYX’s Primal
Color in Hot Pink and blend that up into my crease and outer
corner, and I’m going to bring this pretty far out around and underneath my eye. Then I use a super pigmented, creamy, shimmery
white on the inner corner by dotting it in there with my finger and
then tapping to blend it out. Alright, eyeliner! We are doing a double liner today, starting
with the red color. The red liner I’m using is actually a liquid
lipstick. I just use a small brush to apply it, and
it works out great! But if you are going to be using a lip product
on your eyes, you’ll want to make sure that One: it’s a kind of lipstick that dries completely matte so that it doesn’t transfer all over your
lid whenever you blink. And two: I feel like this is obvious, but
be careful if you do this. Lip products are made for your lips and are
not necessarily safe for your eyeballs. You can see here that I’m leaving a small
gap between the lipstick and my lash line just to make sure that nothing crazy happens. I will be filling that gap in with actual eyeliner
which is safe for eyeballs. The eyeliner I am using to fill the gap and
create the double liner look is NYX’s Matte Liquid Liner. And then I use their Jumbo Eye pencils in
Black Bean and Milk to tight line and fill in my waterline. NYX liners are where it’s at. I use them for everything. Add some mascara and the cartooniest lashes
you can find. These are my fave lashes for characters like
this because they are super big and super animated
looking. They are Lashing Out Loud from RockALash. Ok ok time for the blood tears! I was inspired to draw these under-eye blood
tears by the blood dripping from Gloomy Bear’s mouth. To start these off, I sketch them out lightly
and then go back in and fill them in with NYX’s SFX creme paint
in red. I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of how this
red paint went on. It’s the first time I’ve used it but the color
came out super light and I had to do several layers to really increase
the richness of that red. I’ve used other colors in NYX’s SFX line and
I’ve loved those, so I duno. Duno about the red though. I’d instead recommend either a red eyeliner
or a different brand of red creme paint, or a red water activated paint or something if I were to do this makeup again. When I use creme paints, especially up around
my eyes where they can crease, I like to set them with an eyeshadow of the
same color. I pack on NYX’s Primal Colors in hot red which
worked out great for that and really helped even out the red creme paint
too. Now I love a good bedazzle, as you guys know, and when I checked my drawer of little jewels
and glitter, I found this! Blood drop bedazzles!? Just sitting there! These were left over from my 2015 vampire
tutorial… Remember this? Well, they just so happen to be absolutely
perfect for adding some bloody 3D flair to an otherwise very 2D look. So, I mean, we’ve already crossed the bedazzle
bridge. So we might as well just run to full on glitter. And my face right here tells you exactly how
I feel about that. I love Lit glitter. This is their red glitter which is called
Fire Cracker and it’s beautiful and amazing and I love
it. And after I have the blood tears looking all
glam, I come back in and clean up the edges with
concealer. I put the concealer on a small little brush, outline the blood drops, and then blend the concealer out away from
the edges. I am basing my blood drops off of the flat
art style of Gloomy Bear, like the blood patches here on this kigu, so I’m keeping it one color all throughout
for the blood. If you want to take a more realistic approach, add some highlights and shadows to the blood, and instead of glitter, maybe use something
like NYX’s Lid Lacquer to add a slick, wet look to your blood drops. For my lips, I am adding a soft baby pink
that matches Gloomy Bear’s fur. And then I am adding red to the corners of
my mouth. I’m going for like… not so much of an ombre lip but more of like… just finished eating a human and whoops! I got some blood on my mouth! You know… that kinda look! To tie in the white color of Gloomy Bear’s
muzzle, I am adding white freckles across my cheeks
and nose. I love this kind of obviously fake-colored
freckles, and you’ll see them in lots of my videos. I just think they are so adorable! Now I’ll just toss on some hair to match. That’s better! This cute little pink bob is from RockStar
Wigs and is coming soon so stay tuned for that! And then either deco your hair with some bloody
accessories or just toss your kigu hood up and you’re all set for a day as the perfectly
anti-cute and alarmingly violent Gloomy Bear! You can really go so many different directions
with a character like Gloomy Bear, like this kawaii glitter version I have done
today or you could go to the total opposite side
of the spectrum and do a super gory SFX version which I would
LOVE to see too so if you do that, tag me. Like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching! Uuuuummm… Of course, I love you guys super super super
much and I will never attack you. I am not a bear. Pity, run for your life! Okay okay, I love you guys. I’ll see ya next time! Bye!!


  1. I have tried to tightline with black eyeliner and use white in the waterline, and it has always ended up going gray. do you have tips to prevent this?

  2. I have seriously missed your makeup tutorials!!! Every time I watch one of your videos I wanna get all dressed up and look as adorable as you always do!

  3. jeffree star's liquid lipsticks are eye safe so those are a little pricey but you can safely use them as eyeliner 💟

  4. Hey Alexa, Love your videos but I have a question. I really really want this one character wig but I can't find it anywhere. The character is Utage Douraku from Noucome. Do you have any idea of wigs that would work good for her? Kind of like a dark pinkish.

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Gloomy SOSOSO much. I collect Gloomy Plushies and the likes, I have a black fluffy kigu with blood stains <3 Wish I could get more stuff, but I haven't been to conventions for a few years :c I'd have to import everything (not cheap…)

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for this tutorial <3 Would it be too much to ask for the pink shade (nail polish brand and colornumertagthingy?) you're wearing on your nails? It's really matching the kigu~<3

  6. I loved Gloomy Bear when I was like 13 and in my ~edgy~ phase, haha! This is such a cute and fun tutorial, though. I love how you really put a lot of effort into making it recognizable!

  7. i just bought a gloomy bear kigurumi at a convention a couple weeks ago! Can't wait to do this at my next convention!!

  8. Hey Alexa, could you please in the future do a costume/makeup tutorial for the characters in The Breakfast Club please? I wanna see how you take on the teens. Thank you I love you so much xxx

  9. I loved Gloomy Bear as a sad emo kid but I never knew the back story! This is an amazing look, you look fantastic! xx

  10. it's the first time I hear about gloomy bear and it really remind me of happy tree friends…who comes up with such things 😜

  11. Hey Alexa, why do you make a video per month ? And I love your videos you put so much effort and love, you are so pretty and of course, I looooove you

  12. You were at Otakon and I never saw you. sob I'd love to meet you one day. Ahhhhhh. I stopped going to Otakon in 2015, but I was definitely there in 2013!

  13. Interesting that you add that disclaimer about not condoning violence, yet you use products that are tested on animals. :C

  14. I really like how this looks, do you think anyone could possible do this but just like an every day thing? uhh minus the blood tears lol

  15. I don't know if you already know this or have this but recently Hot Topic got this set of two cute hair bows that look like they are frosted! They are so kawaii and I thought I'd let you know!

  16. you are so gosh darn bubbly O.O it's so cuteee ahhh
    p.s. loved this tutorial! probably wont actually do this, but it was fun to watch and turned out adorably awesome 😀

  17. where do you get your lenses? pinkyparadise is no longer available it makes it sooooo hard to find good ones

  18. I literally sleep with my Gloomy Bear every night and I am totally unashamed to admit I still need to cuddle a bear to sleep soundly XD

  19. I've been collecting Gloomy Bear for two years now and I've never seen any make up tutorials based on him! This is so cute!

  20. Alexa Poletti, where did you get your kigu? i need one for a convention that i want to go to as this version of gloomy bear

  21. Because of this tutorial I'm going to do Gloomy Bear for my Sunday Costume at Phoenix comic con! Thank you so much for the idea! I love this make up look!!!

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  25. I've been trying to go onto Rockstar Wigs,This sight popped up claiming to be the sight for rockstar wigs and my computer got hacked.Help on where the ACTUAL sight is???

  26. I have the black long sleeve Kigurumi of gloomy bear!

    Got it for a super cheap price on amazon and it's really good quality

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