GREASE Sandy Makeup & Hair

GREASE Sandy Makeup & Hair

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What is the point of living if you can’t take a few chances It’s time to say goodbye to Sandra Dee, and I’ll show you how to transform into your inner bad girl After using foundation of my eyes followed by powder I’m using a light eyeshadow under my brow bone followed by Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in ‘Gray’ as my transition color The shape of the eyeshadow Sandy had in the movie is on the crease and up to the eyebrow on the inner and outer corners Then I’m using Bobbi Brown in ‘Steel’ following the same shape adding it layer by layer to prevent adding too much on at the time and it ending up looking blotchy Mix the light eyeshadow with white eyeshadow to highlight further where I’m showing you I’m using Bobbi Brown ‘Long Wear Gel Eyeliner’ in ‘Black ink’ on the lashline with a flick out in the corner Use white Kohl liner on your waterline and extend it out at the corner then outline the bottom lashline using black gel liner tracking the white and drawing a triangle at the corner, which is exactly how they did it in a movie This is a trick to make the eyes look bigger and catch the eyes of your own Danny Zuko After curling your lashes use mascara I’m using Too Faced better than sex Add a few layers to make sure they look as full as possible as she didn’t use fake lashes in the movie After moisturizing and priming, I’m using ‘Rimmel lasting finish foundation’ in ‘ivory’ And highlighting using Bobbi Brown Foundation stick in alabaster. Then powder. Grease is just the name of the movie and not how you makeup should look In the 70s when this movie was made they used bronzing powder to contour, which gives it more of an orange tone so I’m using Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder in ‘Medium 2’ below my cheekbones and below my jaw However I’m using the gray eyeshadow I used earlier as a shadow to make my chin pointier to emulate Olivia Newton-John’s face shape Use a red tone blusher such as ‘NARS Exhibit A’. Make sure you brush off the excess color because you don’t want it to be too strong Apply it to the apples of your cheek and fade it out towards the ear On my eyebrows I’m using a medium brown color ‘Mac’ in ‘Lingering’ to fill them in I’m brushing them straight to the side because Olivia Newton-John’s eyebrows are very thin a bad girl must have is a red lip A bad girl must have is a red lip! Use a lip liner such as ‘Redd’ by MAC and draw the lip shape I’m showing you Then I’m using Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Gabrielle Moving on to the hair I’m using heated bendy rollers on the crown to make small curls Then a curling tong for the rest of the hair Remove the rollers and separate the hair on the crown gently, and brush the rest of your hair using your fingers Use bobby pins to put your hair into place Brush up some hair at the side and use a hair slide or pins Finish with some hairspray and then all that remains is to sew yourself into your pants Tell me about it, stud!


  1. Ready to let out your inner bad girl? It’s GREASE 40th Anniversary! As Grease is one of my favourite musicals I had to do a Sandy Make Up Tutorial 💋 Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Wow great. I love the final result! Maybe you would like to check also my beauty channel? Anyway I like yours very much and just subbed.

  3. Oh my gosh I love all you start out and then transform what a great video made me laugh and also inspired me so I was going to do the innocent girl lock which what I always do when I go swing dancing but we’re doing a special event and I thought it be cute to do Sand.

  4. I want to hear about the night went out on the town in this you must of been getting all the attention from everybody town this look don’t tell me you just stayed home that night.

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