GRWM | First Impressions on Milk Makeup ft. Ivan Lam

GRWM | First Impressions on Milk Makeup ft. Ivan Lam

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Hi, everyone!
Welcome back to my channel! And today
I have a special guest. – Hi! Hi!
– It’s Ivan Lam. – He did my BLACKPINK make-up
– Mhmm. and thank you guys so much
for supporting us! Yeah, you guys seemed
to really like it. Yeah! You guys have really
a lot of kind words to say. – So thank you!
– Yeah. Turn me into another
KPOP idol in the future. – We will, we will and…
– Who? Comment down below. Comment down below. You guys come up
with better things than us, – sometimes. Yeah, really.
– I know, right? – But today… Oh!
– Oh! Today we used a lot
of the Milk Makeup products. We wanted to see
what the hype was about. So we got a bunch
of Milk Makeup… to see. A lot of these products
are in sticks. So it was really,
really interesting to try. So you’ll see
if we liked it or not. Yeah, basically this
is the looks we came up with. – So…
– Yeah, keep watching. Yeah! I guess we can start
with the primer. Yeah? Okay I’m gonna try
their skincare then. Blur Stick? Okay,
you can try their skincare. So they have like a…
This is really interesting. This is a Matcha…
We haven’t used these products. So, just so you know, we’re not
sponsored to use these products and we also haven’t tried
these products yet. I swatched one
of the highlighters but… I haven’t like…
It’s not even open yet. – Yeah, I can’t…
– So? It comes with like…
It’s pretty cool. I guess it’s kinda cute. – The packaging is adorable.
– It’s cute. – It’s like clear.
– I did it. Captions provided by Whoa. It’s like a solid form. – I heard great things…
– I scratched it. Amy gave me
the Blur Stick and told me how amazing it is. – So…
– I’m gonna try the toner. – Let’s see.
– Toner? Yeah. It’s a Matcha toner, so it’s like… What? Doesn’t smell like anything
which is good. – I don’t want fragrance.
– Yeah, it doesn’t… Let’s… I’m kinda like…
I don’t like applying things – like over and over…
– Like that, right? Yeah, but I’ll just
use it because… – Okay, here we go.
– Oh, it’s cold. – Really?
– Wow! – “Wow?” That was…
– What! Whoa… – It really blurs the pores.
– Oh, yeah? Do you see that? Oh, yeah. It’s like Photoshop. Whoa! Oh, this is so cool!
This is so cold. Maybe I’ll do it around
my eyes for like blurring. Oh, my gosh!
This is such a cool primer. I feel like I would go through
this product really quickly. Use it every day. Seven…
Seven layers with the toner. That’s interesting though.
That’s the toner. Try to touch my skin. – Oh.
– It’s… It’s like cold and sticky. It is. – I…
– You like it? So far, yeah,
there’s no fragrance but it’s kinda green, I don’t
know if it’s like naturally… This kinda smells like
when you… Like at a model home? – Oh, like fake.
– Like a new home? Yeah, it kinda smells like that. So I don’t really like that. But it’s okay. So far. Okay, next up,
I’m gonna use the Hydrating Oil. – It’s a stick form of oil
– It looks very interesting. – but the packaging is super…
– Cute. Cute.
It looks like space packaging. I’m gonna use The Saem concealer because this is my favorite. I’m gonna do it before
my cushion foundation today. It’s interesting. Usually I do it like
after the foundation. It’s like putting grease
on the face. – This?
– Yeah. – The concealer or the oil?
– The oil. – But…
– That doesn’t sound good. Grease on your face? I guess it’s like…
These will be great for travel. – Yeah.
– Yeah, they have a cleanser, too.
I’ll try that tonight and then I’ll like let you know
in the description below when I comment. It’s a Matcha cleanser. So, it’s great
for travel because it’s solid. So that’s fun. That is fun. Okay, and now
I’m gonna try the Blur Stick. – Yeah.
– I heard so many things about this. I heard good things
about this. Yeah? – How about you? No?
– I, I… I think it’s like,
people like hit or miss… – Okay.
– Yeah. So far I like it because it did
blur like, even my nose area. It flattened it. How did you apply? – I just applied it.
– Just apply it, okay. – I’m gonna…
– Like the way you did with the toner. Kinda scared. Captions provided by – Oh.
– I know right. It matte-ifies it too. It does. Okay, I’m gonna blend everything
with my Moonshot puff. I don’t know how much
to apply though, you know? I just applied it around
my nose area. I really like their ads
and their packaging. It’s very, very
like all inclusive. – Yeah.
– And just super like gender-neutral
and I think it’s really good. – The Milk makeup?
– Yeah. – Yeah. It’s cute.
– Yeah, their ads are like, – always a…
– But their products – are so expensive.
– It’s pretty pricey, yeah. I think this was like
36 or something. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It’s not cheap for a… So, at the end of this video
we’ll tell you – which products we liked,
– We liked. and think is worth it. Yeah. But packaging won me over like that much or
a little bit already. – The packaging? Yeah.
– Yeah, I really like it. – It’s very travel-friendly.
– Mm. Captions provided by Okay. – So. It did blur my pores.
– Yeah. But like not as much as I guess,
some of the, like, – the putty primer.
– Right, right, right. – It looks good, though.
– Oh, it looks good too. No, like even with
foundation over it, – it just sets really nicely.
– Mhmm. So I like it. Okay, I’m gonna use
foundation first and then… I really wanted to get
the star stamp. They had like an eyeliner,
like a pen-type thing with a star on it, but it was like
just a star stamp and for like 20 dollars I think. – So you just bought a stencil?
– Yeah. It was like, it’s really, that’s expensive. Yeah! So expensive. Okay, now I’m going
with the foundation. This is my favorite
and I’m running out. Captions provided by Oh, it’s not bad. Yeah. Yeah, right? It mixes well. – Or it doesn’t mix at all.
– Yeah. And I like how I layered
like three products and it still didn’t peel
off my face. – I know.
– Yeah, sometimes you layer a lot and the it just like rolls off. – Yeah, ew.
– Yeah. – I don’t want that.
– I know. Okay, face done. – What’s next?
– She’s so fast. Hold it. I’m… – You’re so fast!
– I know. We wanna do a three-minute – makeup challenge together.
– Yeah. But that will be
when I come back. – Yeah.
– The second time. For brows… I’ll try the
Rimmel Brow This Way. Rimmel’s really good. I like, and it’s cheap. – Right?
– Yeah. Oh! So far I like the primer. – Yeah, same here.
– Yeah. It’s all we’ve used so far. Or no, you’ve tried
their skincare. Skincare, yeah. I think skincare
you can’t really tell but from application
it’s not bad. Yeah. Perfect! Highlighter, right? Highlighter? Oh, yeah. So this is the Milk Highlighter. I feel like my makeup
is going to smear off every time I do this but… It’s always like that.
So like try to like, tap it on maybe. That’s usually better. I’ll start with the nose. – Oh, I don’t like this.
– No? It like, it rubs off. Look. I don’t like that. – It smears…
– Hold on. – It smears the foundation.
– It smears so I guess… – It smears the foundation.
– Let me try it. So, maybe I should just like
use my fingers. Is that easier? But it doesn’t really transfer. Like I don’t see
any highlighting. It’s pretty soft. It’s so waxy. Yeah, I don’t like…
I don’t like the smell. I wonder how much
product you get. Let’s see. – Oh!
– Oh! Small piece fell. Gotta blend it again. That’s actually a lot. That is a lot. – It’s gonna last long time.
– Dude, that’s a lot. That is a lot. – I’m still turning it.
– I know. I bought one from Innisfree
similar to this. Like it comes in a stick. – And I still have it.
– A highlighter? – Yeah. It’s good.
– I’m gonna tap and see how… It does rub off the foundation. Yeah.
And it doesn’t really show. – Yeah.
– It’s phasing. Like if I wanna
highlight my face, – I want the highlight to show.
– Yeah. I want it to pop. So… – Very subtle.
– Yeah. Maybe if you mix it with like
a foundation… I don’t know. – Okay.
– Or maybe before you use a foundation it will
show better. But it’s like so many things – rolling on already, you know.
– Yeah. Okay, so there is a
Holographic Stick. I thought it would be
fun to try out. This is the shade Mars.
It’s like a reddish tone. Maybe we could try this
as a highlighter. – Okay. Go for it.
– Let’s swatch it. Oh! – That comes off better.
– More. So this is the
Mars Holographic Stick. – Let’s see.
– I’m gonna go with that. Holographic Stick. Is that better? I do find it… It’s a weird shade but… – The thing is…
– It also takes of like, stuff. I don’t like contour
and highlighters when they’re in stick
and solid form, like this. I like the powder. Because it’s just easier
to blend everything together. So it’s just not my style. – I totally get it.
– This is Mamonde Daisy Bronzing This is Mamonde. It’s so pretty.
It looks like M.A.C. It does. I’m gonna set my face
with some powder. I don’t know if they got powder. – I didn’t really see it.
– Oh, – so much better!
– Yeah? Yeah. Look at it. It just looks better. I gonna set my face
with the Art Class By Rodin. – That one’s good too.
– Yeah. Oh, and it smells like flowers. This is Sunny’s favorite
makeup brand, Mamonde and I was like is it because
Park Shin Hye is the model? – Because she looks like Park Shin Hye.
– I know. Yeah, yeah. And she’s like,
“No, no, no, I always liked it.” “I just like it.” Yeah, right. Just kidding. She does look like
Park Shin Hye, though. She does. Okay, we’ll do,
eye makeup now. Do we start
with the eye pigments? – Yeah.
– We have… Diff… couple of colors
for eye pigments. Do we start
with the eye pigments or do we go with shadow first? – I’m guessing pigment.
– I think pigment first. For like a base. Oh, what color? There’s so many. I’m gonna go
for the bronze then. – You are?
– Mhmm. – You should…
– Go for pink? Go with this,
and I’ll go with this and this. You can put the pink one on
like all over and then just like
a little bit of purple… – Oh! Okay, okay, okay.
-Yeah. So, this is in color,
After Party. Cute name. It is. All brand new products. So you guys
are getting the first… – impressions.
– Impressions. Yeah. Oh, I feel like I applied
way too much. – But it’s really pretty.
– Oh, it’s so pretty. It’s like so metallic. – Ick. Metallicky? Metallicky.
– Metallicky. Whoa! I don’t know how to feel
about this. I’ve never done anything
like this before. I never use cream shadow too. Me too. Well, actually
the Moonshot ones are nice. – Oh, yeah?
– Yeah. Are they more sheer? Um… It’s kinda like this, actually. I use like literally
all five of my fingers for this. Okay, I’m done.
I’m going to try it too. I’m gonna go with… This color. It’s like a bronze,
actually gold. Straight up gold color. And I’ll go
for a more bronzy shade. Okay.
Can I get a makeup wipe? – I was like… Too much.
– Too much. People thought
that our makeup tutorial or the BLACKPINK makeup was like
ASMR because our voices are so soft. – Oh.
– They’re like “Oh, so… so pleasing to listen to.” Because there’s no music
in the background. I was too lazy to edit it in. Sorry about that.
I don’t know if they like… – They like…
– Should I go purple or should I just go for
a more natural like summery brown bronze,
pink bronze look? – Maybe bronze.
– Right? Yeah try that. Oh, you’re smart! Putting it on
the back of your hand. – Learning how to makeup.
– Yeah. This is in Gig. What color is yours? – Is it Gig?
– I think… No. – In Hotel Lobby.
– Hotel… Oh. – Cute.
– Hotel Lobby Okay. I’m gonna
go with the gold shade… – Wow.
– It’s super shimmery. Oh, I like it!
Now that I know that I can put it on
the back of my hand instead of going straight
into it. The texture is like, eye shadow primer. Right? Yeah,
but it has color inside of… Yeah. It really reminds me
of eye shadow primer when you apply it, like it sets
and then it sort of like… – Becomes tacky, right?
– Yeah. Whoa! It’s really pretty. It’s not the easiest
to blend, though. That’s why we have eyeshadow
in front of us. I’m gonna put it on under too. Smart. Cool. I really like it. And you only need a little bit,
so it’s not that bad actually. Yeah, you really only need
a little bit of it. All right, I’m definitely
gonna use a palette. This is the Meet Matt(e) Nude
The Balm Cosmetics. I really like that palette. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna try this. I just got this yesterday. It’s the Holika Holika
The Gudetama palette. So cute.
I have the other one, but I just wanna try
this color too. ‘Cause I really like that
other one. The Gudetama… The…
What is it… Tony Moly? -Holika Holika.
-Holika Holika. – So cute.
– You would. I know. Ivan loves cutesy things. I’m actually gonna use
the Matt Abdul, like this purplish color – so it can match my hair.
– Yeah. The other corner. I feel like,
I’ve been experimenting with a lot more makeup and makeup techniques
ever since I came to LA. – Yay!
– Because of you. – That’s good, you should…
– Yeah. It’s fun, makeup is… – It’s supposed to be fun.
– Makeup is fun. I’m gonna do definition
on the inner eye this time so… I feel like
I look like an alien, so I’m just gonna rub
like that. – A gorgeous alien.
– It looks… Okay, I’m gonna contour now
using the Art Class By Rodin. Captions provided by Do we have anymore new…
Oh, the lip products, right? We have metallic lip colors. We might not like…
I may not use that ’cause I know
I might not gonna like it. – I feel like…
– You never know. It’s true. I don’t really like
metallics on me, though. But it’ll be too much
like metallic eyes – and then metallic lips.
– Yeah, it’s true. I’ll do it for you guys, though. Yeah, lips are easy to take off
anyways. Yeah, no for sure. But I feel like,
I like to balance my makeup – if I have heavy eye makeup…
– Yeah. I like to make sure
it’s like a nude. – Point, yeah, point makeup.
– Yeah. But bold lips days
are the best days because you really don’t have
to like put any effort – on your eyes
– Yeah. and the rest of the face. What’s going on out there? – Someone’s doing laundry.
– Oh. I think one good thing
is like… like perfecting the skin and then having a bold lip
is like all you need really. Oh, yeah, I know.
Seriously the goal. So far this palette
looks good too, just like the other one. Captions provided by Okay, I’m gonna contour
my nose. Everyone’s like, “Do you wanna
try contacts again?” I was like, “No.
I’m not wasting 20 minutes on trying
to put that thing in there.” It’s true. A lot of people are like,
“Joan wear more contacts.” I was like… – It’s too much work.
– Yeah. But that was, like, maybe it’s not your style too,
right? Yeah, it’s not me. Sometimes I feel like,
I like wearing contacts, but sometimes it just
makes you look really dead. Yeah. I keep blending
with this cushion puff. I love cushion puffs. It’s so easy, right. I guess I should do eyeliner. This is the CLIO Kill Brown
Waterproof Pen Liner. It’s not my favorite, but it’s decent for an eyeliner. And it’s easy to control like. But, yeah. Oh, this one
feels more like a Stila one. I did my eyeliner. What are you working on? I’m gonna do under eyeliner. Yeah, I think I’m done. Blush. You didn’t do blushing. Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I haven’t done blush yet. But there are no blushes. I’m gonna use this.
You got me this. I did,
from our Christmas wall. Yeah. So I’m gonna keep it
like really neutral today and… – Yeah.
– I’m gonna use the NARS Unfiltered
Cheek Palette. It’s “Watch Me, Out There,”
“Me First, Chic,” and “Takeover, Exhibit A.” Cute. Oh, they have a highlighter
here too. Which color?
Maybe this one. It fits the color. – I really like NARS makeup.
– Yeah. – Quality.
– Yeah. It really is. I’m gonna blend the blush
into my contour. Captions provided by And I’m using a brownie blush, ’cause I wanted to look
very neutral today. Neutral. I don’t even see the highlight. From the Milk Makeup? – Yeah.
– Yeah, same so I’m just… using this for highlight. Yeah, I don’t see anything. Oh, well… Yay! Okay, now… I guess, I’ll do the lips. – Right?
– Yup. Lips… We have two Milk Makeup
lip metals here. One of the colors… This one is in… I don’t even know
what color it is. That’s, oh,
this is in purple. Buffy. – and this one is in Slayer.
– I’ll go with the… I think you could pull off
both though. – Both?
– With your eye color right now, or your hair color
and eye color. I’ll go with Buffy. I always wonder how
makeup companies come up with the names – of all the products.
– Mhmm. – True that. True that.
– Like, this is Buffy. There’s After Party. – Rave.
– Hotel Lobby. Yeah, Peep Show,
All-nighter, Gig. – Sesh, Rager, Jam Room.
– All the… Like… I think the Urban or the
Urban Decay is the one I like. Oh, you do? Looks very sexual. – Even NARS.
– Yeah. Orgasm. Okay. – Color is out now.
– Hmm. – See it?
– It took a long time. – I know. About time!
– Yeah. Just kidding.
That just shows how new. Mhmm… The products are. Not bad, actually. You can use
that as a gloss, I feel like. I’m gonna use my, EM Cosmetics.
Rose Nude, my favorite color. And now, maybe I’ll put
a gloss on top of that. – Yeah, like gradiation.
– Mhmm. – Ah.
– It’s not bad. It’s not bad.
It’s just not a color that I would
gravitate towards ever. It’s very purply. I don’t think Milk products
layer well together. Yeah, I mean… I don’t think
they layer well at all. Am I using it…
Are we using it wrong? Like… If you, like have a comment. Just let us know
if we’re using it wrong or not. Right. Because I’m not
liking the way it set. – It feels heavy.
– Yeah. It does. I’m gonna apply stars on my face because I really wanted
to get the star stamp. but I didn’t so I got like
nail art stars instead. – D.I.Y.!
– Yeah. – You have it with you?
– Mhmm. Oh, that’s cute. – Nail art?
– Yeah. Let’s see how we’ll do this. Where are you gonna put it? All over. – All over? Like freckles?
– Yeah, yeah. Ah, are you gonna walk out
like that? I don’t know. Maybe. Why that’s… Done! – Ah!
– Oh, that’s so cute. It works. Crazy, I didn’t think
it would work. Captions provided by Wow! Star child. Star boy. Since I wanted to look like
more like an alien. – Cute.
– Okay. Alright. So that was our, quick “Get ready with me” using,
oh, not only Milk Makeup. It was a lot of their products. If you have to pick one thing,
what would you pick? – That I like?
– Mhmm. I like the primer. No, no, no.
I like the eye pigment. – I think so too.
– The eye pigment’s really nice. Yeah. I think the eye pigments
are pigmented and they’re shiny. I don’t think this is sanitary
for skincare. Right. But, you know
if you’re traveling I think that would be great. But like if I was using
something like this I have – to like wipe off the top
– Yeah. everything single time. – I mean, you should.
– Yeah. So, I’m assuming this
Matcha Cleanser is sort of like those Korean… – Cleansing balm sticks, right?
– Cleansing sticks. But I don’t like those either. ‘Cause like…
Like just dirt-wise. – Only for travel, though.
– Right. But other than that it’s…
I don’t know what the craze was. ‘Cause other than
the eye pigments, I don’t think any of the
products really like, – changed my life today.
– Wow! Yeah. I think packaging is cute. – That’s one. It’s really…
– It is. – so cute. It’s like…
– It’s very unique. It’s like space toys,
basically, right? – Yeah. Right.
– Yeah, it’s really cute. I hope you guys enjoyed
watching the “Get Ready.” We’re gonna film a video
on his channel now. So make sure
you are subscribed to Ivan. He is really good at makeup, and he’s been doing a lot
of makeup tutorials lately. – Yeah.
– So, if you’re into male makeup or just need inspiration,
check him out. Other than that, if you
wanna see behind the scenes of us filming or us hanging out, make sure you are subscribed
to my second channel “Joanday” because I upload
every single day. – Every day.
– Every day. She’s really good. He’s really good too.
He’s very consistent with his – uploads.
– I’m trying, I’m trying. He is really trying. All right, I’ll see you guys
in my next one. Bye! Captions provided by


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