Gucci Nail Design with Urban Graffiti Gel Polish and Bling!!

Gucci Nail Design with Urban Graffiti Gel Polish and Bling!!

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Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a Gucci-inspired design. Just gonna wipe over the nails. I’m gonna do these two nails. And don’t judge me for the state of Dina’s nails. Dina’s has had a bit of chewage, a bit of pickage and chewage but when she’s got nails on, she won’t do it. So next time you see her nails it won’t like that. Adam: You should get like, something else to chew on, you know, like a child when you try to take their dummy Kirsty: I thought you were saying chew on a child there, I was gonna say that…Don’t think that’s any better Dina: Like chewing on a child Kirsty: Chew on a pinching tool. That’ll break your teeth These tips have got a short well and until they have a well, and the well just fits nice and snug over the natural nail. Just gonna wipe off any excess glue and pinch the little corners down. Make sure it fits nice. I’m gonna cut the length. These are not going to be massively long because Dina has boxing. I’m gonna file the free edge of these nails. I’m doing two nails in this video just to show you a couple of different ways of doing this Gucci design. This Gucci design is everywhere at the minute. It’s in fashion. I’ve seen track suits, little tops, even seen it on shoes and they were all like, they’re not like the actual Gucci. They’re like just a complete ripoff of Gucci but they use Gucci’s stripes as inspiration. I’m just gonna wipe over with some acetone just to blend those tips a little bit and I’m gonna dehydrate the nail with the dehydrator. And then, I am gonna use the acid free primer to prime the nails. I’m gonna do two thin coats. I’m using high-speed liquid. You don’t have to use high-speed liquid for this one, you can use any liquid that you want, depends on how quick you are at working the acrylic. I’ve got warm beige. Place the bead a few millimeters away from the cuticle and then start to tap it back. So, if you start to tap it, it will start to blend. Make sure you’re pointing the finger down. We’re to do this in one bead. It’s only a small nail, I haven’t got a really big process, it’s just a size 8. Just drag off the excess. Gonna do the same with this nail. I’m gonna pinch this first nail. Just to give that a slimmer look, is that alright? Now, if we were doing a full set, what I would do is, I would start applying this one now, and then by the time I’m finished applying the product to that one, I would then go from this nail to that nail with the pinching tool. We’re gonna do my normal filing routine. We gonna do the sidewalls first and around the cuticle area. I’m gonna shape the free edge. We’ve got a short almond nail and I’m gonna refine the top surface. I’m gonna do this to both nails. I’m gonna wipe over with acetone just to smooth those nails out. And sting the living S&*T out of Dinas nails. So, I’m gonna be using this green and black. Adam: Serious black Kirsty: Seriously black like this and then, this red. You’re gonna start with the green first. You gonna pull that down the center. Don’t worry about any straight lines at the minute because we’re gonna overlap. You can slightly neaten it up with a gel brush. But don’t worry about it being perfectly straight at this point. So, that’s one coat and we’re gonna do two coats of that. Put in the lamp. Now, we’re gonna do the black. So, you’re gonna use serious black. You’re gonna come down the sides. As you come down the sides, this is when you’re gonna do your nice and neat edges. It’s a lot easier to do the neat edge with the black than it is the green. The black is so pigmented and that’s what makes it so easy. Because I’m going quite tight at the cuticle, I’m gonna apply some of it with the detailing brush. It just makes it a little bit easier. Pop that in the lamp. With the red, I’m gonna pop some onto a bit of the backing paper from a sculpting form. You’re gonna need a brush for this one because you’re gonna do a stripe down the middle. I’m using this red because it is really pigmented. If you use a red that’s got some kind of transparency, put it over green, you’re gonna have quite a mucky colour. Adam: Could you use striping tape here? Kirsty: Yeah, you could use some red striping tape, but it being metallic, wouldn’t it be similar? Do you mean to make it straight? Adam: Just for people who aren’t as steady with the hands as you are. Like if I tried to do it, it would look like a snake. Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. We’re gonna seal this with the urban graffiti topcoat. I’m using the urban graffiti top coat because I’m putting it over the top of gel polish. If you use the mega gloss, you’ll find that it will start to chip and crack because it’s a hard gel topcoat. But it’s more suitable for hard gels and acrylic. Alright! Pop that in the lamp. Gonna finish off with some lemon cuticle oil. And hopefully now, Dina’s nails will be fixed while the skin around them will start to get better because she won’t be able to remove the skin from her fingers. There you are, Gucci inspired nails! Designer nails for a designer lady. Darling , do’t you know. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Love to you all! Bye bye! Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I am going to *** and they’re going to ****. Adam: On video!
Kirsty: On video!


  1. Cool nails.
    But the teaching, step by step you missed, especially with the Bling.
    Didn't finish watching.
    Me, one of the worst I've seen of yours. Just felt the editor got lazy and don't care about the beginners.

  2. There's romantic valentine's makeup tutorials all over utube..can u give us yr version?? I would love more makeup videos from you..
    Happy Valentines Day. .

  3. Yay! Something new๐Ÿ˜
    Iโ€™ve got a question about your manicure, is this set with spinning rose stayed for so long? Or did you infill it?

  4. This may be a silly question but if you managed to get the blend between the tip and the natural nail seamless, could you just put polish on over the top? Or do you need to apply acrylic or gel over tips? Also, where can I buy these tips?

  5. Love you videos. Love the nail designs. I know that you are not from the USA but I would LOVE to see some red, white, blue nail design ideas!

  6. I would definitely need striping tape to keep my lines straight when I paint. I don't have the steady hand that you have. They are absolutely beautiful….as always

  7. Put nail glue on those cuts they will heal almost overnight. I have to do that every once in awhile when I have cut myself…

  8. Kirsty you have inspired me for a year now! I have finally bought a starter kit from Naio and I'm so excited. I can't wait to get going. xxx oh yeah, love the nails. Good to see the spinner is still spinning xxxx

  9. Plz stop calling it urban-as a matter of fact. All of this nail stuff except short french mani are "urban". Been doing it since the 80s

  10. Can you please make a video hoe to remote those tips without damadging the nail. O have seen your video hoe to remove acrylic nails but i can't are we re the natural nailbed is starting because there is no gloss anymore in my nails and i am afreis to file to much of nu natural nails.

  11. I pick the skin round my nails too, but not when I have nails on thatโ€™s why I have them! I think itโ€™s because the artificial nail is blunt so you canโ€™t really. Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™m not the only one anyway!

  12. As much as I love all the long, fancy, stiletto designs, because frankly theyโ€™re stunning, I love seeing much shorter nails being done, too! These are so much more wearable for the large majority of people with fake nails, and there seems to be a lot of nail artists working on nail designs on such long nails now! And I love seeing designs done on shorter nails. The rainbow drip one has to be favourite shorter nail design so far.

  13. yass, glad to see another cuticle muncher! :DD i've been eating my nails and cuticles all my life, but now when i have acrylics on i don't do it o/ (sad to see Kirstys spinner nail gone tho! RIP!)

  14. Hi, I really want to try your products. I went to the website, but there is no PayPal option available, will there be in the future? It would be much more convenient because I don't own a credit card. Love & creativity ๐Ÿ’ž

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  16. Also I just noticed u have a ๐ŸŒน Rose on ur ring finger, is that also done by acyrlic? It's beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜

  17. ะ ะฐัˆะบะฐ

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