Hair Care Part One: Tips For Curly Hair

Hair Care Part One: Tips For Curly Hair

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hi everyone so it was requested of me to do a haircare picture and I thought the best way to do it seeing as I've got a lot to say about the subjects cut a lot of hair isn't going to kind of do it in two parts so this video is going to be in a kind of tips and just me kind of talking about curly hair and then the next video is going to be my hair hair care routine and products I use so my hair is really curly as you can see and it is also really long you probably can't really tell um because it's curly but actually um I have got really really long hair it's kind of past past my waist it's really long it's really really curly and it's um it's very my hair is strange because it's not very dry or very damaged considering the fact that it's really curly and really long and that it's dyed as well my natural hair color is kind of like well it's kind of like a mousey brownie blonde and I was blond up till about a year ago I was properly properly blonde and then I kind of decided I need a change and this is it so I mean I love it the color is now I wouldn't change it for the world I kind of dyed it black you know it's a bit harsh and it's kind of faded out now and it's kind of got red tones in it now which I really like and I'm the happiest I've been with my hair at the moment for a long time so my god I'm gonna just tell you my top tips for curly hair um you know I'm not a hairdresser I don't know that much about hair and to be honest I'm not passionate about hair care and I'm quite lazy with my hair and I'll tell you kind of what I do and what I use in in my hair care so my top tip the curly hair is don't touch it this might sound a bit wait but I found that when you kind of you know whether you kind of diffuse it or scrunch up with mousse or whatever you do to it the more you touch it the less volume and the more frizz you're going to get so I try and kind of stick to not touching it so when it's wet I kind of arrange it into the shape I want it to be and then try and not touch it at all and that's how the kind of these kind of curls happen the kind of proper round curls when you just let it form on its own and and don't touch it the next thing is to always always always use conditioner and I wash my hair every day I know you shouldn't like if I'm wearing it curly and I know you shouldn't but the reason that are you always use a lot of conditioner is curly hair can be quite front quite prone to frizz and you kind of need a good conditioner to kind of moisturizer contain that down and then the neck which leads me to the next tip which is don't don't ever ever ever and this is the most important tip I can give anyone with curly hair don't ever rush it when it's dry the less you brush it the better so what I do is I shampoo it put conditioner on brush my hair and then um and then kind of wash the conditioner and get out and that's it I don't brush it again I brush it once with conditioner on and that is it and the more you brush it the frizzier its gonna get so that's the reason I wash it every day because otherwise it'll just get too tangly but only when it's got conditioner on um that's the only time I brush it and the brush that I use if I'm sorry I've just realized it's got bit my hair and is the Tangle Teezer which looks like this and it's just got very kind of long and short plastic brush bristles on it and it looks like that and it kind of gets through your hair when it's wet them in a more gentle way and without tearing the hair which is very important and this is great when I first got it I wasn't sure how to use it and my fans best way to use it is to kind of take the piece of hair that you want to do so let's say this one I'm not going to do it because obviously then I'll just go frizzy but lay it across your hand and then brush it down cross your hands it doesn't hurt because the brush is very soft and and brush it that way that's the best way to brush it and I also if you've got curly hair I recommend using and moves I find it gives the kind of best hold and the most volume and I think curly hair needs volume there's something quite you know quite luxurious and really sexy about having big curly hair and then mousse always gives it that kind of extra bit of volume which i think is really important and then and it holds the curl a lot better than kind of different formula products would do again my hair isn't if I would just get out the shower and leave it to dry it doesn't dry like this kind of three inside and the bottoms might do a little bit but it's um it's not this big so I kind of have to put mousse in the scrunch it up for it to dry like this I just scrunch up for about a second and and it kind of does this and yeah then the next tip is try and use a serum on your hair and in the next part this video I'm gonna show you if serum I use but it kind of helps to kind of make the hair look more groomed and not like you've got frazzles dog's hair um but just a little bit and run it through the ends of the hair and and another thing when when you've got curly hair I know it's it's sometimes it can be so frustrating because you can't really do much with it it kind of takes a lot of time and effort to kind of make it look nice but I can honestly say but when I wear my hair curly it is it takes no effort whatsoever um I wash it every night and kind of in the next video you'll see what products I use and I'll explain why I use them I wash it every night kind of put a little bit of serum and me scrunch it up with my heads upside down leave it I sometimes go to bed with it wet sump normally it dries kind of before before everyone's bed and then I woke up in the morning and this is what it looks like I kind of rough it up with my hands just on the inside bit not through and this is what it looks like and again like I said don't touch it the the minimal amount of touching you can do it's the best it interferes with the shape and the holes of the curl and and if you find a routine that works for you it's so easy and you know you don't have to spend any time doing your hair in the morning like you know you can't steal the things been longer doing your makeup or whatever else it is you wanna do and yeah so that's it I'm going to now record the next part of this video for you and yeah I hope you hadn't you fellas found that helpful I don't know what's wrong with me today I'm all over the place but um yeah so just to kind of count down of what the tips were don't touch it too much only brush it when it's always these conditioner and only brush it when it's got conditioner and it's wet and then use mousse and use a serum and I think you'll probably enjoy the next video a bit more because I've got some really cool products to talk about and for different budgets and that kind of thing so I hope you found it helpful and if you enjoyed it by


  1. Oh my God – what age are you here?! I started watching your videos just a few months ago and this popped up as a popular one x

  2. Interesting; I am watching this video again after a long time. You haven't changed much, but for some reason I feel like you were a baby in this video!
    Sooo cute:)

  3. Hi I'm sorry is there anyway you could tell me the name of your hair brush? I didn't quite get the name lol sorry x.( If you happen to have a link as to where to purchase it that would be so so helpful!)

  4. What kind of a haircut do you have? How do you get your curls to be arranged in that shape? I have curls like yours but with bangs. I've been flat ironing my bangs which destroyed my curls. I have no idea how to get my curl back and arrange it to look like yours.

  5. I have your exact hair and mine is Ombre..brunette to gold..looks awesome! Maybe it would be a good look on you too! ♥

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  7. so…you just go to sleep with your hair either down or up in a bun and it looks like THAT in the morning pretty much?! girl you are soooo lucky lol. I love my hair but it's so dry and I swear it never curls the same way twice. (my point is I wish my hair curled the way yours does, it is just gorgeous. Your hair is the way that naturally curly hair SHOULD look! : )

  8. Do you leave in the normal conditioner or wash it out or do you actually use a leave-in conditioner? Thanks. 🙂

  9. I would suggest brushing your hair right before your get in the shower, because it will tear and break really bad when wet, or atleast mine does. But I do brush it a second time with the conditioner in to help make sure it gets a thorough coating. Great vid though, thanks a bunch!

  10. Thanks but it was not a good look on me, trust me lol…..I much prefer brunette hair in general tbh :)(unless it's naturally blonde) it just didn't suit me at all.

  11. Wow! You can actually make it look nice! I always try to brush my hair…but I have clone "Hermione hair" so it goes ridiculously poofy and frizzy whenever I try to brush it and it gets even worse when it's humid. If I don't brush, it looks like I crawled out of a grave. I'm stuck between a rock and a hairy place.

  12. That's us, Curly hair girls. Boys too. Our hair's length is mysterious. Lol. I love your hair. It's very curly like mine ^_^ !!

  13. These videos are so helpful, thank you! I'm a mama with slightly wavy, mostly straight and easy to manage hair, but my daughter has extremely curly hair! She's almost 4, so up till now I haven't been really caring for it like curly hair, just doing what was quick and easy. So I'm just trying to figure out how to care for it best, keep it frizz free, and keep those curls looking gorgeous!

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