Hair Care Routine and Products

Hair Care Routine and Products

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hey guys it's rien and today I'm going to be doing a video all about my hair sort of routine just the products that I use on it and things of that nature if you are interested in seeing how I style it I actually curl it with a straightening iron that video will be linked in the information bar below so go ahead and feel free to check that out so the first thing I'm going to talk about is what I do to my hair in the shower so the first thing I do to my hair after I get it wet is I shampoo it and I use the Pantene color solutions shampoo that's actually just the one that I'm using right now I have probably used all the different types of Pantene I basically just pick the ones that are on sale to be completely honest I don't have color treated hair in case you guys are wondering basically anything Pantene that shampoo I will use it and I you know these just happen to be on sale when I was shopping so this is also color preserve shine this one was volume this one is shine again it doesn't really make a difference to me um this is the conditioner that I also use so those are the shampoo and conditioner I use on a daily basis but every once in a while I want to treat my hair and let it have sort of a deep conditioning day and I don't style it that day it's usually a Sunday when I'm studying I'm not going out and not going to style my hair or if I'm just going to wear it curly which is very very rare because I don't really like my natural hair so in those instances I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle and to be honest with you guys I did not think I was going to like this at all because my hair unless I get Pantene products it starts to really freak out I get a lot of like dandruff if I try to use any other kind of shampoo and I know you're supposed to kind of rotate out your shampoos every once in a while but I just don't really do that to be honest because whenever I try a different shampoo it either dries out my hair or my hair just freaks out in some way or another so when I saw this on sale for $3 I decided to give it a try because I figured you know why not it's only three dollars and I was very very happily surprised so on the days that I decide to give my hair deep conditioning treatment I will usually skip my usual Pantene conditioner and I will just use this the only sort of complaint that I have about this is I don't really like the smell it smells a bit like macadamia or coconut or something I can't really put my finger on what it smells like but I don't really like the smell because it smells very artificial and it does amazing things for my hair once you put this in your hair and wait three minutes it really is instantly noticeably softer and I've had lots of compliments from people after I've done this to my hair people being saying to me that it looks shinier and it feels so soft and actually the damage is taken down quite a bit the visible damage that is so I really like this and I like treating my hair with this so after I get out of the shower I washed this out I use my enjoy leave-in conditioner so I just leave this in my hair all day and then the next morning I wash it out and using these two products in conjunction has really helped my hair to sort of revive itself and be more healthy and I don't have to go and get it trimmed as often as well so I'm really thankful for that so in terms of brushing my hair a lot of you guys have probably heard that a lot of people recommend to use a comb instead of a brush to brush through your hair but what I personally do is I put my conditioner in my hair whichever one I happen to be using on that day and then I brush through my hair in the shower and what that does is because the conditioner kind of loosens up your hair makes it very slippery you can brush through all of the little tangles in the shower so when you get out and you brush your hair there are no little tangles to worry about so that's what I personally do then when I get out of the shower I usually do my makeup and then I do my hair I used to do my hair and then my makeup but I had to change that up because of this little product but first let me talk about this little product this is the bio silk silk therapy serum I really love this product it also works as my heat protectant but basically this is just something that will make your hair super soft and silky and it's really great in fact it's even good for your skin so you can just moisturize your hands and elbows anything anywhere you need moisturizing you can actually still use this product it's not just for hair the only thing is the last time I went to see my dermatologist she said to me Oh what do you use on your because I had these breakouts along the sides of my head in my hairline and I said well the only product that I use outside of the shower would be biosilk soak therapy and she said oh I love that product but you have to be careful because it will break you out and so before when I was doing my hair before my makeup I would just put this in my hair and then I'd like massage it into my hands and then I'd go ahead and apply my makeup with my hands so I had lots of breakouts and once I started doing my makeup before I put this in my hair I started noticing that my breakouts really started to reduce in a very big way so I'm really glad that I figured that out kind of sad that it took me so long to figure out that that was what was causing it but I'm glad I figured it out at some point nonetheless but this product is really awesome again like I said it can totally moisturize your hands and I just really love the way that it makes my hair extra shiny and silky so those are all of the products that I use in my hair again if you want to see how I style my hair you can go ahead and click the link in the below bar and it will take you to that video I hope you guys are having a great day and you found this video useful and I will talk to you next time bye guys bangs I do kind of take a lot more care


  1. Hey Riann .. I really enjoy watching your videos , I think u're really pretty 🙂 .. I just wanted to know if there's any specific hair styling spray u use after u curl or straighten your hair so that that curls stay locked for long hours . .

  2. just a tip: when ur hair is weak when its wet because the pores open so you can easily pull out your hair. For me i usually brush my hair when its 80% dry after a shower! It really prevent hair from falling

  3. OMG your soooooooo pertty and cute and i like your videos but i wanted to know any hair spray for cure or straight hair or a cream to use after using heat

  4. Sorry to say, but you could've just washed your hands after using the bio silk …😑 your hands need to be clean before touching your face anyway…

  5. As a cosmetologist, never brush your hair wet and do not use those store bought products. They're many cheap salon products that will do great on your hair without ruining the ph in your hair

  6. You are stunning! Love your vids found you by searching for tutorials on my new naked palates 🙂 however GIRL! You've got to get yourself some WEN! I've been using for over a year and it's amazing and the one cleansing conditioner will eliminate all those products for real. But I also use style cream and mousse for hold… I use 613 formula but I am naturally your color dyed blonde, and I flat iron/blow dry every day so 613 is more rich than others. Good luck!-monique

  7. Where can I buy the Enjoy leave in conditioner? Or if there's anything else comparable, please let me know 🙂

  8. It's good to sleep with your hair up when you go to bed to keep the oils from your hair off your face!

  9. FINALLY!!!!! i found someone with the same hair as mine!! cx so excited!! your AMAZING btw im subscribed 🙂

  10. if you have long hair it is very hard not to use a brush.. it takes forever to brush it with a comb… haha not trying to sound mean cx

  11. They say that you shouldn't brush your hair in the shower because it pulls too much of your hair out.

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