Halloween Werewolf Makeup Tutorial with Matt Lanter

Halloween Werewolf Makeup Tutorial with Matt Lanter

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hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I have a special guest tonight it’s me Yamato we’re doing a Halloween
video tonight and I am not made up yet because I’m going to do my makeup after
I do his makeup so this is kind of like instead of husband does my makeup it’s
wife does my makeup people have been asking for this yeah I think people kept
saying can your wife do your makeup and I don’t think I meant this I think they
just met a lot yeah drag makeup yes I don’t know why you would request that
yeah oh boy we’re off to a brilliant start here brilliant
alright so I am going to turn mister Lanter here into a wolf oh the big bad
wolf the big bad wolf yeah good I’m gonna be riding hood’ you’re gonna be
the big bad wolf we’re like a duo oh wait is the big bad wolf The Three
Little Pigs little Little Red Riding Hood and that’s a different wolf I know
but it’s which one’s the big bad wolf is it the Three Little Pigs are little
right they’re all big and bad all right guys let’s just get started
jump right in it’s jump right in so for this tutorial are you going to like walk
us through the steps as I’m applying it or like am I gonna do that I’ll walk you
through my emotions okay look at that you can see some Gray’s
coming through with that feet you didn’t old okay so that’s the difference
between men and women because Gray’s on I don’t want to stress books in my life
distinguished oh my gosh what do you currently have a girl on your face
Lanter I currently have nothing on my face you were you were made up today you
were I wiped it off on set well after I get done filming I I use a wipe perhaps
to I’ll wipe with the wipe and it’s usually it’s just a little like
foundation a little concealer you know we don’t go crazy anyway my face is
clean I don’t have anything on my face okay that was a very long answer to get
to that answer so we’re gonna do a little of this this is a black makeup
cream Ben Nye and I’m going to draw on what
will appear to be hairs but you already have hair on your face but you got it
you gotta do it differently do you like these flicky how’s that feel
oh I got some in my eye already Oh pause well he just there’s a bug in here my
face is gonna look like he got put on a grill I do look like my face has been
put on a grill do you guys like the lovely Halloween background that we
built lots of time and effort into that one we have a peanut gallery here I said
we can’t hear the laughter it’s in your hair it’s so greasy Jill my hair was completely clean but I put
some gel in it for you for this tutorial because I felt like werewolves don’t
have fluffy clean hair I feel like they’re out in the woods like running
around and doing werewolf things howling at the moon eating things alright we’re we’re we’re
lined up pretty pretty good yep pretty good cuz I’m taking some matte black
shadow and then just fill in around the perimeter of your face alright like for
some shadowing I’m gonna blend it up towards the directions of the directions
direction of the hair so that it kind of fills it in not gonna lie
you’re a little garlicky I am what did I eat I brought tell me clearly garlic you
wanna make out so approximately how long does this werewolf take to apply there
mrs. Lancer well here’s the thing miss garlic breath
here she is never actually done a werewolf what I thought you were
supposed to be the Guru turn towards me you were my guinea pig so if this turns
out looking really stupid it’s my face the trial writers all right so I already
did one side of his nas mm-hmm so we’re gonna start on this side and work our
way back up to the eyebrow can you turn towards me so all I’m doing is taking my
brush and making little hair marks flick marks and I’m not really worrying about
the UM how thick they are not because as you can see I blended it out with some
black matte shadow the flicks aren’t thick okay so now I’m gonna do the same
thing up into his eyebrow and just drawing them to look a little
bit more fierce so Angela’s gotta be doing makeup for
people on Halloween night so if you come over to our house 20 bucks
she’ll see your makeup why are you like selling me like that and trying to do a
little side hustle how do you feel about something like spackle going under there
spackle yeah like a little trouble oh thank you
you stop at the Home Depot shakhter dupe did it did it baby shark
dude dude did it did it baby shark did you really sure so what’s the verdict on
the spackle the schmutz what this month you want to smoke thunder my I’ve you
want to smack all I wanted to do like a little bit of like you know what I think
I think less is more with this so we’re gonna forego the schmutz I mean look
what you’ve done go for it now this is just a slightly over
exaggerated version of guyliner so you’re not even on your eyes so it’s
definitely not this world got punched in the eyeball
each one has their makeup that a lot you sure are blinking a lot
you’re literally sticking the sponge inside of my eyeball on the wet part of
my eye you’re literally touching pink to white
you’re being such a drama queen no I’m not just making sure that you have less
harsh lines that’s all I’m doing I mean chill chill the F out you always
want to clean up as you go what why are you laughing why are you laughing so
hard right now if you really a little bit do baby talk with anything or some
sort of cost you eat looks or dry yeah I need a drink some water I get on you
every single day for this how does it feel tap your lips mind it like you you can you just like keep your mouth shut
for two seconds mm-hmm and now I’m literally sitting here
waiting to get my makeup done what you’re messing me up so bad I just drew
outside of your lip this is semi-permanent so just so that
you know what I need to like I need to touch that taking a little bit of clown
white clown white I’m white from Ben Nye and I’m just gonna I’m just adding a
little bit dimension here all right I don’t want it to be too white and some
of it’s a little bit too white so we’ll go back in and see I don’t want you look
like a zebra you know what I mean I mean if you had two parties to go to you can
do this and then throw some white on there and be a zebra for the next party
hmm I mean zebra is just a gourmet horse is the bad joke like I like the idea of
or the adding a little bit of white but like if you could see it plus you
wouldn’t like it cuz you’re gonna be like it looks like I’m great I like what
you did and I like are you doing the nose it feels like I’m just adding a
little salt and pepper in here and I like that cuz I’m an old werewolf
because your distinguished your distinguished werewolf leader of the
pack I’m a very cultured werewolf I’ve seen a
lot of things in my day that already had the shadow on it and
just loosely blending it out so that there’s nothing like start I don’t want
stark white I just don’t make a little bit of dimension to your face okay do
you feel good about that yeah I do feel really good about that
real good okay I had it a tiny bit of white – your lips off camera just
because I felt like your lips looked so black so I just wanted to tone them down
tight a teensy tiny little tiny bit you take the white pencil
and just backed away maryska this is not gonna make the video
I hope this is this is prime content a little bit of weight to be inside of
your eyes because I want to make it super hard for you taking me off to me
dare me to just go by like baby wipes and diapers at Target like this I need
you I need you to like get your hair to like stand up like how do we do that I
don’t know man hair many may inherit men’s hair your hair alright sit tight
don’t let the bedbugs bite sleep tight I know but I changed it done what else could I possibly do mm-hmm
Oh your bangs hmm hopeful don’t eat these it would take a lot for you to
actually go through the process of swallowing them that’s not a bottom
wants you there we go I feel like a panting dog they match my teeth very serious
Halloween tutorial and somehow it’s turned into light comedy well they’re
not gonna sit on teeth I’ll just hold on hold on all night at the party what are
you a werewolf era or hillbilly we’re all yeah car drink some beer together
it’s the best I want to do so if you want to be scary like me do this
tutorial I’m the worst to wear makeup looks good look oh shoot you’re right
you’ve been smoking oh gosh I like can’t even see him like crying I’d like you
mean I think we need to wrap this up I mean
all right let’s wrap it up your lipsticks have gone all right all right
do the outro so this is the final look do you think outro oh my god you’re long
what happened oh thank you guys so much for watching I
don’t even know how to sign off right now ha you got to get that checked out


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