Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin + Our Skin Care Routine

Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin + Our Skin Care Routine

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hey it's Wendy and it's jazz and you're watching food has been made easy if you guys ever wondered which foods are great for a healthy clear skin well you're in luck because today we're going to talk about our top five food picks that will keep your skin nice fresh and glowing if your chocolate lover like me you are in luck because the cocoa found in dark chocolate has been shown to have protective effect when it comes to harmful UV ray exposure which can be potentially damaging for the skin and so get your dark chocolate on you want to just keep it at one serving per day which is about palm of your hands sweet potatoes are skin lovers best friend because they contain a vitamin C which is really important for college information and what exactly is collagen well it is a protein that makes it the structure of our lovely skin and one study we found showed that when participants ate sweet potatoes for three years every day they had an 11% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles next up are avocados which are great because they are rich in vitamin C and E these are antioxidants that help neutralize potentially damaging free radical activity which basically can have a negative effect on our skin quality so we want to make sure that we eat up our avocados they're also really rich in healthy fats which can help lubricate moisturize our skin so we get that beautiful glow how many of you guys used to watch Popeye growing up well Popeye was right about one important thing and that is that spinach is awesome and it's so great for our beautiful skin because it protects it against skin cancer and it does this because it contains a weight which helps repair our lovely cells from DNA damage so you want to make sure to get a lot of spinach in your life and you can do this through salads or even green smoothies and we love both of those things so we included recipes below and you can click on the links and make your own special version as little as one cup of tea has been shown to decrease abnormal cell cancer growth which in turn can decrease your risk for skin cancer which we definitely want and when we talk about he we're talking about white tea green tea and black tea these teas all come from the same leaf it's a magical leaf that offers tons of health benefits so we don't want to confuse you all with you know like the herbal blends in the chamomile or the lavender teas so make sure you get your tea on and you'll be good to go okay now from my skin care regimen it is super super basic all I do is I get home after a long day wash my face off with some liquid black soap which I'll put the links below for where you can get that it's really cheap then I put a dab of coconut oil to just kind of seal in that moisture and that's it I call it a night I wake up with my face with some water cuz some hydration going dry it off put a little bit of coconut oil and that's it my skincare regimen is so basic because my skin is super super dry so all I tend to do is splash a little bit of hot water on my face in the morning actually warm water and then you know Pat it dry and put a little bit of coconut oil on and if I don't that I'll use olive oil or avocado oil whatever was in the house and then I'll try to put it off so some sunblock on as well and that's pretty much it and if it feels like there's build-up which rarely feels like that because my skin so dry I will wash with some kind of really gentle soap maybe once a week like a set of film and then you know moisturize afterwards as well and also on the drier months like the winter I'll moisturize with the Cetaphil as well because again my skin is so dry and it needs like a lot of oils and moisturizer back in close today's show thank you so much for watching please buzz know what your skincare regimens are we're always curious to find out you know what different people do to have their skin glowing so let us know in the comments below you know how you hook your skin up and if you enjoyed this video we hope so make sure to subscribe to our channel like and share with all of your friends remember we have new videos every Monday so until next week hi


  1. I use baking soda with activated charcoal on my face. Then I use Argon and Jojoba oils as my moisturizers. That's pretty much it.

  2. My regime is very similar; I use unscented or almond scented Castille Soap(liquid) for cleansing. When needed, I use whipped raw clover honey to exfoliate. My moisturizing mask is a mix of almond milk and raw oats. For everyday moisturizing, I use Coconut or Olive oil.

  3. I use black soap, at night I put a thick layer of coconut oil on and then in the morning I'll pat my face with warm water, clean the crust out and add some more oil so my face isn't dry in the cold temps!

  4. I love sweet potatoes, spinach, and herbal tea! I don't like avocados, but if I seasoned them a little, I might like them. Even though I don't like them, I love guacamole! I use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter facial line since I have dry skin. I use it about 3 days a week, and on the other days, I just use coconut oil to moisturize my face.

  5. #skin

    Many women make the assumption that “food” always involves a diet.
     This is not a diet, but rather a way to use common foods in
     specific combinations that you apply topically to your skin.

  6. Hello, new subbie here! The link for the black soap doesn't work. Can you tell me what brand of soap it is please?

  7. I recently started doing a facial mask mixed with turmeric; garbonzo bean flour, raw honey, plain greek yogurt, few drops of lemon juice, and a couple drops of oil of your choice (coconut, olive oil, avocado oil, etc) 

  8. Thanks for the video.  Your skincare regimens are very simple (I like that).  My skincare is not as simple, but it is pretty simple.  Wash with black soap, toner is alcohol free witch hazel or rosewater and moisturize with shea butter and cocoa butter mixture.  Exfoliate every other night with face brush and mask once a week with bentonite clay.  I am really enjoying your channel.  Please don't stop making videos.

  9. I have super dry skin so I rarely use a cleanser-about once a week to exfoliate. My cleanser is by MyChelle and I get it at Whole Foods. I rinse with warm water daily then apply a moisturizer. My other clear skin solution is Lots of water!

  10. I love you two so much! 🙂 'm happy I stumbled upon your channel and you are so inspiring and have so great health and beauty advices aaah, I just subbed! 🙂 Lots of Love from Germany! 🙂

  11. Hey, this is great. Would you ladies please do a video on fertility & reproductive health (both male and female)? I know that this is a weird request but with insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, environmental toxins etc. plaguing our communities, so many women struggle with basic issues simply regulating their menstrual cycle. Doctors want to just push birth control down your throat without talking about the basics. Basics such as food. That would be great.

  12. Thanks for the tips, I really enjoy watching your videos. As far as skin care, I am a 35 year old woman of Indian origin, my skin color is close to both of yours. Do you think I should use a moisturizer with spf, retinol, and anti-aging skin treatment at night? Most Indian people told me I don't need all that stuff, but a dermatologist(not Indian) advised me I should be doing this routine regularly because I'm already in my mid 30s to prevent wrinkles, etc. It just seems like a lot and unnatural. Right now I just use Nivea face cream, Cetaphil gentle face wash and sometimes on occasion I use Aveeno tinted moisturizer spf 30. Thank you!

  13. I will def buy the black liquid soap, I've been searching for it in liquid form! Thanx guys! If you don't mind me asking, where you got ur earrings?

  14. Ladies please do a video on your degree journeys. I am currently a senior obtaining my B.A. in Nutrition, would love to hear your advice things learned and things you would've done differently. Thanks, Karen

  15. I'm not going to detail my skin care regimen because I'm 35 and it's too much to type here but I will say I use light argan oil under my moisturizer in the day and regular argan oil under my Retin-A at night. I haven't left the house without SPF moisturizer on since I was 16 and I reapply throughout the day.

  16. Hey Food Heaven Gals! Hot water is drying to the skin… So after rinsing with a warm-lukewarm water try a cool rinse. =) Locks in that moisture. I also use Honey to wash my face tons of antibacterial and moisture properties in it. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  17. I wash my face with warm water and Shea butter mixture(I made for my hair & body) for moisture.  My skin is really dry too.  I'll have to try coconut oil, thanks.

  18. I wash my face with Honey and every other day mix brown sugar with the honey as a scrub, then moisturize everyday with sweet almond oil. Love it!

  19. Your regimens are so basic, with great results which goes to show that one does not have to use a ton of products to achieve similar results. Thanks for sharing ladies!

  20. Thank you for another informative video. I use honey to cleanse, witch hazel to tone & almond oil to seal the moisture in on my face. 🙂

  21. Great video! Informative as usual! Happy I found this channel, I use black soap to wash my face and honey at night time. I use apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner and grapeseed or coconut oil to moisturize. As well as my hand dandy Simple skincare SPF 15 moisturizer for those sunny days 😊

  22. I cleanse my skin with my  black soap with my clairsonic. I then dry my skin and apply pure tea tree oil. After the tea tree oil has been on for a few min, I rub aloe gel (from the leaf) on my face as a moisturizer and seal with an oil or butter (rose hip seed, maracuja, argan, coconut, shea or even mct oil). I usually don't tone because I don't need to, but ACV has amazing skin care benefits.
    Note: Tea tree oil is super drying and applying it on wet skin will burn like hell. Just a warning…
    I love bentonite clay masks as well. I haven't done it in a while, but it really is the truth! I mix it myself.

  23. Thank you ladies for this video. Since cutting out meat and drinking more water, my skin has never looked better. Looking forward to more on natural beauty. 🙂

  24. Great video! I oil cleanse with a mix of castor and jojoba oil and then put a tiny dab of vitamin E oil mixed with some jojoba oil in the winter or coconut oil in every other season ans I do this morning and night. I also do a face scrub with brown sugar and honey and olive oil once a week.

  25. I use black soap and coconut oil too! I also use coconut oil to remove makeup and tea tree oil to treat any blemishes

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