Here for Every Beauty: 5 Minute Post-Gym Beauty Routine with Ashley Joi

Here for Every Beauty: 5 Minute Post-Gym Beauty Routine with Ashley Joi

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Phew! How was the workout? It was a good one! Something that you
and I have in common is that we’re both athletes. Obviously your daily routine
is everything, right? You have to be on
the go constantly, so you have to have
a specific routine that works for you
from the gym. When you think
about cleansers, it’s usually liquid, foam,
things like that. This Solid Clean
is literally solid. You can just put it
on your face, and it’s not activated
until the water hits it. I’ve never seen
a solid cleanser. And the fact
that I can find it in Walmart—it’s clutch. -It’s a game-changer.
-Yeah! So after I clean my face,
you gotta add back that moisture that maybe
has been stripped away. Neutrogena is a product
I’ve been using since I was a pre-teen. I have four sisters,
I’m the only boy, and I actually learned a lot about my skin care
routine from them. It’s really important what you put in your body
radiates outwards. Right, so Glow Habit is a supplement
that you take twice a day. They are exclusive at Walmart.
-Okay. -And under ten dollars!
-Exclusive? Yes! I‘m going to give
myself one right now. -Can I have one?
-Uh uh. You can’t eat one in front
of me and not give me one. I mean yeah, you can have good
skin and good hair, go ahead. So I would use Living Proof,
the dry shampoo, if I realized I got up maybe too late
and I’m like oh, I think
I might need a little refresh! -Yeah, it’s like a safety net.
-Yes! Goody brought the goodies. And this is like,
a classic at Walmart. All of this hair stays up. Wow, and I
didnt even show you, look. I got all these curls
going on. Oh oh, curls are out. I mean, nothing on my curls
but it’s okay. You know, with that, I’m ready
for whatever, really. Maybe a little competition? I’m down for
a little competition. -Alright I’ll give it to you, -I’ll give it to you.
-Okay draw? -Alright, we’ll call it a draw.
-That’s a draw. Okay.


  1. YES!! Our Probiotic Cleanser makes a cameo! PSA – It won’t strip your skin dry! It will take off everything and keep you skin soft and dewy! ✨✨

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