Hidden Meaning in Beauty and the Beast – Earthling Cinema

Hidden Meaning in Beauty and the Beast – Earthling Cinema

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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Beauty and the Beast,
the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and Best Interspecies
Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. It lost both. The film tells the story of a prince who gets
transformed into a buffalo for being jerky, which is a bit of an overreaction since he’s only 11 years old and seems to have no legal guardians Even more unfair is that the curse punishes
the prince’s employees, who did nothing wrong and only want everyone to be their guest. In any event, the spell can only be broken
if someone falls in love with the Beast before a magic flower arbitrarily wilts in ten years. Flash forward 9.99 years later to a nearby
French town where everyone hates a girl named Belle because she likes to read. It’s not right for a woman to read! While Belle is busy getting sexually harassed
by a fuckboy named Gaston, Belle’s father gets sexually harassed by a pack of wolves,
and stumbles upon a castle he’s never seen before even though it’s within walking distance
of the place he’s lived his entire life. The Beast gets mad at Mr. Belle for trespassing
in the castle and makes him his prisoner, effectively allowing him to continue trespassing
forever. Belle offers herself as tribute in her father’s
place, and the beast agrees, forgetting that he has no idea how to talk to girls. Say something to her. His game is so bad that Belle tries to run
away, but those wolves are still hanging around, ready to help drive the plot forward in any
way they can. The Beast saves Belle, which finally kicks
her Stockholm Syndrome into gear. They play dress-up and throw snowballs for
a while, until eventually Belle gets around to remembering that her father exists. She looks in the magic mirror that the Beast
has for some unexplained reason and sees that her father lying down for a nap, having spent
all this time trying to get to the castle that’s like a mile away. Instead of offering to help, the Beast tells
her to go to him. So she does, but when Gaston finds out about
the Beast, he gets super jelly and recruits the townspeople to go search for the castle and kill him. KILL THE BEAST! YEAH! KILL THE BEAST! Seriously, it’s only been ten years since
the spell was cast – why does no one in town know about this enormous castle and the prince
who lived there? What is he prince of if not them? Are they so arrogant as to think they can
exist outside a traditional monarchy? The Beast refuses to fight Gaston, so Gaston takes matters into his own hands by throwing himself into a ravine. (thwomp) Belle announces explicitly that she loves
the Beast. I love you. Thus breaking the spell and turning him back into Tarzan. All the household appliances become human
again, but apparently have no desire to leave the place they’ve been trapped in for a decade. Belle and the nameless prince put on their
signature outfits from earlier and dance like no one above the servant class is watching. Beauty and the Beast can trace its lineage
back to Cupid and Psyche, a second century story by Platonicus in which a beautiful girl
falls in love with mysterious being who will not show his face but it doesn’t matter
because he’s rich. Earth had a vibrant literary tradition of
conventionally attractive women falling for horrible creatures, such as Edward Scissorhands,
King Kong, the Phantom of the Opera, and Kevin James. On the surface, the film appears to argue
that appearance shouldn’t matter because it’s what’s on the inside that counts,
i.e. whether or not your organs work. Belle’s father looks like a kook, so the
dumb townspeople dismiss him as such. Crazy old Morris. He’s always good for a laugh. Gaston is jacked and has a bomb-ass ponytail,
and therefore the dumb townspeople worship him. He’s gorgeous! Belle is the only one who doesn’t judge
a book by its cover, since she’s the only one in town who knows how to read. But the film abandons this message and ultimately
concludes that while it’s great to be beautiful on the inside, it’s even better if you are
beautiful on the outside too. But she’s –
The most beautiful girl in town. I know but –
That makes her the best. The fact that Belle finds true love in a sensitive,
caring 6 ought to be enough for her to live happily ever after, but instead the film rewards
her with a hot slice of 10. Similarly, when the sorceress curses the Beast
during that really explain-y intro, she is trying to teach him a lesson about not discounting a person for being ugly and wearing a weird cloak. However, the Beast never learns this lesson,
because all the film asks of him is to fall in love with the incredibly nice, intelligent,
smoking hot virgin who is gifted to him on his doorstep. Belle is often touted as a strong, empowered
female character, particularly by human standards. While other women in town do their chores
and juggle their babies, Belle has her nose buried in a book. And not just any book — a chapter book! As she explains in her native French, she
yearns for adventure. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. The film’s opening scene echoes that of
The Sound of Music, in which a nun named Maria Poppins also hopes to expand her horizons
by hearing music for the first time. However, unlike Maria, who crosses the Swiss
Rockies and saves her family from the Alt-Right, Belle settles pretty comfortably into the
typical Disney princess role. She yearns for Prince Charming, even though
he’s happily married to her friend Snow White. Here’s where she meets Prince Charming. She plays the damsel in distress when she
can’t even handle a simple wolf attack. And, in the end, she trades her dreams of
exploring the “great wide somewhere” for a gilded cage. And knowing these guys, that cage probably used to be a butler or something. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Au revoir!


  1. "While Belle gets sexually harassed by a fuckboi name Gaston, her father gets sexually harassed by a pack of wolves."
    Best line in the whole thing

  2. You know that tea cup Chip whats the chip does he have like part of his head missing or something why is his name Chip because he was born with that name so you cant be all like "oh its bc of the chip in his tea cup" no he was born with that name

  3. This video makes me realize I should lighten up on my critique of Frozen. The movies from my childhood weren't perfect either.

  4. you gotta feel sorry for the beast puberty hit him like a bitch one minute your 11 years old first time without your parents some random stranger barges in right before bath time and you ask her to leave and bang she curses you and there is hair where you never thought there would be moral of the story let any random stranger into you house, so long stranger danger

  5. "Belle's father gets sexually harassed by a pack of wolves"
    I'm howling of laughter 😂
    And "turning him back into Tarzan"
    Omfg 😂😂

  6. Okay, I know this is basically like asking water to jump, up a hill, but I'm calling it right now; if I hear the words, "Stockholm Syndrome" anywhere in this video, I will bash my head into the wall.

  7. It's unbelievable that people call the actual 3o's and 4o's Nazis "alt-right". They were socialists, like in their name, the "National Socialist German Workers Party". They're as far left as you can get and it's not just the name, you see it in policy after policy that hitler implemented, but repeat a lie enough times and people will believe it.

  8. Why does everyone seem to think that Belle has Stockholm Syndrome…? She barely qualifies! She runs away twice and only returns when he either saves her life or she accidentally sends a mob after him when trying to save her father from the mad house! And when she does save him in return she doesn't take any of his shit! She yells back when he yells at her and refuses to just sit there and do nothing and HE ends up changing for her, then only making her willing to stay a little longer and go out of her way to try to stand up for him at the end! She does not have Stockholm Syndrome!! Also his curse could only be broken if she loved him in return, otherwise the climax would be non-existent…….

  9. the hidden meaning is that animation is better than the shit that came out this year, and that male voice make better intro than that shit intro on the new movie that makes you not even want to watch another minute

  10. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is expert level hypocrisy. It’s so two faced it could run for president. Hollywood hates women and says so in such a covert way it truly is at once astounding and repellent.

  11. When I was young I thought Belle was my favourite Disney characters. But now I'm older she would have to be at the bottom of my list.
    She sings about leaving her town to see the great wide world, yet when the opportunity arises to go see the wider world she never says "Hey Dad I would love to come with you to the fair. We can hire one of the village kids to feed the goats and chickens while we are away".

    But of course if the story had gone that way, Her Dad would have made it to the fair, he would have won 1st prize and they would never go back to their little town.

  12. Lol. I always love how everyone gets bent that Belle married up in a Castle to a hot Prince with the world's largest Library, and who literally says he can take her anywhere in the world. Rotfl

  13. the father did not live their his entire life remember he only moved their when the mother was dying of an incurable disease

  14. If Belle had Stockholm Syndrome, wouldn't we the viewers realize she's nuts? Yet, everything she sees in the Beast we also see. Thus, the entire audience is nuts along side her, right?

  15. while belle getting sexually harassed by fuckboy name Gaston, her father was getting sexually harassed by a pack of wolves.

  16. Getting harassed by a Fu*kboy named Gaston while her dad is getting harassed by a pack of wolves Wow why type of world is this?

  17. Dude!! Mr Neil is an amazing author. He saved my mind while i did a couple of years for bank robberies. Seriously. Underworld, Anansi Boys etc. Fire.

  18. it's about women's psychology .. which is why they like this … that's why they are usually dating hopeless alpha males … because women are natural nurturers and they want to nurture someone who is "broken"

    but this was funny ^^

  19. Belle isn't Stockholm. Belle never submits to the Beast other than staying in his castle. Stockholm people obey their captors out of repressed fear. Belle actually stands up for herself throughout the film, even running away and asserting herself, never changing her personality. Despite his temper at first, the Beast shows Belle sympathy by giving her a nicer room and shows remorse when he scares her. His progress is what sparks Belle's interest. This is clearly Lima Syndrome since the captor is who changes, not the captive.

  20. really i hate people thinling this belle isnt Stockholm she sees that he not as scary as he seems he got hurt protecting her who he barely knows he gave an inch to be civil with her so she gave an inch which he then continue to listen to her treating her like a human and learning what she likes(books which usually get responded with eww or stop trying to be smart or think) him giving her the library it shows he not like others and is happy with her being herself, yes it is a little fast like any fucking movie yes it has holes like any movie but Stockholm is shown with the victim changing the victim doesnt talk back blames themself for anything bad happening which never happens in the movie the beast is the one to change but its like a child growning up which if it really was ten years he was a child when he was turned soo yep makes sense

  21. I never liked this movie as a kid and I still don’t like it now. Belle is a very plain girl with no real ambition and it honestly boggles my mind how people tote her as a feminist icon when we got a much better one a few years later in the form of Mulan.

  22. “The Beast refuses to fight Gaston, so Gaston takes matters into his own hand by throwing himself into a ravine.”
    Best line in this video.

  23. "Its not right for a woman to read, soon she'll have ideas, start thinking…" that's just what happened to our society! Gaston was right!!!

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