Holiday Gift Ideas 🎁✨ self care, wellness, creativity, eco-conscious, tech

Holiday Gift Ideas 🎁✨ self care, wellness, creativity, eco-conscious, tech

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Hi loves. Happy December. It’s officially holiday season, so I thought I’d kick it off with a holiday gift ideas video. I have over 20 gift ideas for you today in
self care, creativity, wellness and more. I’m also kick-starting a 12 days
of giveaways on Instagram, which will include a lot of the gifts from this list. So follow me on Instagram at @lavendaire and
@shoplavendaire right now, because the first giveaway starts today. All right, let’s get started. The first gift idea in self care is
a silk or satin sleep mask. I’ve been using this mask by Slip
and it’s so smooth and comfortable. I wear it on the plane and on nights when
it’s harder for me to fall asleep. Silk is super gentle on your skin and it also absorbs
less of your skincare than cotton does. The next gift idea is to get a beauty
subscription box for your loved one. This one is a haircare box by Facetory. They have subscription boxes for sheet masks,
K beauty products, and now haircare. Subscription boxes really are a gift that keeps on giving. They’re great for anyone who loves trying new products. Next, I don’t think you can go wrong with gifting sheet masks to your friends and family. Seriously, who doesn’t love hydration,
especially in the winter? We all love sheet masks and we can’t
get enough of them. More please, thank you! If your loved one enjoys spending
extra time on skincare, a rose quartz or jade roller and gua sha
would make great gifts. These are tools to help your skincare
products sink deeper into your skin, while promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage
in your face and neck areas. They’re fun and therapeutic to use
if you’re the type to enjoy making time for it. Lastly, you can always gift your favorite
skincare products that you know and love, especially if you know your loved one has
a similar skin type or lifestyle as you. Just share the love. This, for example, is a box of the most loved
green beauty products from Detox Market. These would be great for someone who’s interested
in transitioning into clean beauty. Next are my gift ideas for the creatives in your life. An Instax camera is always a cute gift, especially if your loved one loves to capture
memories, craft, or decorate. They also make really pretty room décor, so while the camera is on display, you’ll be remembered as the one who gave this to them. Another gift idea that I think is underrated
is an Instax printer. Basically, this allows you to print any photo
from your phone onto Instax film, making it easy to turn any memory into a cute tangible photo that you can use however you like. I actually love this more than the camera
because it’s more flexible. Print anything you’d like from your phone instantly. Next, I gotta plug in the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook. This is a guided journal that I created to help you plan your most intentional, inspiring, and successful year. Packed with questions and exercises to help you self-reflect and plan out your dreams and goals in detail, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking
to change their life in 2020. On top of the 12 days of giveaways
we’re doing on Instagram, I want to do one more here on YouTube for
the Artist of Life Workbook. So if you want to win a copy of the workbook, comment below with the best gift
you’ve ever received in your life. You must be subscribed to my YouTube and following my Instagram to be considered. We’ll pick one winner from the comments by
next Wednesday, so good luck! Another great gift from the Lavendaire
collection is the Daily Planner. I use this planner every single day to plan out my days and make sure that I’m focused on what’s important: my top three priorities, self care habits,
daily gratitude, and reflection. The cover says “Create Today” to remind you
to create each day with intention. There are also the new Pastel Notebooks. These cute notebooks come in lined,
dotted, and blank pages that are perfect for journaling,
planning, doodling, and more. The covers are a soft, velvety water-resistant material, and each notebook comes in a protective sleeve. Next, for beauty, I love these Color Drops Serum blushes by em cosmetics, as well as their Lip Clouds. I am such a Michelle Phan fan, so anything she comes out with, I will get it. These are beauty items that anyone can appreciate. The Color Drops comes in such a pretty bottle
and the Lip Clouds are amazing. A worthy tech gift is the Google Home. This one is the mini size,
but they come in a range of sizes. I have this one in my bathroom and use it
almost every day to play music in the morning and
while I’m taking a shower. I love asking what the weather is and
telling it to skip to the next song. No need to push any buttons, and I’m all about that. For the eco-conscious loved one, you can always give them items for their zero waste kit. An example are these mesh produce bags
for grocery shopping. Instead of using those thin plastic bags at
the market which are not recyclable, opt for these reusable washable mesh bags
for your fresh groceries. Another gift idea is this collapsible cup by Stojo. I saw this and was intrigued to try it. It’s basically a reusable cup you can take on the go. It collapses into a smaller piece and then you can expand it into a cup
when you’re ready to use it. Next, we have ideas in spirituality. If your loved one is interested in learning
tarot for inner guidance, this Fountain Tarot deck is gorgeous
and one of my favorites. You could pair it with a beginner’s tarot book like this one here to help them get started. Another cute gift is this Birthdate candle. This brand creates a candle for every day of the year, and on the candle are readings for that birth date
based on astrology and numerology. It’s a nice gift with a personal touch. Next is this book called
“The Encyclopedia of Birthdays”. Similar to the previous gift, this book has personality
assessments for each day of the year. I’ve had this book for years and it’s always fun to share this
with your friends and family, because everyone wants to look up their birthday and learn more about themselves. Moving onto the wellness category. A diffuser with some essential oils would
make a great gift for anyone who wants to enhance how their home feels. I love using a diffuser, because I could basically decide how I want my room to smell that day, and I change it up depending on the mood
or what I feel like I need. You could also gift a meal delivery service
for a couple months. HelloFresh is one that I’ve enjoyed using. They send you recipes and the exact ingredients
that you would need, so that no food goes to waste. So this would be a great gift for anyone
who wants to learn how to cook. Another idea is to gift a ClassPass
or a gym membership. I love ClassPass. It’s basically an app where you can take classes
at different studios, so you get to try out a lot of different types of workouts. Next are gift ideas for the readers out there. An Audible subscription is amazing for anyone who wants to read more but can’t find the time to. All you have to do is listen on your free time during commutes or while doing chores. Another subscription for more voracious readers
is Book of the Month. They send you new books each month
that have been carefully selected, so you could spend less time doing research and more time reading good books. And there you have it: 22 gift ideas
for you this holiday season. And now I am so excited to talk about the giveaway. I wanted a way to celebrate and thank our
most loyal and engaged Lavi Loves. So starting today, we’ll be doing 12 days
of giveaways on Instagram. The first prize is this Instax camera. So hop on over to Instagram to learn how to enter. Each day, we’ll have a new prompt, a new prize,
and a new winner. Lastly, I didn’t want to leave YouTube out, so don’t forget about the giveaway happening
right here in the comments down below to win the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook. All right, I appreciate you guys so much. Thanks so much for watching
and subscribing to Lavendaire. Sending you all my love. See you next time. Bye!


  1. The best gift I received is my daughter that is coming for Christmas this year =) Might come some days earlier <3 She is a present from the universe to me and makes me a better human. She has already taught me so much and will teach me so much more I'm certain <3

  2. The best gift I’ve ever received in my life was having my mom as my mom🥰 She inspires me everyday to be hardworking, travel often, everything is figureoutable, and to welcome everyone in with open arms.

  3. The best gift I have ever received in my life — is to learn how to journal. I've always been such a mess. Everything was just crumbling down right in front me without any idea how to restart and reignite my passion. But, through listening in your videos of how journaling have helped you in so many ways. I started doing it and tadahhhhhh day by day it gets better. So, thank you!

  4. The best gift I ever got was a ‘happy box’ made by my best friend for me. I got it for Christmas last year and it was filled with my favourite sweets, photos of us, a ‘stress unicorn’, jelly putty, little hand written notes to motivate me and printed memes in different envelopes for different occasions – when I’m sad, when I need to be reminded how much she loves me and things to make me laugh!

    My insta is lyds_gx 🌟

  5. The best gift I ever received was the Amazing Amanda doll from my mom and grandmother when I was like 6. Im 18 now, and I still remember the Christmas morning. It was an expensive doll and my mom had told me she didn't think she could afford it. I had opened up all my gifts and it wasn't there I was a little sad and she was saying she's was sorry I didn't have it. Couple of minutes later she pulled it out the closet!!!

  6. The best gift I've ever received was my life, from my parents ❤ And they also gave me a trip to Japan two years ago, it was awesome!

  7. The best gift I had is everything in my life: my family, my determination, my fortune, the smiles of who I helped, I'm so blessed and I attract so beautiful things. I'm truly blessed

  8. The best gift i've recieved was a second-hand violin from my grandparents. Even thought I'm not close to them for personal reasons, seeing that they do know how much I love music and went out of their way to buy me something connected to one of the things I love the most made me tear up.. it was a really special moment for me.

  9. I know this isn't a real "gift," but the best Christmas gift ever was finding out I was pregnant with my daughter. We went through a lot of heartbreak and unimaginable loss on our journey to having a child, but she is here (15 months old now) and I couldn't be happier, so that will always be my favorite Christmas gift <3

  10. The best gift I've ever gotten was actually last year when I got to go to Hawaii to celebrate my birthday during my first spring break during college. I missed having quality time with them and getting to travel to such a beautiful place in the world while also celebrating my birthday all week was just amazing! So so grateful for it every day and can't wait for our trip in 2020!

  11. The best gift I ever received was my first yoga teacher training from my dad ☺️ opened a whole new life for me ✨🌈

  12. Next to life and my wonderful family the best gift I have received was my Kia Sorrento SX from my sister for my birthday. I am disabled and the car I had prior to receiving this gift was a tiny car and made it very difficult for me to put my walker in it as well as my mother's walker. Plus, the transmission was slipping.

    So when my brother-in-law bought my sister a new car instead of trading her old SUV in or selling it she gave it to me. Free of charge. I was so overcome with emotion and gratitude because I needed a new car so badly but I didn't have the means of purchasing one. I am so thankful because even though I had an SUV on my vision board I had no idea as to how I was going to actually get one and I received exactly what I had been asking for.

  13. Love Lavendaire! But also love the best gift i've received…my beautiful lavender plant! She makes me so happy and calm. Xx

  14. The best gift that I received is my piano, I really like to play it and I am really happy to have my lovely family who is always here for me.💞

  15. The best gift I ever received was probably my instax polariod camera! I have been using it ever since and love capturing the moment. I do agree about the efficiency of the print instax but the polariod itself do give a different and unique vibe and feeling when you capture the moment. Love your videos!

  16. The best gift I've ever recieved was a "magic box" from my Mom that I still keep not to forget what makes me happy no matter what I face to )) The content of the box: book with illustrations for children's books by Eugene Charushin (writer, architect, sculptor); book "mysteries of Terpsichore" about the history of ballet; individual drawing lesson; calligraphy lessons set for Japanees language lovers)

  17. The best gift I ever received was my parents paying off my student loans. Honestly the sweetest thing I’ll ever receive

  18. The best gift I’ve ever received was a little Koala 🐨 winter hat. My younger brother was in 3rd grade at the time, playing a Christmas game at school and he wanted to win the hat because it reminded him of me.

  19. The best gift I’ve ever received.. wow that’s tough it’s probably a gift I gave myself last year a trip to London major life changer!!💝

  20. the best gift i've ever received is not necessarily a gift. it was just the feeling of finally being truly happy. it was something i struggled to find, but, eventually, i made it there with the support of friends and family. i don't think anything will ever top that…

  21. The best Christmas gift ever is actually going to be this year, to be able to reunite with my fiance and family again!!! ❤️

  22. Best gift I ever received was a collection of amazing high quality kitchen utensils, garlic press, grater etc. The gift that kept on giving!

  23. The best gift I’ve ever received is seeing the joy and happiness on my friends and family faces as they open the gifts I gave them.

  24. The best gift I received was last Christmas. My brother bought me a blanket that had a photo of my childhood pet cat I had who passed away the month prior.

  25. The best gift I've EVER recieved in my life is my lovely, PERFECT boyfriend. 😭❤ He is actually a blessing to my life. He has taught me how to love myself and has made me realize how amazing of a person I am. 😍❤ I love him so much. 😭❤

  26. ive never received any such gift in my life..
    but seeing my mother smile and laugh __is the best gift from God'''i get to see once in a while. love you mom <3

    #noinstagram 🙁

  27. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity 😃💜 The best gift I’ve ever received was when my husband proposed to me on my birthday and my family and close friends were there to witness it! 💍🎈🎁💜💚

  28. The best gift I ever received was when my mom and sister, who live in a different city than me, surprised me with a visit for my birthday! There's no gift like quality time with family <3

  29. The best gift I've ever received (that I could remember) was the LOTR trilogy back when I was in high school. I was obsessed with the films & made my entire family watch them, and I totally didn't expect it as a gift, it was so meaningful because I'VE LOVED fantasy novels since I was a kid.

  30. the best gift i've ever received is definitely music, but if we're thinking something physical then probably the little mp3 player that I carry around with me everywhere so I can listen to music without a phone. thank you for these ideas, i found a couple things that i actually would enjoy for myself so i've added them to my wishlist 🙂

  31. The BEST gift I've ever received is a daily grateful journal book from my best friend. It was honestly the lowest point of my life – my family was a mess, work was overload, I was having severe insomnia – could not sleep for almost 10++ days it was crazzzy. I was at a point almost killed myself. So, yeah, itsyvery simple yet what I needed most. ♥️♥️♥️ 2nd best gift of course a gift from lavendaire – artist of life book( which Ive already purchased for 2019) – fingerscrossed of winning🙈🥺🙏✨😂😂

  32. The best gift i recieved was my last birthday gift that is a casio watch 😍😍… and i love youu soo ssoo soo mCh … your voice is soo calm when ever i had suffered from my mood swings i just started your vedio .. you inspired millions of peoples from your each and every vedio… i think thats enough for right now but you deserve more than this.. 😍#ily …. love from #india❤

  33. The best gift I've ever received is a Birthday Cake from my best friend..she learned to bake cake just for me and drove 15km to my dorm to celebrate my birthday with it! ☺

  34. In my country, on new year's eve we cut a pie that inside has a coin and the own who will find it in their piece, they say the year will be yours and in 2019 I got it!

  35. My favorite gift is a Litten plushie my brother gave me for my birthday. It was a very sad birthday that year as I was away from my kids but the present really cheered me up.

  36. I left for a 3 month solo trip in New Zealand and Christmas and my birthday happened to be in the middle os the trip. My family gifted me a helicopter ride over the glaciars!!

  37. The best gift i ever got has been my laptop….I don't what would i ever do without it…..Thanks to my sis who saved and bought it for me

  38. Hi lavendair😍😍..the best gift that i've recieved its a silver ring ..b c i never deal with the accessory and i love it sooo much❤❤
    Wish me luck to win this great book😍😍

  39. The best gift I got was when my sister gave me a travel to some place in Europe so we could spend some time together because she's living abroad, we had a very good time 🙌🏼

  40. The best gift I have ever received in my life was from my parents – and it’s all of the travels they took me to with them. Ever since I was 7, every couple of years my family would travel somewhere. Over the years I’ve traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Russia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Astana, Almaty, Arizona, Washington DC, and probably more places I can’t think of right now. This has made me so much more open minded and curious about the world, that it’s a core value and personality trait of mine right now. For that, I could never thank my parents enough😭😭😭 every time I think about it I tear up 🥺🥺

  41. The best gift I’ve ever got was a barbie doll when I was 8. I wanted that so badly and when I got, I was the happiest little girl. 🙂

  42. The best gift I have ever received for Christmas would be the chance to spend time with my family, as we don't get a chance to get together very often.

  43. When I moved from Spain to the UK, my friends made me a mix cd with all our favourite songs.. I would listen to it so much on my first 2 years in the UK and would always make me smile. I also received a very special gift from my bf once… he got some of the songs I had recorded on my phone and turned them into my own Vynil… I had no idea and it made me cry so much.

  44. the best gift ive ever received is a blanket from my family with my favorite superhero on it, The Flash. Whenever im away, the blanket keeps me warm and whenever i use that blanket i remember the warmth of home and how each one of my family member always keep me warm at heart❤

  45. The best gift i have ever received were the persons who chose to stay despite knowing my personality. I'm an introvert and being understood was really hard so I'm very thankful to those persons who accepted me and treated me to feel special. To all introverts, this is a blessing cause no man is really an island :))(

  46. The best gift I ever received was a Hogwarts sigil carved into a bar of soap by my best friend (she carved it herself)

  47. The best gift I’ve ever received was the chance to learn from my mistakes and to start focusing on what really counts in life! 🌙❤️

  48. Hey Aileen, I would really like to win the giveaway and the best gift I have received in my life are the Harry Potter novels

  49. Honestly the best gift I have received is the faith and belief that my close people have had in me during the tough times. As cliche as it may sound, when one goes through the dark moments , I feel it's a blessing if one has a good support system to remind them that life is going to be ok. No matter what, you are loved, worthy and capable of dreaming and living your best life ❤️ that's the biggest gift I have truly received for I know that because of such people , such positivity is truly a blessing. And you are definitely one of those people. So thank you so much for being there. You are like the elder sister I never had. One more journey around the sun – it's going to be the best year for all of us

  50. FIRST OF ALL, I loved your video like always and this one was even better cause I didn't know what to buy as a gift to my friend yet😉 and now I know.
    I HOPE I'M NOT LATE FOR IT, the best gift I've received this year was and is my little sister Anna, who brought us happiness, although my step father never loved her and left us but we still LOVE each other and for me Anna is the best gift when me and my mum were hopeless and sad, now I know that there is nothing more I can be happy about❤️ thank to GOD💞, BY THE WAY I love u darling and I wish you the best year with your family 🤗💎

  51. The best gift I’ve ever received was my boyfriend who lived a thousand miles away surprised me in Florida by coming for the holidays and bringing a Christmas tree because he knew how sad i was to spend my first Christmas alone ❤️

  52. The best gift I’ve ever received is a necklace from my fiancé. His mom passed away before I met him and she told him to give her necklace to the person he would marry. I didn’t get to meet her but felt like I got her approval.

  53. the best gift i've ever received🤔probably my tickets to see Ariana Grande (which the concert happened to be on my birthday😱) i got to bring a friend and we had so much fun

  54. The biggest gift I've received was my plane tickets so I can leave my home country in crisis and Started a new life in a better country with my family. I get here December so was the best gift ever.

  55. The best gift I ever received is a bose speaker. It's been 5 and a half years and I still use it at least 2-3 times a week. I love it because it is great quality and it still works perfectly. Also the best gifts I received aren't material but if we are talking about material things than definitely the speaker.❤️❤️

  56. The best gift I've ever had is my family, specially my sister and husband. I'm not a very material person, but your workbook would be a great present to give them this Christmas. It is the best tool I've ever used for self development.
    Thank you Aileen. Much love xx

  57. The best gift I’ve received is a Sherpa blanket that keeps me warm all winter and reminds me of the person who gifted it to me

  58. The best gift I ever received was a home made wooden rubik’s cube from my boyfriend. We had been long distance for 3 years and he gave it to me with our pictures on it. Most thoughtful gift ever ❤️

  59. Apart from family, the best gift i've ever received and felt so blessed thanks to it, is discovering Lavendaire in a time when i was suffering mentally and going throuch depression and low self-esteem. I always feel grateful for that. Thank youu aileen for teaching me that each day is a new start, that life is itself a gift that we should take care of and enjoy it 😍.

  60. The best gift I have ever received is my sewing machine that I got from my parents. I love it and I have had many projects with it( patchwork duvet, dress)

  61. The best gift I have ever received is the health I get and the family I get to live each morning and of course my friends, the people who keep me going each day!!❤️❤️❤️

  62. The best gift of mine is a red feminine shirt from my best friend. It looks better than any shirt I bought for myself and love it in the first glance <3 Oh, she totally knows what I want and how I should look

  63. Best gift I ever received was traveling with my love. Our getaway was magical, more like a vacation we enjoyed ourselves, the culture, the vibes. We have connected more on another level since. ❤

  64. The best gift I've ever received for Christmas was spending the holidays with my loved ones and closest friends who live overseas in Greece. Being unable to visit often, I truly treasure the one time we were able to celebrate and create memories together. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to experience that with them again! 💝

  65. my family never really celebrate christmas and exchange gifts but each year the best gift i've ever received is spending time with them,having them as my family,their health,and their happiness.

  66. The best gift i've recived is to spend time with all the family that I love and care for and happy that they are content and well. As every moment is a gift as one don't know what can happen tomorrow

  67. The best gift I've ever received (this is hard, but if I have to pick one…) I was gifted the opportunity to go to college. An opportunity I never thought I would have. And now I'm pursuing a masters in biology. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

  68. The best gift i ever had is my friends brought a gift for my last birthday
    It consists of 2 gift
    First one a printed cup of my photos
    Second a photo frame of my favourite actor Kim woo bin . I love it so much

  69. The best gift i've ever received was on 2017, i wished to buy a tablet Android during all the year and he bought it to me for Christmas. It was so unexpeted to me.

  70. Best gift i have ever recieved is from youtube n that is ur channel which helps me to get better in my life and help me to solve my problems in a better way … n from my parents by teaching me great lessons to gift what u love to the one who needs them more that u do ☺️☺️
    Sorry not on instagram and will love if u consider me here♥️♥️

  71. AirPods have become such an amazing gift for me! I’m always on the go and busy around home so to be able to listen to music and handle phone calls without needing to be on my phone makes life easier.

  72. the best gift i've ever received was being able to be surrounded by the people that i love. smiling and laughing together and just enjoying every moment with together.

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