Homemade Facial Kit (Dry & Oily Skin) For INSTANT Glowing Skin !!!

Homemade Facial Kit (Dry & Oily Skin) For INSTANT Glowing Skin !!!

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Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share a homemade facial kit that you can do in
just a few minutes. Few days back, a dear subscriber suggested that I post beauty
recipes that does not require refrigeration as she doesn’t have
access to a refrigerator since she’s living in a hostel. This homemade facial
kit can last well for days together without refrigeration and you can do
salon-quality facial with it. Good quality facials cost a lot but with this
facial kit you can get the best facial at the fraction of the cost at the
comfort of your own home. This facial kit consists of a ready-to-use scrub, a
massage cream and finally a face pack. Before doing this facial, clean your face
well with a mild cleanser to get rid of any dirt. Now dip a towel in hot water,
squeeze out excess and place it on your face till it loses heat. This will open up
pores and will greatly help remove blackheads and whiteheads while
scrubbing. This ready to use scrub made with honey, rice flour and turmeric powder is an amazing cleanser. It removes blackheads and whiteheads effectively
and the best thing about this scrub is it does not dry out the skin at all. It
leaves the skin soft and smooth but it cleans the skin well. This scrub can be
used by all skin types. Since I’ve used kasturi turmeric, this scrub does not
stain the skin yellow. To make the scrub, take 2 tablespoons of rice flour in a bowl, add in quarter teaspoon of kasturi turmeric powder to it. Finally add in enough honey to mix, try to use raw organic unprocessed honey for
best results. Now mix well to form a smooth paste, make sure there is no
moisture in the spoon or in the bowl you are mixing this scrub. Once mixed well, store the scrub in a bottle. To use, wet your face, scoop out little bit of the scrub
and massage gently for a few seconds and then wash it off. After using this scrub,
your skin will feel smooth, soft and clean. Like many, I have a huge weakness for products that smell amazing. This rose cream smells
absolutely amazing. It has a beautiful smell of fresh roses and is absolutely a
treat to use it. This cream will last well for seven to eight days at room
temperature. This cream is made with rose water, aloe vera gel and rose essential
oil as a base. You can use either store-bought or home a rose water.
If you use store-bought rose water, this cream will last well for weeks together at room temperature. But please remember, most of the store-bought rose waters
contain some form of preservatives so please research well before buying rose
water from the shops. To make the cream, take a tablespoon of aloe vera gel that is free of color and perfume in a bowl. Now add in a teaspoon of rose water to
it. Finally add in three drops of rose essential oil. The smell of this cream while I mix it is amazing. I haven’t added any oil but if you have extreme dry skin,
add few drops of any unrefined oil that you have at home while mixing. To use,
after using the scrub, massage your face and neck using this cream in upward
strokes for three to five minutes. Usually massages in the beauty parlor are
done for long duration’s of time but at home, do it according to your preference.
After using this cream, wash it off and pat dry. The next step is applying a brightening face pack. This face pack brightens your skin tone well. This pack
consists of sandalwood powder, licorice powder and gram flour. All these three
are wonderful in fading scars and blemishes. To use, all we have to do is
mix it with water. If we store this face pack premix in an airtight box, away from
moisture, it will last well for months together. For the face pack, take a tablespoon of sandalwood powder in a bowl. Add in a tablespoon of gram flour
to it. Finally add in a tablespoon of liquorice powder also called as mulethi
powder in Hindi. Now mix well together. To use, take the required amount of this
powder in a bowl. Mix well with water to form a smooth paste and use it as a face pack. To use, apply this pack all over the face
and neck, wait for it to dry completely before washing it off. If you have
extremely dry skin, use milk instead of water in this pack. Try to do this facial
regularly weekly once to keep your skin blemish free. I hope you found this video useful. If you like to support me and this channel, please share this video with
your friends. It’ll mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed information on
herbs on days I don’t post videos, press the notification button. Thank you for
watching this video πŸ™‚


  1. Ramya if we do not hv rose essential oil then is there any alternative .can we just use rose water and aloe Vera as massage cream.

  2. i like your explanation. it isvery clear to understand especially your presentation is outstanding and awesome

  3. Love everything about your videos and the content . In this particular video we see that you are using shop bought aloe Vera gel. We have plenty of fresh aloe leaves . Can we use the gel from the leaf?? Will the texture of the cream be the same. How long will it last ?? In fridge and out of it . Kindly advise. Thanks !!

  4. You are an amazing DIY queen.I felt happy to be a subscriber of u..Thanks for your video.its informative and useful too..Stay blessed mam.

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  6. Cleansing– rice flour + wild turmeric + enough honey to mix.
    rose glow message cream – alovera gel + rose water.
    facial pack – gram flour + sandalwood powder.

  7. Morning mam.. very important informations.. thank you for video from LEBANON…πŸ‘πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ’žπŸ‘‹πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’πŸŒΈ

  8. Ye bahut effective h.. Ise use krne k bad meri skin bahut soft ho gyi h…. Aur mera face glow kr rha h.. Thank u ramya for this recipe..

  9. u put a lot of serum receipes what would be your routine serum …and are u tamilnadu..can u put a video through tamil

  10. Wow, super video ramya mam,scrub,pack,nd everything gud,definitely i wil prepare, ur nail polish,bangles nice.

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    Like natural oil shampoo And conditioner please
    Because I have a curly hair and it's completely damaged and frizz and dry hair and also have hair fall

  12. Mam am ur new subscriber..ur vedios are awesome. Have a doubt after using kasturi manjal my face developed pimples d turned into black …wats a reason mam

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  14. Woww it's amazing results coming out Ramaya .
    Thanks for the kit.
    I used it from last 3 months and got a glowing skin.

  15. Hi Ramya give me some suggestions to reduce hair growth in upper lip & on her whole face for my daughter. She is 8 years old. I m scared to try any un natural things. And I need a tip for her hair growth also. Her is thin & fine. I want her to be think what should I do for it? I want her hair to grow in the beginning itself to be think.

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    3 powders(1 sandal,2nd basan flour) but the last one name is not clear. Can u pl.reply what is the name of the 3rd powder? Thanks Madam.

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