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Hello zombaes or shall I say heelo Zombaes, I don’t know why that became a thing. today we are going to talk about the question I get more than anything else and I know what you’re thinking. It’s Mikey How are you so naturally tan? But that is not it. The question that I get more than anything is How to get started in makeup as a profession, what advice would I have to start it as a career? Should you go to school? How did you get started yourself stuff like that it’s–ok, so that’s a lot of questions But you get the general gist I think in telling my story of how I got started A lot of my advice will kind of come through in that a lot of people tell me that watching my videos helped Start their passion for makeup and wanting to create a career out of it So I hope that this helps some of you who are wondering what to do now that you have this sort of Basis of knowledge where do you take it from here? How do you take it from a hobby to a job? I also have something very cool to share with you at the end of this video So make sure you watch till the very end or else or else you just won’t see it But, whatever Ok let’s get started. I have a dog hair on my nose and on my hands What’s going on? So my first technical job as a makeup artist was on the set of a short film for a friend of mine while we were In film school together he was doing his senior thesis he needs some 60’s style makeup He thought that I was good at my own makeup so he asked could I do it on someone else which I had very little confidence in but I practiced on a friend I decided to do the makeup for the short film I did it for free because we’re all broke students that just helped each other out and that was technically my first step into Being a makeup artist, though I would not have called myself that at the time My first paid job was when I get hired at a Mac counter and a Macy’s Williger of Pennsylvania What’s up, and that felt like a fluke? I kind of got suggested to interview by a friend who worked at the Clinique counter across the way and They they asked me if I’d interview at the Mac counter which I thought was really nice But that I wouldn’t get the job because I didn’t really know what I was doing on anyone else except for myself I knew how to do my own makeup Although my eyebrows were very questionable back then they’re still questionable some days But you know but back then I did not think I had the skill set to be a Mac makeup artist however I rarely turned down opportunities to challenge myself, so I said I’d love to interview I had a two-part interview where after the first one the manager at that counter was like I want to see What the regional trainer thinks of you because even though you’re very new to doing makeup I think that he’s very good at judging whether someone has the ability to pick up the skill quickly so I did a second interview with him both interviews I had to do makeup on a model And I was so fresh to makeup at this point that I actually Asked the manager of this Mac counter if I was allowed to touch my models face to do her makeup Because I wasn’t even sure if there was some kind of unspoken rule That when you are the makeup artist applying makeup to someone else if you’re allowed to physically touch their face with your skin I thought maybe you had to do all the makeup using only brush to skin contact And she was like oh No like if you need to raise their eyebrows or something or touch anywhere on their face to get the makeup done You can do that. That was foreign to me. That’s how green I was so again It’s amazing that I ended up getting the job But the regional trainer said that I learned very very quickly and that he saw a lot of potential in me So they gave me the job and and that was the beginning of it so I have a lot to actually thank to the manager their names Liz Bonnie pile is thank you so much for giving me a Job and believing in me when I how many other people would have but that that vote of confidence from them Helped me so much then I worked at Mac for three years I learned a lot there just by observing and repeatedly working on customers over and over and over They all had different skin types skin shades they all had different Requests some people liked very little makeup some people wanted full glam so I really got the gamut of what? People were looking for at least when they came to a Mac counter while I was working at Mac I also applied for my first FX job at Eastern State Penitentiary, which if you don’t know is this really? massive Old-ass abandoned prison well its not abandoned, now it’s the thing it’s like a historical site But it’s no longer a functioning prison in the middle of Philadelphia like it’s like row homes businesses giant block of castle walls and Prison stuff it’s really cool. Actually if you’re ever in Philly. I highly recommend You go see it because it is creepy, and it’s cool And it’s really old and Al Capone used to have a cell there, and and it’s just crazy And they say it’s haunted so if you like ghost hunting maybe try that out But I mean I worked there for a couple years And I used to walk the cellblocks alone by myself And the dark at night same like “come at me bro” to the ghost and nothing Maybe they were just intimidated by me, but I don’t know I’m not really sold anyway I got a job there as my first job doing special effects makeup and For that that was another tricky thing where I’m really happy someone took a chance on me and hired me I had some pictures of Halloween makeup I had done on myself years prior where I did gory stuff, but it was very amateur. It was very um It was very amateur. I wasn’t taught in any formal sense at any point so it was always just what I experimented with I might have fudged my My application a little where I lied and said that I had worked with There was like a section mix play. There’s a section that was like have you heard of or used skin illustrator? third degree bondo gelatin latex prosthetics and Truth be told I had only really worked with latex prosthetics. I didn’t know what bondo was or pros-aide or skin illustrator but So when I applied and it said that I essentially needed to know these things to get the job I said that I knew all of those things that I was familiar with them that I’d used them before and Then I did a ton of research to figure out exactly what those things were So that when it came time for the in-person interview I Could actually respond in a way that showed that I did know what I was talking about I knew that there was an opportunity for beginners to get this job So I knew that it wasn’t vital that I knew the ins and outs of everything that they teach you they trained you there However, I did yeah so I kind of kind of lied that I knew some stuff that I didn’t and then I learned it so I feel like that’s That’s fair sometimes you have to do What I’m trying to say is don’t think that just because you are not prepared for a job It doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to be it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still try it because someone might take a chance on You and then they might be able to teach you in that job I was very fortunate that that happened for me twice in a row both for beauty and Effects that I found people that believed in me. Shout out also too Ruby who’s the one who hired me at Eastern State Penitentiary for terror behind the walls because She really took me under her wing and really kind of mentored me in that job I’m very fortunate that I’m a fast learner because I think in both these instances that saved my ass So if you don’t know everything it’s okay if you are observant and you’re willing to Work really hard what’s going on with this? Oh, sorry about that. I look crazy my foots asleep uhhhh Can’t feel that at all this is not product placement for dr. Scholl’s I swear not sponsored so I worked at terra behind the walls for two Years, I visited on year three, but I learned a lot there because again. I had to work on so many faces. I think there’s 200 actors at that haunted house that would come into the make up chairs and be split between something like ten make-up artists So we constantly had people coming in the chair getting them out as fast as possible We got to experiment we had general guidelines like this actor needed to have bruises and cuts in blood this actor needs to have Infections so I got to again practice a range of things and I had to do it very quickly under pressure Which really tested my ability to be creative So those jobs were really invaluable to me as my starting points. I spent almost the entirety of my mac paycheck in mac products to start building up a beauty kit Ruby from tower behind the walls was nice enough to put together a small FX kit for Me to take home with myself after the first year which To this day is still one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and something that I am Eternally grateful for I still have some of those things in my kit that haven’t expired that she gave me and with those two small kits with the knowledge that I built from both jobs and being directed by someone who said We need this look for this thing for the haunted house Having to deal with real world people. That said I want this in my life. Gave me a good mix of Just just training life training on how to do makeup for a variety of things all the while for both of these jobs I was going to school for film and when I finished school I Had a job as a cocktail waitress for a couple years Just to make money to save up to go to LA and I also did jobs in Philadelphia on set I did some work for print I did some work for short films things like that and then I moved out to LA after I’d saved up enough money and when I got here I just picked up any set job that I could get and by that I mean not just makeup I was the production designer and something I was the art director and another thing I was second second which is a camera Department thing it was a DIT for something which if anyone’s in film You know that is a stressful job, but I did make up on a lot of things too, and it kind of sucked I’m not gonna lie because unless you’re in a union out here in LA jobs pay very poorly I was working something like $100 a day for 12 or 14 hour days so that is below minimum wage for a skilled job That was if I got a kit fee on top of it So I’m using my makeup out of my kid while working very long hours, and it’s very inconsistent scary work I was very grateful to get every job that I got but it is a tough industry and this was years ago I mean all of these things I’m not even sure how much they would really apply to today because it was a saturated industry before and it’s just getting more saturated I think because of social media really hyping up the interest for a lot of people in makeup a lot of people look to Social media phones as a prerequisite for getting a job now in makeup Alexa shut your face, which really is Unfortunate I think because I don’t think that your following should determine how qualified you are to do makeup on a face by face basis anyway so I don’t know if just Hoping that someone will take a chance on you the way that they took a chance on me will be sound advice however That is how it started for me the best advice I can give you starts to deal with how I went from doing makeup on set on clients on people to Doing the YouTube thing actually. It’s true that they say that out here in Hollywood It’s a lot about who you know, and I I knew that I didn’t know anyone when I moved out here So I wasn’t getting jobs based on connections that I had Personally I was only getting jobs based on my work and at that point in my life. I didn’t have a very big portfolio of Especially beauty makeup I had more of a portfolio from Tara behind the walls I took a lot of pictures of my work there, but I didn’t take hardly I don’t think I took any pictures of clients that I did at Mac which was a mistake so one big piece of advice I Can give you is to Always take pictures of your work because that is your calling card that is your business card in the sort of industry also Experiment as much you can try to work on as many different faces as you can like I said that was something that I got to do a Lot just through the kinds of jobs I picked up initially and that helps me learn so much YouTube wasn’t really a thing back then in the sense that it was full of makeup tutorials I used to watch Kandy Johnson and Michelle Phan way back in the day on like how to curl my hair with paper bags and stuff But a lot of what I learned is just through experimenting on myself on Clients on other people on people that I could experiment on like if a client asked for something I gave them what they wanted obviously But if I had any room to experiment if they gave me leeway I would try something that Was a little newer to me the more you can experiment The better you will get at something don’t just keep doing what you’re used to doing don’t just keep doing what you’re good at doing Any chance you get to go outside of your comfort zone? You need to do because that’s how you grow as an artist it is possible to learn how to do makeup without makeup tutorials because that’s a big way that I learned but on top of being able to learn on your own naturally through experimenting and Repetition you have makeup tutorials at your fingertips you have so much information on the Internet So utilize the Internet to practice and learn new things as much as you possibly can That wasn’t even a part of my journey really for me, but that is something that is invaluable today back to my little Arc Makeup I started taking pictures of my work and I also started to just do work in order to take pictures to build a portfolio, so There’s a limitation With set makeup where they’ll say we need exactly this and you don’t really get to necessarily showcase your best work You just have to do what you’re told which is good It’s good to be able to show that you can do what you are asked to do But it’s also good to have things in your portfolio that really show your true range I wasn’t doing work that showed my true range so I started taking pictures Of what I thought showed my range. This is where Instagram started for me I decided to challenge myself by doing 100 days of makeup wear every single day I post something different makeup wise for a hundred consecutive days, and hopefully by the end of it I’d have a hundred pictures that I could show to people to get more jobs I posted them to Instagram just to hold myself accountable and in those 100 days I went from 500 mostly personal followers on Instagram to about 7,000 before day 100 came people were asking for makeup tutorials via video, and that is what started my whole channel and I’ve always just been teaching what I know I’m definitely not the best makeup artist I definitely haven’t learned everything that I could know in makeup. There’s always room for improvement I think even if I was at the top I would still say that there’s room for improvement, but I’m certainly not there And I’ve always just tried to share what I know because I know that that was a resource that I wish I had When I was starting out So I kind of liked the idea to that doing tutorials passed along this information that I was lucky enough to learn because people took a chance on me so to sum it up most of the things I Said is take pictures experiment try to work on as many different kinds of people and faces and jobs that you can Realize that it’s oversaturated But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful Into it it takes a lot of commitment usually to get to the point where it does pay pretty well But then if you love it with anything as with anything if you love it It is worth it You also want to be obviously someone that people enjoy working with because that is another way that you will get jobs the life of Most makeup artists is in freelance Which means that you go from gig to gig and you’re not exactly sure where the next thing is going to come from? Which means that not only do you have to be good you have to be someone that people want to be around because that is what will get you called back for the next thing and the next thing I don’t know anything about that because I Don’t know why anyone would want to spend time with me like I said I started this in 2010 so it’s been a long process for me But even four years ago when I first moved out to LA I was So broke there’s a point where I had two plastic plates to my name some plastic utensils And I used to wash those in my bathroom. Sink because the kitchen was full of like Cockroaches and other various types of insects and I was splitting a room and I couldn’t afford to do my laundry Stuff like that and that was with me working 14-hour days, so it’s a tough road And I’ve been lucky enough that it has paid off and all this to say that today. There’s a very cool full circle To end this story with which is that I am in and this month’s issue of makeup artist magazine. There’s a three page Story, y’all that’s my face that is my face giant in an actual magazine Three pages of glorious glorious photos from across the years I Can’t even believe that this is a thing so to everyone out there who ever told me that I’m not a real makeup artist because I Am not part of the Union Or I didn’t have formal education in it or I’m a social media makeup artist which isn’t a real makeup artist Thank you for fueling me to keep working hard and to prove that wrong and a bigger Thank you to the people who did the exact opposite? Which was take a chance on me believe in me encouraged me Thank you to make up artist magazine for wanting to feature me. This is not sponsored I just think this is really fluff and cool than a minute so if you want to pick it up They are available for purchase now on their website You can also find them in some makeup stores if you look on the website. You can see where they sell them Ordering online is probably your best bet to find them unless you’re in LA or New York This is the same magazine they have two different covers, so if you see either of these in a store This is the one that I’m in it’s issue one thirty this magazine is really cool in general if you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it because they always have really cool stories about special effects makeup on the latest movies How they do it just really like involved shit they also featured Mimi choy. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly I’m sorry if I’m not But you know her face she does these crazy illusion type makeups. So freaking cool So she’s also in this issue. I just I’m so excited guys. I had to share with you I may not be the best makeup artist, but I do take a lot of pride in the fact that my makeup tutorials however basic, however too social media Whatever it may be has led a lot of people to find something that they really enjoy doing that they’re passionate about and that maybe They end up making a career out of too, but that’s the end of the cheesy part. I have pasta in the fridge I’m gonna go get it. See you next week bye


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